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Fri, 17 Apr 09 – Episode # 4835

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Face Book “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 17 Apr 09 – Episode # 4835]


Belle is lying on a couch when she gets a text message – its form Annie, wondering if she & Geoff can visit this arvo,


Jai tells Annie tat he fought with they bout of a comment he made bout charlie to Ruby.

Annie gests a tcxt msg form belle – she tells Geoff Belle’s message is “don’t come”.

In one of the classrooms, Mr Yates [form the department] question trey bout what happened. With Martin & trey’s dad in the room too, Trey firmly tells Yates that Miles attack on him was unprovoked. Through the scene, Trey’s dad voice s his concerned bout how trey is the victim here and answers some of the queries that Yates has asked Trey. Indeed, martin “suggests” that Trey's dad should let trey do the answering.


Pippa & Martha are in the kitchen. When Pip wonders about Roman, Martha initis that Roman is a fighter and will beat this [blindness].

Talk turns to Annie & Geoff and how, despite living on a farm for much of their live, there food shopping habits ate like those of most [stereotypical] teens.

Annie & Geoff arrive and are surprised that Pippa will be staying with them, but they insist that it’s a good surprise. Pippa “suggest” that they should start doing some housework –and they do,


When Mr Yates ask Miles [and then kirsty] bout what happened, they get all emotional bout bt6he situation – unlike the cool headed Trey who, although lying, sounded more factional.

In the corridor, Kirsty & mile talk bout what’s just happened. Kirsty is esp. fearful that if department finds in Trey’s favour, the ppl in bay will believe the trey’s version of events.

Trey & co exit the classroom, and Miles speak to Mr Yates, who tells Mile stat it doesn’t look good that Trey’s arm was majorly injured.


Annie & Geoff talk bout how they don't really tank tat they need Pipa here to look after them. Annie also suggests that she want to go to the rehab clinic to see belle even without Belle’s permission – an idea that Geoff isn’t so keen on. Annie suggests that they should talk to Pippa bout Belle perhaps.


Miles & kirsty talk bout the enquiry, before talking bout how Pippa has invited Kirsty, miles, Jia etc over for diner tonight at bah house.

Mile talk to jai - ”suggesting” that Jai shouldn;t have fought with Trey. Miles then wonders who is in a photo that Jai has just printed out. Jai tell him that its trey – but miles can't believe it as the person in the photo looks a lot bigger. Whilst Jai thks that the photo is “gold”, Miles tells Jai not to show anyone the pic.


Annie, Geoff & Pippa talk about whty’s happened – incl Geoff telling Pippa that he said treble thing to Bel after he found about her drug problem. Geoff blames himself [belle taking the drugs & champagne at wedding] because of what said to her.


Belle is outside, sitting near of the building when Pippa sits with her. When Pip talk to Belle, the latter insists tat she has let Annie & Geoff down. Pip insists that Belle is judging herself more harshly that the likes of Annie, who thinks of Belle as a role model. Belle refutes that, esp. in her current state. Pip suggest tat, in times like this, its how a person responds that defines them.

Meanwjile, unbeknownst to Belle or Pip, Aden is at the rehab clinic. He sees Belle & Pip form afar, but decides to walk away


Geoff tells Annie that he still thak tat Belle is mad at him, even though she said [at hospital] that she forgives him. Anni then suggets that they should be a “tad” more welcoming to Pippa that they were when she arrived.

Pippa enters, and tell Annie & Geoff that she’s spoken nto Bell, who wants them to visit her. Pip also tells that that Jai, Oly, Mile & kirsty are coming over for dinner tonight – but they should still be here when Annie & Geoff rtn.

Geoff is still worried bout belle hating him but pip insist tat that its a great thing that Belle is brave enough to invite them to visit her, as she is showing that she does need help.


Trey is talking to his mates when Miles approaches. He hands a folded up piece of paper to trey. Trey sees that its t6he photo of himself before he slimmed down. Trey’s mate is keen to se the pic, but trey doesn't show him. Miles “suggest” that he & trey should go somewhere and talk.

Soon after, Miles & trey are on the couch. Trey tells Miles that his dad has spent a lot of tem & money into getting trey to the way [weight wise] he is now. Trey tells mils tat even after he slimmed down, he was still being bullied at his old school, so they moved to a new area and Trey started gong to SBH. Trey explains that he was just trying t pay back his dad by being as good as he could be – having a g/f etc, but Miles comet tat all those lies haven’t helped. Miles tells that, if he is to truly earn his dad’s respect, he needs to tell the truth bout what’s happened. Miles bails – but only after he hands Trey the pic [which Jia got off a face book page].


Kirsty is musghlky stressing about what’s happening when Miles enters, Pipp is esp. ken to se him – and she tells him that the hug that she just gave him is form Sally as well.

Kirsty wonders where Miles has been – but before he can answer, miles phone ring. After the cal ends, he tells Kirsty, Pip< Jia & Oly that it was Martin ion the phone. Trey has changed his story [to the truth] and the complaints angst both Mile & kirsty have been dropped. Kirsty & mile kiss and Jai is very happy that this seems to be over.


Belle is pleased to see Annie & Geoff. When she asks bout Aden, she understands that he’s not been to visit her because of what’s happened to Roman.

When Geoff wonders, Belle tell him that she waaaaaaaaaaaay forgives him she the way he ttreated her after he found out bout her drug problem.

A nurse hands Belle an envelope – handed to her by a dark haired male [Aden] earlier.


Belle is alone when she opens the envelope. It’s a letter form Aden, and we hear his voiceover of the letter, and see both belle’s reaton to the letter and Aden deep in thought etc at roman’s.

In the letter, and tells belle that, just6 like when she couldn’t be with him last year when he was sorting himself out, he can’t be with her when she is helping this help she needs. Belle is mushly in tears when she finishes reading the letter.



Sound like Joey/Charlie becomes common knowledge – icnl some obnoscious comments for Trey.

Hugo says “I can't fix Brendan, and I can’t deal that”

Aden & Nicole PASH!!!

Belle comments tat things have finally got interesting [at the rehab [place] as rockstar Lim Murphy is there now too.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: grey scoop top


Pippa: maroon elbow length sleeves blouse/cream [brown floral]] full length skirt


Martha: white thin strap top/dark shorts


Aden: black t/dark long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: dark top/dark long aopnts

Belle: white t

Colleen: green jungly blouse/red top/blue long pants

Geoff: dark blue t

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jai: SBH uniform

Jai: white [various closured rays coming out of several suns] t

Kristy: black top

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/maroon [white check] tie

Miles: white [dark vertical stripes] button up shirt/dark jacket/dark long pants

Mr Yates: dark suit/white shirt/blue [white diag stripes][ tie

Oliver: green t

Rehab Nurse: blue [white circles] blouse

Trey: dark green [white “Indian chief”] t/denim jeans

Trey: SBH uniform

Trey’s dad: blue long sleeve button up shirt

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