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Mon, 27 Apr 09 – Episode # 4841

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ SOOOOOO Judgemental “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 27 Apr 09 – Episode # 4841]

Note – due to family commitments, the guide for ep 4842 won’t be posted until THURS, 30/04/09 – along with the guide for ep 4843


Ruby, Jai * some van park residents he gin to figt6 the fire – throwing bucket of waiter on it/. Ruby also phones the fire brigade. Miles & Kirsty return homme and help.

In the van. Geoff wakes, and calls out for help. Claudia is still asleep


Hugo apologise to Charlie – for falling for Joey’s trap that she already kenew that they’df slpet togther. Hugo gives Charlei a consoling hug – eps. Since Charlie tells him that she can’t talk to Joey right now as she is about to start a shift.

As Charlei exits the house, her phone rings. She is told bout the fire.


The likes of Jai & miles & Joey are able to rescue Geoff & Claudia – through the windowed of the van farthest from the fire. Not surprisingly, jai looks very word still – as this fire is partially his fault.


The ambulance officers wheel Claudia out of this house -= she is going to hospital for smoke inhalation.

Miles wonder to Jai & ruby if they know what happened =- they say that they found the van on fire when the returned to the van park.

Miles then has a go at Geoff for bang in the van with Claudia without anyone’s knowledge – but Kirsty “suggest” to mile that this isn’t really that time & place for a lecture like that.

Joey goes to bail but Charlie catches up with her on the back patio. Joey waaaaaaay vents at Charlie – insisting that Charlie sleeping with Hugo and Charlie not telling Joey make Joey feels like she mean nothing to Charlie.

They are interrupted by ruby – who tells Charlie tat she is required inside to do with the fire.


Ruby enters and when annie talk bout how Geoff didn’t meek it to Pippa’s farewell, Ruby tell her bout the fire – and how Geoff & Claudia were togther in the van. Annie is ken to found out more – so she bails.

Btw, as Ruby was talking to Joey bout the fire, the nearby Trey overheard – and quickly bailed [before Annie did]

Ruby sees Hugo – and verbally attacks him of taking advantage of Charlie when she was a mess THAT night. Ruby storms out.


Annie enters, and isn’t feeling that keen when Jai confirms that Claudia & Geoff war in the van muchly together when thy were rescued


Martha talks to Goff bout the situation. She is surprised when geoff say tat Claudia has broken up with her ex – but she doesn’t tell him that she saw Claudia & Lachie kiss on the farm.

Alf enters – and tells Marta that Duncan’s lass vegas weeding was pretty tacky, but Duncan & his new wife like it. When Martha wonders, Alf tell her tat he came straight here – and hasn’t been home yet.


Hugo approaches Joey and tries to tell her that it was all his fault tat this happened, but Joey isn’t having a bar of it. She tells Hugo that she hopes that he makes Charlie happy, as it’s obvious that Joey doesn’t [make Charlie happy]. Joey bails.

Note – I’m sooooooooo not a fan of Hugo, but I like that he tried to talk to Joey bout what happened.


Joey has parked her bags. She tells ruby that she will be bak for the rest of her tings morrow. Ruby tried to convince Joey to give Charlie another chance, but Joey suggested ruby shouldn’t be caught in middle of this.

Moments after Joey bails, Jai enter. He & ruby talk bout the fire – and jai tell her that the fight was meant to be the end of his clashes with trey. They both agree [since no one was really hurt and insurance will pay for van] tat there’s nothing to be gained for owing up. Ruby tells jai that they won’t have any trouble with trey telling ppl what happened – esp. considering that way that he scampered form the diner earlier.


Next day, over breakfast Alf tells the like of Miles, jai, Kirsty bout the wedding. Talk then turns to the van – and why ppl would what to destroy it.

Geoff arrives and apologies t9o miles and co for being in the van without others’ know liege. When asked, Geoff tells Martha & co that he isn't allowed to see Claudia in hospital till lunch time.


In the kitchen Annie tells ruby that she won't believe Geoff slept with Claudia til she hears it from Geoff.

After annie bails, ruby talks to Charlie who doesn’t think that Joey will EVER forgive her. Ruby tells her tat Joey is coming over to pick up fest of her things today – so Charlie might have change to sort things out with her.

After ruby bails, Charlie sits on the couch – and sees, than pikes up, Joey’s iPod which is nearby.


Annie’s in fine moralistic catholic form when she tells Ruby tat Charlie is better off with a man an that Annie has a go at Geoff for sleeping with a girl beefer he is martie to her. Geoff tells Annie that he is over being the good boy as its go him nowhere so far. Ruby thegn has a go at annie for being so judgmental.

Ruby talk to jai and trey – jai tell trey that their war is over, as it caused Miles & Kirsty more grief. Jai, backed up by Ruby, tells Trey tat if he causes any more trouble they WILL tell ppl why the fire started.


Geoff enters Claudai's room. She is talking to Lachie, who muchly takes offence to Geoff being there. He punched goeff in the stomach – and then in tee face. Lachie “suggest” tat Geoff should stay away for his g/f.



Ruby says “Fight for her, Charlie” [about Joey]

Claudia tells Geoff that she feels like prisoner in her ‘ship with Lachie

Annie tells Nic bout Geoff/Claudia

The editor of Coastal News offer Belle $5000 to take pics of Liam in rehab

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: black [white latticed trim] top


Claudia: white singlet/apple green briefs


Trey: black [white with red lining “33”] t


Alf: light blue & white check shirt/bone long pants

Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt/done long pants

Annie: orange & white [dark forest] t/dark long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Claudia: dark blue singlet top

Claudia’s b/f [lachie]: blue & white check flannelette shirt/dark singlet

Geoff: dark shorts

Geoff: grey t/dark long pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Hugo: brown [light brown leaves] t [/olive green shorts

Jai: yellow t/dark blue jacket

Jai: SBH uniform

Joey: green [red & yellow circle] top

Kirsty: red scoop knee dress

Kirsty: red scoop top

Martha: white [black unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Miles: grey [black “Est. 1982 New York Abercrombie & Fitch”] t/olive green shirt/denim jeans

Miles: grey [orange & green rainbow with black tropic motifs] t/dark button up shirt

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: emerald green singlet top/dark long pants/white headband

Trey: SBH uniform

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