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Wed, 29 Apr 09 – Episode # 4843

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Charlie’s Girlfriend Left Her And She’s Gutted “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 29 Apr 09 – Episode # 4843]


It’s the morning after the events of ep 4842, Belle is lying down when Lima enters her room. He shows her the font page of the paper “Rock Star’s custody battle” which pics tat belle took yesterday of Liam & his son, and the one of Lima & bell. The paper makes suggestions that Liam’s has a fling in the rehab clinic with Belle. Belle insist tat she didn’t do this – but Liam not believe her.


Aden is looking at THAT newspaper. He then throws it in the bin.

He shows Charlie nearby and she is holding back tears as they talk bout their ‘ship woes – inch Charlie telling Aden that she waaaaaaay misses Joey. Charlie offers to give Aden a lift home – and both get in her car.


Aden & Charlie enters, and roman is asleep on the couch. After Aden commits tat roman sleep patterns are irregular, talk turns back to Jarlie – with Charlie telling and that she likes being round him ad he is the person that she most associates with Joey in the bay.

Nic enters the kitchen, and suggest tat Charlie shouldn’t be her as Roman isn’t aware that she is. Nic is ken to talk to Aden, but he insists tat he is talking to charlie now so it can wait.

Nic bails, and monet later, Roman has another might mar flashback to the incident that blinded him. He yells out and Den &* Charlie enter longue room. When roman hears Charlie’s voice, he so isn’t impressed that she is here.

Charlie bails and roman way has a go at Aden, but Aden’s not in the mood for a lecture so he goes upstairs.


Liam ^ Belle talk bout those pics – incl Belle insisting tat Annie isn’t the kind of peon who would sell these pics to the paper.

Belle then talks to the rehab nurse. Belle is keen to have a day pass so she can sort out this mess. The nurse isn’t keen – since counsellor Craig isn’t here at the moment.


Nic sees that front paper of the paper – as does Leah.


Roman starts going off at Aden once more, but Aden isn’t that keen on another lecture = esp. since roman isn’t the only person with problems. Indeed, Roman is intrigued when Aden tells him [just before Aden slams the front door on his way out] that Charlie’s g/f left her and Charlie is now distraught.


Roman wonder to Charlie if Aden was telling the truth, and Charlie is surprised that not everyone in town had heard tat she’d “jumped the fence” with Joey. When Roman wonders if he turned her off men, Charlie tells roman “don’t flatter yourself".

Roman & Charlie ten start talking further bout Jarlie.


Annie is in classroom when Belle enters. Belle isn’t ken tat ppl are looking at her – and she sooooooooo isn’t pleased tat Annie left the pics on the counter at Noah’s yesterday. Belle looks esp. worried when she hears tat Aden was the one who handed the pics to Annie.


Nic is siting by Aden’s side and its clear that she is keen to “be with” him, but Aden tells her that its one of Roman’s big rules for Aden staying her that Aden stays away form Nic. She doesn't rally takes any notice of that, and continues to move even closer to Aden. In the end, Aden can’t fight in any longer = they way pasha etc, and [naturally] Belle sees them together.


Belle is looking forlorn when Leah approaches. Leah tells her tat the rehab centre and Annie has been looking for Belle. Belle sees Nic in the distance – and Nic isn’t looking happy either. Belle tells Leah that she’ll contact Annie and the rehab centre.


Roman & Charlie are talking bout his nightmare./ roman hope that they goes away/are fixed in time, but Charlie is surprised that roman is hoping for such a “band aid” solution to the problem.

Leah entrs te room and roman uses her interruption as a chance to bail for the difficult chat with Charlie.


Belle enter and she clash with Aden bout, well, everything.

Narrowly, when Belle suggests that if Aden & Nic are to sleep together again in the lounge room, they should lock the front door, roman & Charlie arrive.


The rehab nurse tells belle how the rehab ppl sooooooooo aren’t pleased with belle – as she was out of the centre longer tat she should have been. The nurse wonders if bell has taken any drugs – and insist that they will need a urine sample to see if Belle has or not.

After the nurse walk away, Liam approaches Bell. He tells her tat he got his lawyer working ion the case and it was one of the workers at the photo centre tat Annie took the pics to that sold a 2nd set of prints to the paper. When Liam says tat everything is ok again, Belle starts to tell Liam about her day – he hugs her.



Looks like Roman’s kicked Aden out of his house

Hugo is still tying to “fix” Brendan

Rachel & Gina find blood on the floor at Martha ’s house

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Liam: olive green button up shirt/black [white & red “V8” logo] t/dark long pants


Charlie: white button up vest/denim shorts


Leah: red singlet top/dark shorts


Aden: black [white unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Aden: dark blue singlet/khaki long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: grey [black unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Belle: dark singlet top

Nicole: SBH uniform

Rehab Nurse: white [blue squares] blouse/dark long pants

Roman: grey t/denim jeans

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