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Claudia's Mother

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title - Claudia's mother

type of story - long fic

genre - drama

starring - Claudia, Eloise, Geoff, Aden plus other locals

rating - A

spoilers - no none

warnings - sexual refrences, language

plot - Claudia's mother come home from a long trip over seas to only star ruining Claudia's life again.


Eloise is a 48 year old woman, still very attractive, very sassy and slutty still acts like she's 16 and has never been a good mother. Eloise has always found a way sleep with all her daughter's boyfriend including Lachie.


Claudia sat at the diner talking to Geoff when an older woman stood next to her.

"Hello darling" Eloise said and smiled

"Mum, what are you doing home?" Claudia asked shocked to see her

"Your grandmother and i had a fight over the phone. She said i should be her with my beautiful daughter" Eloise informed her.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Eloise asked looking at Geoff

"Mum this is Geoff, Geoff this is my mother"

"Nice to meet you Mrs Hammond"

Eloise smiled

"Oh please call me Lolly, all my friends do" she said and smiled

"Well i'll grab a very strong coffee and i'll join you" Lolly said and walked to the counter where Rachel and Tony were standing.

Eloise smacked Tony on the bum as she walked

Tony and Rachel looked at Lolly

"Hi" she said to Tony then winked and gave a sexy laugh.

"Oh wrinkle bag" she said calling out to Colleen

"I'll have a strong flat white and i'm sitting over there with my daughter Claudia and her super sexy boyfriend" Lolly called


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