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Friends, Life and Affairs

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: Friends, life and affairs

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Nicole, belle, geoff, caludia and aden. with many others

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama,

Does story include spoilers: no, im planning on not using spoilers.

Any warnings: references to sex

Summary: 5 lines max - Nicole has moved to town, about a month ago, she has become freinds with belle and aden, She fell for geoff, but backed of when he found she had a girlfriend, geoff then began to like her, and in a study session he kissed her, he tried to stay away form her but he cant.

He dosnt want to break up with claudia because of this.


Nicole was sitting in her house, watching tv, there was a knock on the door, she opened it, "Geoff?"

"Hey, nic can we talk?"

"Sure, come on in," geoff and nicole went to sit on the sofa.

"Nicole, im in love with you!" geoff announced

Nicoles face was shocked, "Geoff, we kissed but, i didn't think you even liked me! And you have claudia"

"I know, i never thought i'd feel like this, but i don't feel the same about claudia, i love her but, im so drawn to you, i feel so bad! I hate myself, i cant believe what im doin to her!"

"I honestly don't know what to say....."

"Don't say anything, im sorry for puttin this on you, il go,"

"Geoff, you don't have to go."

"But, i can't stay here i have to give you sometime to think, i can't expect you to just accept everything ive jst told you."

"Its ok geoff, calm down, i kind of like you too! I thought you were hot the first time i seen you, then i found out you had claudia, so i lay of, and then you kissed me and i havn't stooped thinking that." goeff pressed his lips against nicole's, theyre kiss grew stronger, geoff had his hands all over nicoles body, he picked her, up and led her to the stairs, Nicole led Geoff up the stairs, geoff stopping along the way to kiss nicole.

They got into nicole's room, goeff was undressing nicolem clothes were flying everywhere, they got into the bed goeff waqs kissing all over nicoles naked body.

Later that day they were lying in bed, they heard the dorr open, they quickly jumped up and got dressed.

Nic, you home?" aden called

"Yeah, im up here,"

Geoff and nicole looked at eachother, nicole quickly grabbed the books from the floor.

Aden ran up the stairs, "Oh, what are you doin here?" aden asked geoff

"Im just helping nicole with some homework,"

Okay, and downstairs is not acceptable for that? Nic roman would kill you if he knew you had a boy in your room,"

"Well, roman's workin, and geoff's a friend, he's got a girlfriend! Anyway what did you want?"

"Belle's makin dinner, she wanted to know if you could come? Oh and you and clauds can come geoff!"

"Oh, yeah sure, il let claudia know," geoff replied

Ok, what time does she want me there?" nic asked

"Em.. bout seven?"

"Sure, cya there," nicole answered aden

"Ok, good il let her know you guys can come" aden left the room

"Okay, that was close!"

"Tell me about it, your belt is still laying on the floor, what if he had of seen it?"

"Well, he didnt!" geoff laughed with relief

"I thought you ahd some kind of religious thing, that you couldn't have sex or something?"

"Well, i did, but its not that easy, when you feel so attracted to someone!"

"Was that your first time?" nicole asked in amazment

"Yeah, why?"

"It was good! really good!"

Geoff couldnt help but smile, "how'd you know about my religion anyway?"

"Claudia was saying one time i talked to her,"

"Oh, well i guess im not religious anymore, and you know what i don't even regret it!"

Good," nicole said looking kind of releived

"Okay, i guess i better go!" geoff said,

"Ok, il c see you later."

Geoff gave nicole a passionate kiss before he left.

sorry it was a bit short, il have more up later hopefully, please comment and tell me what you think!

xX E

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Thank you! for all the nice comments


Belle was in the kitchen cooking the meal, when nicole arrived, "Hey beele, thanx for inviting me, i feel like a bit of a spare wheel, im the only single one here." nicole laughed

"Dont worry! So whats goin on with your lovelife? Do you have one yet?" belle laughed

"Well, i have someone but i can't say, its not official so, i don't want to say anything!"

"Oh come on you can tell me!"

"Nope, sorry i can't"

"Please, nic please?"

