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Thurs, 23 Apr 09 – Episode # 4839

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " That Makes Us Even "

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 23 Apr 09 – Episode # 4839]


Martha & Rach comment bout how they don't envy being Nic & Aden right now - having to Dael with Roman etc.

tony makes various comments bout the wedding [eg bout not showing anyone the wedding pics with the ambulance in them] Aden its clear that Rach isn't happy with Tony's comments.

Raah & co see a report on the TV about Liam Murphy bung admitted to a rehab centre.


Craig talk to Belle. he thinks that it was a breakthrough for her to tell him about her feeling for Aden ]an the closeness of belle's story to Zoe's] retreat., he says that next step is to tell the group about her issue. bell isn't so sure that she can.

after Craig walk away, Belle enters a room where Lima is playing the piano. after she prompts him, Liam remembers where he's seen Belle before. they compare horror stories -= Liam collapsing on stage and Bel;le collapsing at wedding


Annie decides to ta ht she will cook a farewell diner for Pippa tonight, and Pip sound quite impressed when Annie tel Pippa of her plans.

as Geoff, annie & jai go to bail,. jai almost hits trey wit his schoolbag. jai mask es a joke bout how much trey like his food [think of THAT photo of trey form a few years ago]


when Annie asks why jai isn't being nice to Trey, he tells her tat Trey barely got punished when he nearly destroyed Kristy * Miles.

Geoff sees Claudia & a guy verbally fighting in his car. when the guy starts the car and drives past Geoff and co, Claudia is in tears.


after Lima talk to9 the group at his situation, Belle does likewise. belle tells, the the she collapsed At a wedding and that instead of taking responsibility for her actions, belle has been feeling sorry for herself.


After jai deliberately bumps into trey, Miles approaches. they say that there is nothing going on, but when jai has walked away, Miles suggest to Trey to "be the bigger man" in this.

Geoff gets a msg on his phone form Claudia. miles confiscates the hone, and Annie is worried that Geoff is going to go an see Claudia now [rather that wit til after school or lunchtime]


in the grounds of the centre, Rach talk to Belle. she shows her the wedding pics etc, and Belle waaaaaaaay apologises for ruining Rahel & tony;s day. Rach insist that she shouldn't have let Belle sink without help;p like she did. when Rach suggest tat that makes them even, Belle disagrees - as she feels much more guilty bout what she's done.

Rach bails - after apologising for Tony not being here [lots of work to do on the farm].

as Bell heard to go back inside,. she see a verbal clash tween Liam & his supermodel wife. she's totally annoyed ta ht she's lost a cosmetics deal beaue of her problems.

Liam's problems are made worse when he sees that a photographer is taking pics of the clash tween Liam & his wife. indeed, Liam hurls a plastic chair at photographer.


Rach ^ Martha are on the patio of the house, with Tony nearby. Rach has a go at Tony for those jokes bout their wedding day - as he;s focusing on the negative. she suggest tat he should go & see Belle - who is muchly cut up bout the situation.

Claudia is surprised to see Geoff, but he insist tat her msg sounded urgent. Claudia sound pleaed ta ht he's wagging school to be with her.


Lima is not a happy man. he goes off at one of the rehab workers beaue of the lack of security at this place. Liam starts to feel ill - and the rehab worker & Craig help him.

nearby, Tony approaches Belle.


Claudia talk to Geoff about she & her b'f have fought many times recently,. talk that turns to Nic/Geoff and how, i the end, it juts didn't work out. Geoff & Claudia kiss - which Martha sees some afar.


Trey approaches jai 09 and "suggest" that they should clear the air tween them - with a fight. Annie isnlt that keen, and when Miles approaches, he is suspicious when both jai & Trey say that thinks are good tween them now.

when Miles & Annie are gone, jai agree to fight Trey at the van park tonight,


Lima is lying a bed when Belle enters the room. she wonders if he would like to talk to her bout his issues. Belle suggest to9 Lima that they can help each other though their problems. she holds his hand as she says this.


form afar, Martha sees Claudia and her b/f [the one she was fight with in the car earlier]. Martha isn't pleased when they kiss !!!



the fight at the van park leads to a big fire

Charlie has lost her earring, and Joey wonders why she finds it at Hugo's

Claudia tells Geoff that she does not think a 'ship tween them will work

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: silver [red floral] top/dark long pants


Pippa: off white [dark floral] blouse/mauve top


Annie: SBH uniform


Belle: black [black on white headlines] t/dark long pants

Claudia’s b/f: blue button up shirt/bone long pants

Claudia: red [white stirrups?] singlet top/denim shorts/brown wide brim hat

Craig: dark blue button up shirt/white t/dark long pants

Entertainment Reporter: dark jacket/white button up shirt

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jai: SBH uniform

Liam Murphy: grey [dark cityscape?] t/dark long pants

Liam’s wife: white long sleeve shirtdress

Martha: red singlet top/denim jeans

Miles: dark button up shirt/brown [gold "lake placid truck district"] t

Photographer: white t

Rehab worker: powder blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Tony: olive green shorts

Tony: light blue t

Trey: SBH uniform

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