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Tue, 21 Apr 09 – Episode # 4837

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Ruby Has A Go At Charlie [To Do With Joey] AGAIN !!!!! “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 22 Apr 09 – Episode # 4837]

Due to various issues, this guide is lees detailed than normal.

It’s the day after the events of 4836 and [at martha'ss] Xavier and Martha is talking bout how Joey & Charlie are together. Things get weird when Hugo exit his bedroom with Charlie not to far behind him. Charlie bails, whilst Hugo tells Xavier hat him & Brendan are in the clear with police.

At SBH, Xavuer tells ruby that Charlie & hgugo slept togther.

Hogan [police taction] tells Charlie that she is in the clear as Joey back up his versions of vents. He also tells her that Charlie has the full support of everyone at the station.

Joey is VERY please to see Charlie when she comes home. Indeed, Joey thinks that there is an upside to all this – Joey/Charlie is now out in the open. As they Hug, Charlie looks worried.

At Martha’s, Martha talk to Hugo bout him sleeping with Charlie when she is go out with Joey. They are interrupted when Charlie phone Hugo. He agrees to meet her soon.

At diner, Charlie tells Hugo that last night meant noting to her. She says that last night she wasn’t thinking straight, but doesn’t like it when Hugo see tat they slept together because she was thinking ’straight”.

Hugo & Martha talk at her place, Martha agree to keep this [late night] to herself, but she think that Xavier will tell ruby bout what happened. Talk tuns to Hugo and ‘ships – he tells Martha that he isn’t interested in any kinda of romantic ;ship with anyone.

Near Leah’s place, Xavier & ruby talk bout hat happened last night tween Hugo & Charlie. Ruby is then shocked to see Charlie & Joey all laughing & playful tighter are they wash the graffiti off Charlie’s car. When they all go inside, and Joey goes to have a shower, ruby has a go at Charlie. Charlie defends what happened as being a bad mistake after a terrible day. She insist at it won’t happen again and the she loves Joey. Charlie tells ruby tat since last night meant nothing there is no point worrying Joey bout it.

Roman, Nic & Aden enters their house. Roman is ken to do things for himself, and inlt keen that and & Nic have been living on take away food whilst he’s been way. Nic goes into kitchen, and when Aden follow her, she admits that she imagine tat thigh would be better when Roman got home but they aren’t.

Soon after, Roman tells Nic that he isn’t going to see a counsellor ad whit’s happen to him as physiological, not psychological. Martha arrive an Nic then Aden go upstairs. Nic is in tears – she’s soo not dealing with her dad being this way.

Thing get worse when roman is in kitchen with Martha and an out of place glass smashed to the ground. Roman has a go at And & Nic for not putting things where they should be.

Later, Aden offers to help Nic ^& roman get roman’s room in order. Roman thinks that Aden has better thg to do, and when roman leaves the roman, Nic suggest that Aden hasn’t told roman bout adelle breaking up as that way it would be more real.

That night, Nic enters Aden’s room amend he admits at she was right bout the tings seeming more real if he tells roman thing. After they talk bout how Geoff seem to have move on form Nic, Aden & Nic tell the other tat they think the other is HOT. They PASH!!!

Soon after, roman is aslope when he wakes in a fright.

Also, Nic [who is clipping up her bra] and the shirtless and agree that they shouldn’t have just slept together.

Roman arrives at Adel’s doorway. Nic freezes – whilst roman apologises for going of at Aden before. He wonders if Aden knows where Nic is., Aden say tat he doesn’t. When roman leaves throom, Aden & Nic look waaaaaaaaaaay guilty



Aden feels like he cheated on Belle

Belle LIKES tat Liam Murphy is now at the rehab clinic – i.e. “tings just became interesting”

Miles jokes to Roman that Roman can have few drinks – as he’s already blind

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: dark silver low cut top/denim jeans


Nicole: red thin strip top/dark [green dots & white trim] bra


Ruby: SBH uniform


Aden: black [grey unknown logo] t/dark long pants

Aden: blue shorts

Brendan: grey t

Brendan: red [black diamonds] t/purple trackpanst

Charlie: red thin strap top/white shorts

Charlie: white thin strap top

Hogan: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Hugo: white singlet/olive green shorts

Hugo: white [dark insects] t/olive green shorts

Joey: dark blue t/denim jeans

Martha: black mid thigh dress

Martha: olive green singlet top

Roman: dark singlet

Roman: olive green t/denim jeans

Xavier: light blue t

Xavier: SBH uniform

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