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Thurs, 16 Apr 09 – Episode # 4834

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Ruby, This Isn’t About You “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 16 Apr 09 – Episode # 4834]


Colleen tells Alf how she is totally run of her feet at the moment, with evry9one else being way. Colleen’s mood isn’t helped when Alf says that he is going away for a few days – as Duncan is getting married.


Ruby & Jai are talking about the whole Brendan, Roman incident when the phone rings. When the call ends, Ruby tells Jai that its was Charlie, who has been called into work and [Charlie] will be working double shift.


Next day, Kirsty is Woking and she isn't exactly pleased to see Trey or His dad. She’s not ken to sever Trey’s dad, who firmly tell Kristy troth she is in the wrong [bout this whole Trey thing].


In the corridor, Martin talks to Miles. He syas tight there will be ppl here form the department today, who will separately interview Kirsty, Miles & Trey.

When Miles enquires, Martin tells him that an adverse finding will most likely lead to Miles’ dismissal.

After Martin walk away, a rather smug Trey say good morning to Miles.


Charlie is driving her car, with Joey alongside her. After Charlie pulls the car to a holt, they talk – icnl the wishful thinking of going stay together elsewhere for a few days, but then Joey comets bout how reality when send them crash back to earth.

Charlie tells Joey that she is going to tell Ruby today about their ‘ship. JOey is pleased when Charlie asks her to come over to Leah’s tonight.

They kiss – and the kiss is keen by the nearby Ruby. She looks initially intrigued [i assume that she hasn’t realised who’s involved at that point], but when Joey7 gets up of Charlie’s car, the look of dread/horror/shock on Ruby’s face is immense.


Ruby is malady in class with jai & the other kids and Miles enter. Miles soon realises that Ruby’s on another planet – and she tells him tat she is unwell. She bails to [supposedly] go to the sick bay.


Charles is in kitchen when Ruby enters and launches into a verbal attack, eg “you are NOT gay”. Cherie insist tat she doesn’t know what she is, and ruby say tat just because Charlie’s had sooooo many diasters with men, it doesn't men that she can paly with Joey’s feeling like this. Ruby tersely tells Charlie to”sort yourself out” beefer ruby bails.


Mile talk to trey 0- and try to make him understand the consequence of his action, buy trey reminds miles that he shouldn’t be talking to trey.

Jai sees the encounter and when Mile has walked ay, he “suggests” to trey tat he shouldn’t be doing what he is. Trey retutmns fire by mocking jai about his kung fu skills.

Ruby arrives and grabs jai. He takes offence at this – insisting that he didn’t need saving. Ruby say that SHE needs saving.


Ruby tells jai bout Charlie/Joey and insist tat she would know if Charlie was gay. Jai makes ruby see reason – and insist to ruby that this isn’t about her. Jai continues by seeing that it must have been hard fio charley to tell Ruby, and that Ruby should support her sister. Ruby isn’t that keen on the idea – as “Charlie and coming out don't belong in same sentence". Ruby bails.

At the counter, Miles & Kristy talk bout the hearing today. Mile insist tat try must have very low self esteem to go through with this – an miles is keen to keno what’s at the heart of trey’s issue.. Colleen “suggest” that they shouldn’t be just chatting like this – and then tells Kristy that she is going on a break [during the lunch rush]\. Colleen bails.


Charlie & Joey are in the longue room. Charlie tells Joey that ruby is in complete denial bout their ‘ship. Charlie insists tat she doesn’t want to feel guilty bout being with Joey, as it feels right to be in the new ‘ship.

They kiss – and Ruby walks the room as they are doing so!!!!!

Ruby immediately goes to bail, but Charlie gets her to stop. Ruby tells Charlie tat she was all ready to be supportive, but isn’t ken that Charlie shoved this [new ;ship] in her face like this. Joey enters the room – and suggest tat they should all calmly talk bout this.

Soon after, Charlie admits to ruby tat although it wasn’t rally a conscious things iat the time, Charlie thinks that she insisted Joey to stay [after Robb attacked her] because Charlie had feelings fior Joey. Joey adds that although she has always had feeling for Charlie, she didn’t think that she EVER stood a chance.

When Ruby wonders, Charlie tell her tat she will tell Leah as soon as Leah return to the house – since they are living with Leah.

Charlie tries to lighten the mood – she tells ruby that at least when Joey stays the night, ruby will have a bedroom all to herself. Ruby ini9st that that’s waaaaaaaaay too much info.

Charlie wonders what ruby is thinking, and ruby say tat she will get her head round this eventually.

When ruby is gone, Joey comments that that went pretty well. Charlie tells Joey that Ruty was the easy one to tell.


Martin talk to9 miles. He sees that the Miles will talk to the department pp l 0 mins after the [soon to ring] bell rings.

Martin then talks to Trey bout the inquiry, and after that finishes, trey has a go at ruby [which helps her already fragile state].


Colleen approaches Alf. She is really worried bout dealing with the diner, and everything else [like looking in on Annie & Geoff] whilst Alf is away. Alf tells colleen that he has called in the cavalry, but he won’t tell her what that means.


Mile talk to Kristy. He is nervous – and tells kisrty that he rabbits on when he is nervous, which he’s doing right now/. Kirsyty tries to assure him that this will be ok.

Elsewhere in the corridor, ruby tell Jai tat Charlie’s new ;ship has REAQLLY shaken her as Charlie is the only constant in Ruby’s life these days [with everything that Ruby’s been though in last few years – esp. the death of her mum ,a dn her dad having dementia].

Trey approaches and wonders where Ruby’s b/f is. He suggested she should go out with Trey. but tat trey suggest tat he likes Charlie more. The look on ruby's face suggest she’s just about to react but jai gets in 1st – he wrestles trey t tee ground. The fight is broken up by Miles & martin – but trey’s dad is the and also knows what’s just happened.


A taxi pulls yup near collen & Alf, and Colleen is really pleased when Pippa gets out of the taxi. Both colleen & Alf are please to see Pip.


Mile & jai kinda can’t believe it when Treyl;s dad suggest that Miles was the one who instructed jai to fight with Trey. Miles looks decidedly downbeat.



A man form the department tells Miles that Trey’s injury is hard to overlook

Pippa tell Belle that she [belle] is being harder on herself than the lies of Annie & Geoff.

After Miles & Jai discover an intriguing old pic of [maybe] Trey, Miles tells trey tat if trey is t9o earn his step father’s respect, trey will have to come clean

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Kirsty: red [white sports team logo] scoop t


Ruby: SBH uniform


Joey: apple green [darker green woman] t


Alf: powder blue button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Alf: white [dark check[ button up shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: red singlet top/dark shorts

Charlie: white wide v shaped straps top/dark shorts

Colleen: green jungly blouse/red top/blue long pants

Colleen: red floral blouse/dark qua top

Jai: red t/dark long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Joey: white [black unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Kirsty: black top

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/maroon [white check] tie

Miles: white [dark vertical stripes] button up shirt/dark jacket/dark long pants

Pippa: maroon elbow length sleeves blouse

Ruby: red thin strap top/black & white check knee length skirt

Trey: SBH uniform

Trey’s dad: blue long sleeve button up shirt

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