"No, maybe later, i need to talk to you alone!"

"Ok, but you better tell me!"

Nicole and belle laughed, They door knocked and goeff and claudia came walking in, Nicole and geoff locked eyes, just for a moment, then they left each other.

"Hey guys!" claudia said

"Hey, whats up?" aden asked

"Oh, not much, we just came from the farm."

"Awsome!" belle said

Geoff and claudia walked acroos the room to th sofa, claudia took geoffs ahnd, all of a sudden nicole felt jealous, she had no right to, she told her delf that, but she couldnt help herself, she looked at geoff, he looked back.

"ok, dinners ready guys," belle announced

Everyone gathered around the table, "this looks lovely belle, thanx for inviting us!" geoff told belle.

"Your welcome guys!"

"So nicole, hows your love life these days?" claudia asked nicole

"Oh, you know, up and down, i have a little someone, but im not announcing until i find out for real!"

"Is it serious?" claudia asked

"Well, yeah you can say that," nicole face redded and she let out a shy smile

"You've slept with this mystery guy havn't you?" claudia asked

"No, i,i"

"You so have!"

"Okay, but we didnt plan it!"

"How long have ya known him?"

"Quite a while, ok enough of the questions guys."

Nicole and geoff locked eyes again.

They had all finished dinner, "guys, im goin to get goin here, i havn't felt very good all day, i think i've got a migrane or something."

"Ok, well tahnx for coming!" belle gave nicole a hug

"bye guys, have fun the rest of the night!"

"Bye" geoff and claudia called

"Cya at home nic," aden called as she left the house.

Nicole was walking home she couldn't get geoff out of her head, she had never felt like this before.

Nicole got home, she said hey to her dad, and went straight to her room, and again she was thinking about geoff.

Her phone received a text, "Meet me at the wharf in 15, geoff xX"

Nicoles face lit up, she had gotten changed into her jammies so she went to her wardrobe and picked out a tracksuit,she got dressed and left the house.

She got to the wharf and seen geoff standing by a wall, he looked so hot!

Geoff approached nicole, he pulled her close and kissed, her, he wrapped his arms around her.

"I've missed you!" goeff told nicole

"Its only been a couple of hours!" nicole laughed "But i've missed you too!" nicole kissed geoff again.

"Geoff, what are we goin to do about us?"

"I don't know i want to be with you so much! but i can't hurt claudia! Are you ok with that?"

"Yeah, i kind of like this, when no one knows, its exciting!" nicole laughed

"I love you!" geoff hugged nicole tight, the two sat down, and talked.

The next day goeff was talkin to belle, "Geoff, what would you think about goin on a trip, you and claudia and me and geoff, and we can invite nic?"

"Yeah, thats sounds good! Il ask claudia"

"Ok, il ask aden and nic,"

A few days later, everyone met up to go on the trip, "So where we goin?" claudia asked

"Not sure, we'll just drive until we find a hotel oor something!"

"Sounds good!" nicole said

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Everyone got into the car, belle and aden in the front and geoff and claudia in the back, and of course nicole was stuck with them.

Nicole was getting jelous, she felt like geoff was cheating on her, but he wasnt instead he was cheating on claudia, Nicole just sat in silence while geoff and claudia kissed.

They pulled up at a hotel after several hours of driving, "this looks nice!" belle exclaimed

"Anything would look nice at this point!" claudia laughed

they got to reception, "So how many rooms do you guys want?"

"Well, i dont want to be a burden on the couply thing, so you guys can get double rooms and just get me a single."

"Awk, nic dont be silly, im sure theres another way!" claudia told nicole

"guys dont worry, i dont really want to share a room with any of you, if your going to be goin at it!" nicole laughed

"You sure?" belle asked

"Yep, positive!" nicole replied

"Ok, well we'll get you an execitive suite!"

"Well, ok cant say no to that!" nicole laughed

Everyone got their room keys and headed to their rooms.

"ok, guys im a floor above you's so il leave my stuff in and head to your room," nicole told belle.

"Ok, do you need help with your bags, im sure one of the guys wil help!"

