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Thurs, 7 May 09 – Episode # 4849

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Killer Fish “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs, 7 May 09 – Episode # 4849 ]

Note – due to various circumstances, this ep guide is formatted differently to normal.

On the boat, a muchly in pain Hugo struggle top put a shirt on. He then struggle to make his way up the wharf.

Later, Hugo is at his place. He is in teh kitchen, and tri to ease the pain by drinking a fair bit of alcohol. He collapses in the walkway.

Soon after, Colleen comes to the door. Hugo eventually answers. When she comments tat he looks as white as a sheet. He says tat he has just come back from a run etc. Hugo is then surprised when colleen tells him bout both Angelo’s being in town and the killer fish [i.e. sharks] that have been seen off the coast of the bay.

Soon after, Hugo struggles as he walks in the hospital. His vision goes all blurry and he collapses. The nearby Rachel starts treating him.

Tony is talking to Martha ion the farm when his phone rings. He is told bout Hugo bring in hospital.

Soon after, Hugo is in a bed at the hospital when the likes of Rachel, Tony, Martha & Xavier around him. They are all worried bout him -0 but it’s VERY clear that the ALWAYS clued up Rachel is suspicious when Hugo claims tat his injuries are form a shark attack.

Angelo is in his car near Martha’s place. He ducks down a bit when Rachel &^ Tony exit tir house and walk towards Marta’s. Tony & Rachel are greeted at the door by Xavier who tells them that Martha must have headed out to ten farms early today – as she isn’t at home.

Tony & Xavier arrive at the farm, - and Xavier finds Martha in the shed. She then says that she stayed here overnight so she could get an earely start on things.

Soon after, on eth patio of the farm house, Tony talk to Martha – who admits tat she stayed here last night cause of Angelo. Martha admits taht she is “afraid of everything” right now. The nearby Xavier overhearers them talking.

Angelo is at the diner – and after Leah ignores his request for service. Xavier has a go at Angelo because of what this is doing to Martha.

Angelo of course then goes to the farm. Martha almost can’t believe it. Angelo tells he tat he is VERY sorry for what happened, and that although, Martha probably doesn’t ant to hear that, Angelo need top say it to her.

After Angelo dives off, Martha is totally in tears.

Soon after, Martha tells Tony that she can’t believe she just stood there and didn’t say anything to Angelo when he talked to her. Martha wishes at she’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay been braver.

Later, Martha & Tony encounter Angelo at the hospital. This time, Martha isn’t silenet – she tells Angelo tat she isn’t scared of him AND that he is dishonoring the uniform [and Jack] by still being a policeman.

Roman is asleep at his place when he has another nightmare bout the rock incident.

He then talks to Nic, who want to invite Trey over to dinner. Roman can’t believe that she is friends with trey – and is adamant tat he isn’t coming into house. Nic is xoooooooooooo not impressed.

Nic, Jai & Ruby are in the corridor at school. Nic tells bout what Roman said to her this morning. Jai is on roman’s side – whilst ruby tries to keep the peace tween Nic & Jai.

Later, Nic & trey are at the diner. Whilst he seems concerned bout everyone’s opinion of him [warning Nic off him,], Nic insist tat she will make up her own mind. When she wonders, trey tell Nic that this isn't an act – he just wants to be frineds withy her. Trey then wonders bout Nic & Geoff – she insists tat they are TOTALLY over.

Soon after, Trey & Nic netr her house. Moments later, the asleep roman has a nightmare. He is UBER stressed and calling out to Gardy. When Nic gets close to Roman, he grabs her – and she is only just able to get loose.

Roman waaaaaaaaaay doesn't like it when he hears Trey;’ voice – and tells him to bail. Nic is annoyed. She then wonders to Roman who Gardy is. When she doesn’t get any real answer form Roman, Nic has a go at roman for the way that he is pushing away everyone lately. Nic then bails with Trey.



Media interest in the shark story and a supposed Belle & Liam 'ship is causing trouble

Angelo & the water police are fired upon when they are at sea

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: white wide strap mid thigh dress


Rachel: red top/dark knee length skirt


Ruby: SBH uniform


Angelo: brown jacket/white [black circular logo] t/denim jeans

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/dark blue police cap

Colleen: red [yellow floral] top

Hugo: dark blue hoddie/olive green shorts

Jai: SBH uniform

Leah : dark singlet top

Martha: white [yellow squares] singlet top/denim shorts/straw wide brim hat

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo] t

Tony: bleu t/dark shorts

Trey: light blue [white “sports club” and car motif] t/dark shorts

Xavier : yellow [red & blue “welcome to Waves” and various fruit motifs] t

Xavier: black [white trim and “Reef” logo] singlet/dark shorts

Xavier: SBH uniform

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