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Wed, 15 Apr 09 – Episode # 4833

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ When I Saw You Today, I Could Hardly Breathe “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 15 Apr 09 – Episode # 4833]


An eye specialist doe some tests on Roman, with Nicole, Leah & Aden in the room too. The specialist tells Roman and the others that there’s no psychical reason why Roman can't see. He likens what Roman is going through to post traumatic stress syndrome.


Next day, a distracted Aden literally runs into Joey, who is at the wah5rfs for a job interview [which, if she scores it, will be a long haul trawler crew].

Aden then continues on torts the trawler he works on. Gibbsy has a go at him for being late – bu6t it’s a comet bout Aden being Belle’s nursmaid that sets off Aden. He swings [and misses] Gibbsy with his fist. Gibbsy doesn’t miss – Aden’s nose is broken, and blood is way coming from it.


Xavier enters. He tells Ruby tat he wants to speak to cahrlie, but she says tat Charlie just bailed. Ruby commit to Xavier about how not good it is that Roman is currently blind. Xavier then bails – leaving Ruby all confused


Their’s still blood coming form aden's nose, and whilst he is keen to get it looked at, Gibbsy suggested Aden should be pinching his nose harder to make the blood stop.

Charlie & Hogan approach – and formally enquire bout what’s happen. Aden insists that it was just a misunderstanding. Charlie insist tat and should have his wounds looked at. Gibbsy, as Aden & the police exit, comet bout how he wants Aden back at work tomorrow.

Joey & Charlie then encounter each other – but neither looks wiling to talk at this point. Joey walks away, and Charlie heads bank to the police car.


After Aden & Charlie enters, Aden tells Charlie that the clash started after Gibbsy made a comet bout Belle. Aden isn’t surprised when Charlie tells him that it was Joey who called the police. Charlie offers to take Aden the hospital but he insists tat it won’t exactly do his reparation any favours if he is taken to hospital by a female cop.


Leah & Nic are at the doorway of the ICU room. They are joined by Xavier.

Soon after, Leah & Nic are now in the room with Roman. He sense that sometihing isn’t right with Nic. Sh commsts bout how woreed she is bout him.

Xavier enters the room. He wants to talk to roman bout the accident. He tells them tat it was Brendan who caused the accident and that Xavier has known this the whole time. Nic goes off at Xavier, but Roman tells Nic & Leah tat he wants to speak to Xavier alone. Leah & Nic bail – and roman asks what happened.


Joey enters, and she tells and that she called in the police as he helped her in the past so she wanted to rtn the favour. Talk turns to Belle – and how Aden doesn’t even know, or maybe doesn’t WANT to know, where she is doing the rehab thing at tee moment.

Aden then turns the subject around again – to talk bout joey. When they talk bout her possible new job, Aden wonders what’s hoing on tween Charlie & Joey [and there’s a number of time tat Joey thiiks tat Aden known her feeling for Charlie, but he doesn’t]. Indeed, Joey insists tat Charlie was just being a good cop when she was protecting etc Joey form Robbo.


Xavier is very stressed bout what’s happened, but roman tells Xavier to tell him exactly happened. Xavier escaping that Brendan, for whatever reason, has always had a thing bout blue cars. Xavier is way down on himself – but roman initis at Xavier won’t get any greif form Roman bout this. Indeed, roman insists stt he tihinks that it took courage to own up to roman like this.


Ruby enters and asks Hugo where xaver is. Monet later, Xavier enters, with Charlie &* Hogan. Xavier tells Hugo that he’s told the police bout Brendan & the accident. Hugo exits – to goes with the police to the station.

When they are gone, ruby is REALLY disappointed with Xavier. He is annoyed that xaver didn’t think that Ruby, Leah etc weren’t smart etc enough to realise that Brendan isn’t responsible for this. Xavier tries to apologise – but ruby doesn’t want to hear it. Ruby storms out of the house.


Charlie & Hogan approah Gibbsy. Charlie tells him that they aren’t pressing charges – but only because Aden insisted.

As the 2 officer head back up the wharf, Charlie encounters Joey. After Hogan continues on the police car, Charlie wonders how Joey is – and Joey doesn’t back. She tells charlie that she doesn’t know how much she broke Joey’s heart recently. Charlie tells Joey that she DOES know - as Charlie’s own heart broke too.

Joey wonders what they are going to do – but they are interrupted by Hogan, who called out to charlie tat they are required at the hospital.


Leah is by roman’s bedside. She can’t believe it when roman tells her tat they can’t be together right now – as he needs to focus all his energies on getting better. Leah insists that what’s happened doesn’t change the way she feels nout roman – but he isn’t budging. Leah bails.


Ruby & Charlie are in the kitchen when Xavier arrives. Ruby esp. isn't keen to see him but he is hear to speak to leah. Xavuier goes inside as tell Leah tat he is mushly sory for not coming fwd sooner bout what happened. Like roman, Leah seems understanding of what’s happened – Brendan not responsible etc.

After Leah exits the room, ruby enters and insists to xavier that if they are to be together, there is to be no more secrets. Their lover’s tiff is ended with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Joey comes to the back door. She is ken to continue their chat for the wharf. Charlie is concerned that they could be overheard etc, but Joey insists tat she could be gone form the bay tomorrow if she scores this job. Charlie calls out to ruby tat she is heading out.


Charlie & Joey are in car on the grass not far form surf club.

Charlie tell Joey tat she is worried bout how this ship with affect things at work, and how her friends, family etc will react. Joey asks if charlie would be embarrassed to be with Joey, but Charlie insists tat it’s not as simple as that.

All though this scene, Joey was a bright happy face, as she tells Charlie things like that she can hardly breathe when she is around Charlie, whilst Charlie mostly has a kinda scared/worried face happening throughout.

Joey tells Charlie that she is totally in love with Charlie, and Charlie tells Joey tat she [Charlie] thinks that she is in love with Joey. Hen Joey aks if Charlie want to be with joey, charlie say tat she does. They kiss!!!!!!!!!



Ruby sees Charlie & Joey kissing – and confronts his sister, i.e. “you are NOT gay”

Sounds like Jai try to get Ruby to be more supportive of Charlie

Alf tells Colleen tat he is calling in the cavalry

Martin tells Miles that if the department’s decision is unfavourable, it will lead to Miles being sacked

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Joey: blue scoop top/brown long pants


Charlie: wide v shaped straps top/dark shorts


Leah: yellow wide strap top


Aden: dark blue t/dark jacket/dark long pants

Aden: green [white crest] t/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Don Gibson: green polo/denim jeans

Eye specialist: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark blue [white dots] tie

Hogan: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Hugo: light blouse [brown deer] t

Joey: apple green [darker green woman] t

Leah: elec blue halter neck full length dress

Nicole: blue thin strap top

Nicole: mottled silver top

Roman: grey t

Ruby: red thin strap top/black & white check knee length skirt

Ruby: SBH uniform

Xavier: SBH uniform

Xavier: yellow [black arms & hands] t

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