"Yeah, wouldn't mind!" nicole give a smile to geoff and aden hoping one of them would help, secretly hoping it would be geoff.

"Sure, il give you a hand," goeff told nicole,"


Geoff kissed claudia and headed into the lift with nicole. As soon as they got into the lift, geoff put his arms around nicole and kissed her passionately on the lips.

"Nicole, im in love with you! I thought this was just a fling but, im truely in love with you!" geoff told nicole

"Ive never felt like this with anyone before! I need to be with you, you make me fell so good!" nicole said

"What are we goin to do?" geoff asked

"I dont know! You cant break up with claudia yet, you need to find a way of telling her, i feel awful! But it feels right to be with you!"

"I know, il come to your room tonight, il tell claudia i need to talk to you ro something!"

"Won't she think somethings up?"

"No, she trusts me!"

Geoff and nicoel got to nicole room, they got through the door and geoff began to kiss nicole again, he lay her down on the bed, his arms wrapped around her feeling every crease on her back.

"Im goin to have to go, are you coming down?"

"yeah, il jsut get sorted up here."

"Ok! See you soon! i love you!"

"I love you too!"

Geoff and nicole shared one more kiss before geoff left.

Nicole walked around her room lookin at everyhting, the bed was huge, and the bath was on of those huge circular ones. "This is great she thought"

Later on that night everyone gathered in belle and adens room.

They were all laughing and joking. "This hotel's great!" belle said

"Yeah, i know have you seen the size of the beds?" aden said

"Yeah, i know i can think of a few things to do i them," claudia said and raised her eyebrows towards geoff

Everyone laughed, nicole was os annoyed she hated to think that claudia was sleeping with geoff as well, she wanted geoff to be hers! But she couldnt have it that way! Not yet atleast, she understood that geoff needed time.

The couples, were sitting on the bed cuddling and kissing, nicole felt left out, "guys im goin to go to my room, take a bath or something" everyone could tell there was something up with nicole.

"Ok, bye!" everyone said to nicole as she left the room.

"Whats up with her? claudia asked

Geoff found this to be the time to make and excuse for going to her room later, "Her mum, she didnt say much, but i kind of figured she needed to talk to someone, i might pop up later"

"What's up with her mum?"

"I dont really know, but its the reason she moved in with roman."

"ok, sure you can pop up later" claudia said

Geoff and claudia and belle and aden continued to sit and talk in the room, "Do you guys want room service?" aden asked

"Yeah, im hungry!" claudia replied

"Aden headed towards the phone.

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"Im stuffed!" aden cried

"Well, you shouldn't have eaten so much then!" belle replied

"Im goin to head up and see if nic's ok! Il not be long!"

"Ok, tell her i fshe wants to talk im down here!"

"Ok, i will!"

Geoff, do you really have to go up?"

"Yeah, claud, she was really upset earlier, i think she trust's me, i don't know, i just want to see if she's ok!"

OK, please don't be long!"

"I'l try!"

Geoff ran up the stairs, he knocked on nicoles door, Nicole was getting ready to get a bath.

She opened the door, geoff pushed her in, and lay her down on the bed, she began to undress him, she threw the towel of and they made love, half and hour had passed and they were still in the bed, after and hour, geoff stopped, "I better get going claudia's going to be wondering where i am!"

"Ok, im goin to get bath! il see you in the mornin!"

Geoff kissed nicole before leaving! "I cant wait to be with you properly!" he said

"I love you!" nicole said as geoff left the room.

Geoff got back down to his room, claudia was there, he went and sat on the bed, claudia pulled him on top of her, "Claudia, can we not do this right now, im not feeling well!"

"Oh, yeah, whats up?"

"I just dont fell good!"

"Oh, why don't you want to sleep with me anymore geoff?"

"Its not that i do, i just don;t see why we have to do it all the time!"

"Its not all the time, its barely ever!"

"Look, can we just talk about this in the morning?"

"I suppose so!" claudia snapped!

Geoff lay his head down on the pillow, he couldnt get nicole out of his head! Nicole was lying in the bath, she also couldn't get geoff out of her head, she loved him and wanted to be with him so much, they just needed to find a way!

