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Fri, 1 May 09 – Episode # 4845

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Blue Car Hit Hugo “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 1 May 09 – Episode # 4845]


Rachel tells Gina & Martha that Brendan hasn’t been admitted to the hospital.

Hugo enters – and tells them bout his clash with Brendan over the sticks.


Whilst Alf & Mils talk bout the whole Roman, Aden situation, Kirsty opens a letter. She tells Miles & Alf that its form Kane’s lawyer – they are divorce papers.


Gina & co are rally worried bout Brendan, and are pleased when Xavier & Brendan enter., as Rachel starts tho teat Brendan, Xavier goes off at Hugo – eagerly accusing of hitting Brendan.


Alf & Miles talk bout the divorce pares that Kirsty got today. Miles has an idea of doing something special for Kirsty – but colleen overhears as begins to thank of grand gesture that mile has in mind.


Martin is surprise to see Miles at the school. He is intuited when Miles ask him for the key to the audit aurium – so he can use some of the props in there.


Rachel talks to Tony bout what happened with Brendan. she tell Tony tat she’s honestly not sure who to believe.


Xavier is adamant that Hugo hit Brendan, and his case is strengthened when Gina comments tat this wouldn’t be the 1t time that Hugo has hit Brendan.

Soon after, Hugo tells Martha & co about when he hit Brendan. Years ago [when Hugo was 17], Brendan has pulling on Hugo’s g/f’’s hair and he wouldn’t let go. Hugo insists tat he didn’t men to hit Brendan that time but he did. When Xavier accuses Hugo of hitting Brendan this time. Hugo & the others kinda can’t believe it when Martha insist tat she believes Hugo.

Xavier isn't quite done with bagging out Hugo – insisting that Hugo is embarrassed by Brendan. Hugo suggests tat they should talk.


When Martin comets bout Miles planking something m big an the VPH tonight, it further raises Colleen’s hope that Miles is going to propose to Kirsty. Indeed, Kirsty over hears her – but Leah suggest that Kirsty couldn’t take any notice of colleen.


With Brendan walking just ahead of them, Hugo & Xavier have a major D&M bout tings. Hugo admits tat he did run away, but he also Xavier was “running away” with he went of the rails when he scattered hanging out with Freya. Xavier admits tat he hated Hugo, Gina, their dad … and even started dto hate Brendan because of all the responsibility dumped on his shoulder.

Hugo urges Xavier to forgive him – and Xavier does. They hug – and Brendan joins in.


Gina tells Marta & Tony bout the car accident that Hugo was involved. Another car crashed into him – right near thri house. Hugo’s g/f died – an Gina say that part of Hugo diode that day too.


With Brendan nearby, Xavier accuses Hugo of not loving brendan like Xavier & Gina do – but they are interrupted when a blue car goes by. Indeed, Brendan says soeting bout Hugo being hit by a blue car. As Hugo comforts Brendan, he nealies that he never realised/payed enough attn to Brendan t9o realise that his fear etc of blue cars stemmed for Hugo’s car crash!!!!


Martha is pleased when Hugo, Brendan & Xavier enter and tell her that every tig is sorted tween them now.

It night time now, and there’s hugs all rondo form Brendan before he & Gina bails.

After they’ve gone, Hugo thanks Martha for believing him. He then suggests tat she should join him with he gets his new boat morrow – and Martha is esp. keen when he say stat she can ask him antying bout himself then.


When Kirsty enters, the place is only lit by can light – and there’s all knda of tropical types props around the place. Miles tells Kirsty tat for tonight they are in Thawaii [cross twen Thailand & Hawaii]. Kirsty is concerned when Miles kneels in front of her – and she tells him that she’s soooooo not ready of he is planing top propose. Miles insist tat he was reaching don to get a lay to put around her neck. As he does so, Kirsty laughs bout the staurion.


Next day, Martha & Hugo are in his new cruiser – an Hugo regrets his comet last night about Martha asking him anytng.

Martha how’re changes the subject – on how great it is out her, and ho she understands why Hugo like to work on the water.

We then see that Hugo & Martha are being watched form afar …… by ANGELO!!!!!!



Both Leah & Kirsty “suggest” to Roman that his current attitude will leave him with no friends

Sounds like Trey &* Nic are getting closer

Miles finds a severed arm on the beach

Why is Angelo back in town?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: yellow & white strapless full length dress/white headband


Rachel: royal blue billowy top/dark long pants


Kirsty : black [red & light blue wavy vertical stripes] thin strap full length dress


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Brendan: green [white stars] t//dark shorts

Brendan: red t Oliver green shorts/McCoy cap

Colleen: brown & brown tropical village blouse/dark aqua top

Colleen: mauve & white long sleeve top

Gina: light pink blouse/white top/dark long pants

Hugo: white [black upside down tree] t/

Hugo: yellow [grey circle] t/khaki long pants

Leah: flesh colour spaghetti strap top

Martha: white knee length dress

Martin: dark suit/white shirt/dark tie

Miles: grey button up shirt/white [blue unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Miles: white [red & green tropical motifs] shirt/dark long pants

Oliver: red t

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

Xavier: black [orange & yellow circular logo] t/white [blue unknown motifs] shorts

Xavier: SBH uniform

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