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Thurs, 30 Apr 09 – Episode # 4844

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Hugo Hit Brendan !!!! “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 30 Apr 09 – Episode # 4844]


Nic is protesting bout how Roman has kicked Aden out of the house, but Aden tells her that it’s not that big a deal. Both Roman & Aden comment on how Aden knew that rules [don’t mess around with Nic] but broke them. Aden bails.


Next day, Colleen enters and she wonders when the burnt up van will be moved. Alf or miles tells her that it’s going today. Jai is remarkably silent when they start wondering how would do such a thing [set fire to the van],

Miles phone roman – but from the way that Miles resounds to roman, it sounds like roman is very busy etc.


Aden [in a sleeping bag] wakes.


Nic once more tries to tell her dad that this wasn’t only Aden’s fault, but he’s not listening.

Roman wants Nic’s help fining his wallet – but she tells him to find it himself. Nic bails.


Before Xavier bails, he reminds Hugo bout certain things about Brendan, but Hugo doesn’t exactly take too kindly to that.

After Xavier bails, Martha gives Brendan is new colouring in book – as one he’s got is all but complete.


In corroder, Xavier comments to Ruby tat its like looking after Brendan is a chore to Hugo.

Jai approaches – and wonder if both of them are interested in going to the beach today to sign up for a surf carnival. Ruby & Xavier both think it’s a god idea.

Miles sees Nic and wondered what’s going on at her place – she eagerly tells him that Roman has kicked Aden out.


Martha & Hugo talking when Brendan enters the room with a stick on his hands. Hugo sooooooo doesn’t like that – and tries by force the stick form Brendan. Brendan naturally doesn’t like that – and there’s a big clash tween them. Brendan gets sooo agitated that Tony [whose just arrived] has to help Hugo restrain Brendan.


Miles arrives and tries to tell Roman that maybe Aden & Nic, who’ve been under stress because of roman lately, bonded. Roman isn’t listening to that. He is knda leased that Miles finds huis wallet though.


As Jai & Ruby approach the sign up stand, they see Aden nearby. It’s clear to them that he slept here last night.

Talk turns to Xavier, i.e. Ruby thinks the he’s too tough on Hugo.

Ruby & jail then approach the sign up stand – and its trey’s dad who is running the stand. No comments from Jai – so I’m guessing he didn’t realise who it was.

Xavier joins them and they all sign up of the carnival.


Hugo takes offence that Brendan is throwing food scrap on the ground... When Martha challenges Hugo’s “hard line” stance on Brendan, he insists tant they must set boundaries for Brendan. Martha takes offence to the way that Hugo is spiking to her in her house –and suggests tat Brendan is containing to throw scraps on tyeh ground because of the attention that he gets when he does it.


Alf & mile are pleased that the van has now been towed away.

When Miles comment bout Roman & Aden, Jai & Ruby tell him that they saw Aden on eth beaches this morn.


Miles talk to Aden bout whatl;s happened. – and Aden accepts miles offer that he can stay in a spare van for the time being.


Hugo & brendan have a MASIVE physical clash when Brendan has sticks in his hands once more. They trash the lounge room before they crash to the ground. Brendan has a blood nose – and when Hugo goes to get the 1st aid kit, Brendan leaves the house.


Gina, Rach & Tony enttr amend Martha is please to see the. She is surprise that Gina’s ankle is all better earlier that expected.

Talk turns to what’s been happening at Martha’s place. When Gina say tat she know that her son is a handful, she ads that she was talking bout Hugo when she said that [not Brendan].


Hugo calls out to Brendan.


Rach, Gin & Tony enter and see that the place is a mess and the no one is home. Worse still hen they discover that Hugo has left his phone here AND when Rach finds flesh blood on the floor.


Nic is in the longue when Roman enters. She isn’t surprised when he tells her that the doctors still think that this blindness isn’t a psychical ting – indeed, Nic is quite sarcastic.

Nic is once more keen to deal with the Aden situation – but Roman insists tat and will land on his feet. Nic storms out.


Ruby & Xavier deciee to spend some time where they don’t talk boot either his sister o his brothers, but they are interrupted with Brendan enters

Xavier & ruby see that blood – and are worried when Brendan keeps on saying the Hugo hit him.


Nic enters Aden’s van and she is keen for their ‘ship to continue. She gets real close to him once more – but rebuffs her this time. Nic is not impressed – and bails in a huff.



Gina say tat Hugo has hit Brendan in the past

Hugo tells Xavier “I need you to forgive me”

Looks like Miles is about to propose to Kirsty, but she interrupts

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: electric blue top/denim jeans


Rachel: royal blue billowy top/dark long pants


Miles: grey button up shirt/white [blue unknown motif] t/denim jeans


Aden: black [white unknown motif] t/grey [black “8”] jacket/denim jeans

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Brendan: green [white stars] t//dark shorts

Colleen: brown & brown tropical village blouse

Gina: light pink blouse/white top/dark long pants

Hugo: yellow [grey circle] t/khaki long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Martha: olive green singlet top/red & white floral? PJ long pants

Martha: white knee length dress

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: dark blue t/dark long pants

Roman: grey t/denim jeans

Ruby: SBH uniform

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

Trey’s dad: white [preen check] button up shirt

Xavier: SBH uniform

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