Nicole was getting ready into her pj's when her door knocked.

"Who is it?" she called

"Its belle!"

"Oh, ok two seconds."

Nicole answered the door and let belle in.

"So, whats goin on?"

"What? Goin where?" nicole asked with a puzzled lokk on her face

"With you and geoff?"

"Nothings going on, i just needed to talk to someone, and i felt the most comfortable with him!"

"Nicole, are you sure thats all? you don't have a crush on him or something?"

"No! of course not!" nicole protested

"so, why do you's keep disapearing all the time, and ou's always need to talk?"

"I dont know, it helps talking to him, i can tell him anything!"

"Ok," belle left the room, she still wasn't convinced

Nicole watched as belle left, she was worried, belle had noticed, what if claudia had too?

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The next day everyone was packing their things to leave the hotel, Aden was helping nicole with her things and everyone jumepd into the car.

"Hey, why don't we all go to the island tonight?" belle asked

"Oh, good idea we could invite a few of the others, "

"Cool. il phone round and ask, we can just go straight there! well we'll ahve to drop the car off first but after that what do ya's think?"

"Yeah sounds good!" nicole said

"Ok, will you phone some people?"

Sure!" nicole got her phone out, she phoned ruby, xavier and miley.

She had phoned a few others but no one could come!

"Ok, guys only rubs, xav and miles can come!" nicole announced to the car.

"Ok, thats cool!" belle replied

Later that night everyone gethered on the beach, they were sitting around a fire toasting marshmallows and chatting.

Geoff and claudia had walked over away from the others a bit, "Geoff whats worng with you?" claudia snapped

"What do you mean?" he asked

"You've been acting different, you don't want to be near me anymore!"

"I do, ive just havn't been feeling well!"

"You've been really different, is it nicole? You've been spending alot of time with her lately, do you like her?"

"What no! I mean shes a mate but, ive just been talking to her she has a lot of problems and ive been helping her!"

"Well, i can tell she likes you, just stay away from her! ok?"

"No, claudia you cnat tell me what to do! Clauds i love you but you cant treat me likr some sort of pet!"

"Im not im only asking you to stay away from her! I just dont like her!"

"Well i do, just don't tell me what to do ok?" geoff walked off, he got out his phone, "Im breaking up with her, as soon as we get off the island, XoX geoff" he pressed sent and the message was delivered to nicole.

Nicole's phoned buzzed, she took it out of her pocket and read the message, she smiled and put her phone away.

"Everybody! Gather round, were goin to play a game!" belle got a bag and took out spin the bottle.

Everyone laughed and formed themselves in a circle.

"Ok, im goin to start" belle spun the bottle and it landed at ruby, belle crawled on her knees towards ruby and kissed her lips.

"Whooo," everyone shouted as belle let go of the kiss,

Next was aden's turn, he also landed on ruby, "Well arn't you a lucky girl tonight!" aden laughed he locked his lips with ruby for a few seconds before returning to his place in the circle.

Teh group continued to play the game, everyone was having a great time, it came around to nicole's turn again, she spuna and it stopped at geoff, Claudia threw a sharp look at geoff before he knelt in to kiss nicole, there lips touched, geoff held on to nicole's lips and nicole held on to his, it went on for about ten seconds before claudia interupted and pushed nicole down, "Claudia what was that all about?" geoff asked as his voice became angry.

"Don't you think that was enough?" claudia said

"Clauds its only a game!"

"Yeah well we all know what her game is!" claudia threw a harsh look at nicole.

"What, what do you mean, what's my game?"

"You want geoff! I can tell, your all over him like a rash!"

"You're so wrong!" nicole said in defense

"No im so not! Well you cant have him anyway, he's mine, so go put your boyfriend stealing claws into someone else!"

"Claudia your so worng!"

"Nicole your nothing but a dirty skank! You never should have moved here!" as claudia said this nicole's eye filled with tears, she got up and walked away from the group.

Geoff looked at claudia, he fired her a disapointed look before getting to his feet, "Where are you going?" claudi asked angrily, Geoff didn't answer, he just walked quickly after nicole.

"Nic, wait up!" he called, nicole stopped, he caugt up with her, everyone was staring, claudia's face was filled with anger.

Geoff turned nicole round to look at him "I love you!" h said, he wrapped his arm's around her and kissed her passionately on the lips, there kiss grew and grew, geoffs arms were stroking nicole's back, the group watched in disbelief.

Claudia got up, she rn over to where geoff and nicole were standing, she pulled them apart, "What are you doing?" she asked with frustration in her voice.

"Im sorry claudia its over, im in love with nic, geoff arms where still locked to nicole's body.

"What do you mean in love?"

"I love her!"

"What no you don't, how long has this been going on?"

"About two months now!" geoff told his ex girlfriend

"What? how could you, you f**king skank, i hate you!" claudia raised her hand and made a swing for nicole, geoff stoped the flying fist.

Claudia looked at geoff, she turned around and stormed away, everyone was watching form a distance, what was going on?

Geoff and nicole locked lips once more before heading back to the others hand in hand.

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Claudia had sat ont he sand away from the others, no one new what to do.

Geoff and nicole made there way back to the others, "Whats going on guys?" miley asked

"Me and claudia's broke up" geoff replied

"And your with nic now?" miley asked

"Yeah!" geoff said with a slightly awkward look on his face, neithe he or nicole knew what to do or say.

"And what about claudia? Is she ok?"

"Em, no i don't think so, i feel awful, but i love him!" nicole told the group.

Claudia was sitting alone away form the others tears streamed her face, everyone had sat back down on the sand by now. Nicole got up she walked towards the spot claudia where claudia was sitting, "Claudia? Are you ok?"

"What do you think?" claudia snapped

"Im really sorry!"

"Just go away and leave me alone!" claudia told nicole.

Nicole didn't obey instead she placed herself beside claudia on the sand.

"I want you to know we didn't mean to hurt you!"

"Too late now! All this time i thought geoff loved me and he was off sh***ing you!"

"He did love you! That's why it was so hard for him!"

"Oh yeah its sounds terrible! Having two girls in his life knowing that at any minute he could just drop one!"

"It wasn't like that we didn't plan it, We just fell in love!"

"He dosn't love you, he couldn't love something like you!"

"What? What do you mean something?"

"You've been around everyone in town! Your just easy sex when someone needs it! Its never love with you!" claudia was angry, she didn't care what she said, she just wanted to hurt nicole like she had hurt her!

Nicole felt tears coming to her eyes, she was hurt, Did everyone think this about her?

"Oh don't cry, you know its the truth, walking round the bay in your slutty outfits just looking for some attention and a sh*g."

"Your worng about me i love geoff!"

"Well he dosn't love you! You don't deserve him!"

Geoff turned around he seen nicole her face covered with tears, he got up and ran over to where claudia and her were sitting.

"Tell her you don't love her geoff!"

"Geoff, please don't!" nicole tears were flooding out of her eyes, the hurt she felt inside was overwhelming. She got up and ran over to the edge of the sea she threw her self down and let her hurt come out, Geoff quickly ran over he threw his arms around her.

"nic what happened?"

"Everyone thinks im a slut, they think im just looking for attention!" nicole sobbed

"What, no they don't nic!"

"No one can truely love me! "

"yes they can! I do, ive never felt like this before, i love you more than anything! Nic i want to be with you forever!"

Nicoel hung on to geoff's hug, she'd never felt so much urt and pain before, she knew what claudia said was true, what everyone thought of her, after all she had been woth a lot of guys in the bay. But she loved geoff!

Geoff got to his feet and helped nicole up, they walked back over to the group where claudia was also sitting.

"Claudia, i cant believe what you said to nic, i thought you were better than that!" geoff said with a scowl on his face.

"It true! everyone knows it! She's a skank, shes been with everyone! know one could love her! shes just easy!"

Everyone turned to look at claudia, "Thats not true! Yeah she may hae been around a bit but i for one love her!" aden said he looked at nicole with a reasuring look.

"Yeah, we all do! She may be a spoilt little princess but, shes a great mate!" belle said and everyone nodded in agreement

"And i love her, more than i ever have with anyone else, it feels right being with her!"

"Well, yous are all wrong! Just wait! you'l see!" claudia walked off and got into one of the boats. She left the island, honestly no one cared! She was only ever included because of geoff.

"Thanx guys, you really are great friends you know!"

Aden stood up he hugged nicole, "i really do love you! Your like a sister to me, well sort of, very close!" he laughed

"Thanx, i love you to!"

"And just to let you know, no one blames you guys for falling in love! Everyone could see you were meant to be from you moved her nic!" miley said

Nicole smiled and gazed into geoff's eyes.

"And by the way i was so right!!" belle laughed

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Im so sorry this is took so long to update!! I just couldnt think of anything to write, im think il end this soon, thanx for reading!! :D

Everyone got off the island, "Do you want me to come home with you?" Geoff asked Nicole

"Yes, would you?"

"Of course,"

"Great, i get the delights of these two for the whole night!"

"Aden wise up, Belle why don't you come stay too? Actually you's can all come! Dad's in the city for the weekend?"

"Sounds fun! Il have to ask charlie though, She'l get pissed if just don't come home."

"Ok, well sure we'll go on and you's can meet us there later when you's all get you stuff.

"Ok, cya soon," Ruby kissed Nicol on the cheek before leaving to go tohe house.

Geoff and Nicole Got to her house, They closed the door and immediately began passionately kissing, "You know, ther bot goin to be here for at least half an hour?"

"And whats your point Mr Campbell?"

"Hmm.... Lets see" Geoff began to get undreeses and at the same he peeled nicoles clothe of and placed them on the floor.

They moved form the sofa to the ground, not caring about hte bump the recieved on the way down.

The door opened and Adne entered followed by Belle "Ahhh, OH my God." they immediately shut the door, and Geoff and Nicole jumped from the floor and picked up their clothes "Sorry guys!" Nicole yelled, and they began to frantically get dressed.

"Yous can come in!"

"You's decnt?"


They opened the door and enterted the house once again, "Have fun?"

"Well until we were rudely interupted" geoff explained

"Well sorry for coming home"

"We thought you'd be longer" Nicole said a bit embarrassed

"I gethered that!" Belle laughed

"Do you's wanna drink?"

"Have you got any wine?" Belle asked

"Yep, guys wanna beer?"

"Yea!" the two guys said in tune together

Nicole enetered the kitchen and got the drinks.

When she came back the rest fo the gang had arrived, with one extra, "We picked him up on the way" Ruby said as she pinted at trey.

"No probs, Do you guys wanna drink?"


"Well get them yourselves!" Nicole lauged

When everyone was settled with their drinks and spaces to sit, they decided to play some pointless games agagin, this time fun!

"What do you's wanna play?"

"Spin the bottle, i love it, and it was kind of ruined on the island?"

"What happened on the island?" trey asked

"Well, lets show you." Ruby said and looked at geoff and Nicole, The pair looked at each other and started to kiss,

"If only you'd been here we me and Belle arrived, you would have gotten a better show!"



"When did this happen?" trey asked confused, "And claudia?"

"Well, it stared about two months back, and claudia? Who cares?"

"Okay........ Wow, i always thought you two had chemistry!"


"Yea, Nic we all did" Miley interupted.

"Oh, Well lets get back to the game." Nicole lifted an empety wine glass form behind her and the began to move furniture, to clear the floor, they all sat in a circle and began to play.

It was Ruby first, who spun, and landed on Aden, "Well arn't i lucky!" she said sarchastically

"You sure are" Aden said in a sexy voice, They placed their lips togther and had a small kiss

"Can i say something? No jelousy in this game, We all friends here"

"Dofo!"belle added

Next was Mileys turn, she spun and the bottle landed at Trey, "Ohhh, I can see where this could go!" Ruby smiled

"Miley and Trey lent into the cirlce the locked lips and begans to kiss,

"Well, lets just officialy say we have a new couple!" Belle laughed

"Guys!" Miley said embarrassed

"Miles you deserve someone! and so does Trey!"

The night went on and every one was happy, Belle and Aden found themslves on the sofa, Snogging, it was growning more and more passonate, and they excused themselves upstairs.

"Them two cant stop!" Xavier announced

"Well, we cant all be saints!" Nicole smiled

"So were was your first time? Was it sneaky?" Ruby asked


"Oh come on, After all were all friends!"

"Well , yes it was sneaky, And it was unexpected! We didnt think we'd ever be that close"

"It was great, i mean she's great!" Geoff winked


"Im relly gald we ended up together, it feels right!"

"Im really happy for you's!"

"Thanx guys,"

Aden and Belle, came walking back down the stairs, "Well that was exhausting" Aden announced

"Im sure mate, Could you not have waited until we all hit the sack?"

"Geoff, you didn't wait ten second when you got throught the door!"

"Yeha suppose!"

Everyone laughed. All throught he night they continued talking and laughing and playing stupid games.

"Bed time guys! Im wrecked, Night!" Nicole began to walk up the stairs, Followed swiftly by geoff, Everyone, began to take there places in the living room, except for the lucky ones that had beds up the stairs that was.

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Okay guys this i sthe last chapter!! :) Thanx for reading! Im doin another couple of fics though so hopefully you'l like them :)

hope you've enjoyed this!!

"Breakfast anyone?"

"Im starved!"

"good couse you and Geoff are making it!" Nicole grinned

"What? When did we decide this?"

"Well i just decided now!"

"Fine, Right Geoff come one, Xav, Trey, Make youselves useful!"

"What? Were guests!" xav complaind

"So, Your still helping."

"Uhh, i can't cook,"

"Thats alright you can serve or do drinks!"

"Fine" he mumbled

"So, Were yous ok down here last night?" Nic asked

"Em, yeah Well aside from Trey snoring"

"Was that him? God we heard that upstairs!"

"Try being down here!" Miley laughed

"Rubes did you and Xav sleep ok?"

"Yeah, that sofa's quite comfy"

"I know right?"

"Ok ladies, your breakfast is served," Xavier and Tray cam out with trays, filled with everything,

"Wow, Can we get this every morning guys?"

"You's wish!"

"Your right we do!"

"you bet!" Ruby laughed

"Xavier, Trey, don't think you's are finished! Come help with these dishes"

"What are we slaves?" Trey moaned

"Hurry up pansys!" Aden shouted

"Ok, Im gonna get ready, Girls yous coming?"

"Sure, I need a shower" Ruby said as she stood to her feet.

"all the girls made their way upstairs,"

"Why do girls always have to have buddies to get ready?"

"Dunno maye!"

"I mean you don't see us asking each other for advice on what to wear do ya?"

"Well, I mean you have asked few times what your out fits looks like"

"Wells that different,"

"No its not!"


About 2 hours later the girls came back downstairs, "Why does it take so long to get ready?"

"Geoff, you don't get hair like this in five minutes dear"

"Well do you need hair like that?"

"Uh yeah!"

"Dude, Don't even argue, your gnna lose!" xavier said

"I know mate, i know" Geoff chuckled

"What are you's doin today?"

"Well me and xav, are helping Martha out a the farm,"

"I have to help Dad on his boat, Miley do you wanna help?"

"Sure, Bye guys"


"yeah i guess we'll head to hugo, To get a lift."

"Cya !"

"And Adens taking me into town, Bye" Belle grined

"Ok, bye, So just us?"

"Yep, Beach?"

"Yeah, il go get my bikini on!"

"Don't be long"

"i won't" About five minute later Nicole reappeared down stairs, and they headed to the beach.

"They waters lovely today."

"I know right? I get a b,b, buzz of you, b, because i do, Sayin it just the way it is, I get a b,b,buzz all night."

"what are you singing?"


"Your crazy!"

"i know, but you love me!"

"I know! I love you so much,"

"I love you too" Nicole lifted her hands and splashed the water all over geoff's face, and ran away.

"Im gonna get you!"

"Come on hard man!" she laughed


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