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The New Girl In Town

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: the new girl in town

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main Characters: aden and miley (new character) and lots of others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama, love, romance

Does story include spoilers: YEs, in some parts, but more for the uk veiwers

Any warnings: there may be some sexual content

Summary: A new face comes to summer bay and aden finds himself attracted to her, but dosnt want to do anything as he has just split form belle and dosnt wan to hurt her feelings.


Miley stepped out of her mothers car, "Okay mum, il talk to you later, dont worry il be fine!"

"okay, make sure you tell rachel that i said hello and that im sorry i have to rush off" miley's mum replied

Miley took her belongings out of the boot of the car.

She was walking toward's the door, when she caught the eye of a young male, she thought "wow" into herself, but she turned away, she was embarassed she didnt want to seem like a complete weirdo!

Aden, however was thinking the same, he thought she was beautiful, and he wanted to find out more about her.


"Hey, aunty rachel.and you must be tony, very nice to meet you!"

"You two, i heard alot about you!" tony replied

Rachel showed miley to her room,"i have to get back to the hospital, when you get settled in here, you should explore the bay"

"Okay, i think i will, it looks beautiful! thanx again for letting me stay here!"

"Your welcome sweetie" rachel exited the house

A little while later, when miley had got everything sorted out and had unpacked, she left the house and was walking around the bay.

She made her way to thesurf club "Hi, can i have an orange juice please?"

"Sure, are you new here?" alf asked miley

"Yeah, ive moved in woth my aunt rachel"

"Oh, well, welocme to the bay"

"Thanx, i think im goin to like it here!"

"Good, here you go!" alf handed miley the drink

Miley went and sat down on a seat, there was so many people there, she felt like a loner, she didnt know anyone, she wanted to get to know people, but they all seemed to be with someone or in a group.

Then a girl walked in, she was blonde and very pretty, she seemed to be looking for someone, miley csught her eye, the girl began to walk over to where miley was, "Hey, im nicole, is it ok if i sit?"

"Em, yeah sure im miley!"

"Nice to meet you, you new here?"

"Yeah ive moved in with my aunt"

"Cool, do ya like it?"

"Well i havnt seen much, but yeah it seems nice, everyone seems so friensly,"

"Yeah, it is known for that" nicole smiled

"Is there any hotties? Singles ones?"

"Em, there aden, he's just broke up wiht his girl, he's lookin! There's also, geoff but he's mine," nicole laughed

"Hmmm.......good to know, how long you been dating, geoff?"

"Emm.... about a year and a half, pretty long"


"Well, theres geoff, GEOFF" nic called across the room.

"Hey," goeff kissed nicole

"Geoff this is miley,"

"Hi, im geoff"

"Nice to meet you!"

"Well, where goin to have to get goin! il catch you later" nic told miley

"Okay, bye have a nice day" miley returned

Miley left the surf club, she was walking down the beach, when all of a sudden she got knocked to the ground by a football.

"Oh man, im so sorry" miley felt a hand helping her to her feet.

"Are you ok?"

Em.... yeah im fine, wasnt expecting that, its nit everyday you get a football to the head" miley giggled

"Good, im Aden, and you are?"

"Im miley, ive moved in with my aunt, Rachel"

"Oh cool you sticking around?"

"Yeah, im planning on it!"

"Good stuff. well il catch you later?"

"Em.. yeah i suppose so"

"What are you doin later?"

"Hmm.... im sitting in i suppose"

"How do ya fancy soming out? il show you about the bay"

"Em yeah sure, sounds good, i could od with a mate!"

"Okay well heres my cell number, gis your phone, il type mine in"

"Okay" miley handed aden her phone

"il text you later!"

Ok cya!"

They departed from eachother, they both ahd a smile on there face, aden hadnt felt like this in ages.

Miley was pleased, she had spoken to a few people, and well it seemed like she had made a few friends, she was hoping that aden would text her, she liked him, she wanted to know if there would be anything between them, he did asked if she was sticking around,

Did that mean he liked her too?

please comment and let me know what you think!

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Miley had went home, rachel ahd made, after they had finished miley was helping her aunt with the dishes when she got a text. Her face lit up, "Em.....is it ok if i go out?

"Oh, yeah sure, where ya goin?" rachel had noticed miley's face glow.

"Em.... im just goin out around the bay,"

"Who with?" rachel asked

"Em.....a guy called aden, he offered to show me around"

"Ok, have fun" rachel raised her ebrows and watch ,miley leave in hurry.

Miley walked out of the front door, she saw aden standing at the end of the drive, "Hey! so where we goin?"miley asked

"Just for a bit of a tour of the bay, theres not much to see but il show you it all"


They began to walk, "Well, this is the beach, thats sand, thats water and over there is a few rocks"

"Wow, arnt you smart, com'on be serious"

Okay, well obviously this is the beach, its usually pretty popular with the locals, and if you come on a good day, you may see me surfing topless!"

"Oh wow well can you give me your shedule?"

"Oh, yeah totally il mail it to you!" aden laughed

They walked aorund the rest of the bay aden pointing places out, "ok and now were at the surf club, Mr stewart owns this place, you wanna go in for a game of pool?"

"Yea, why not!"

Aden and Miley entered the surf club, "Do you want a drink?" aden asked

"Sure, get me what your having"

Aden walked up to the bar he ordered the drinks, he turned round to see belle, "Hi" she said "How are you?"

"Im, good you?"

"Yea, im ok, whos that?" she pointed at miley

"Miley, she rachels niece, shes just moved here so im showing her about"

"Oh, ok cool, look aden i dont want things to be awkward between us, were both goin to move on sometime!"

"I know belle, im sorry for all the stuff thats happened between us! can we be friends?"

"Yeah, that would be nice! and im sorry too!"

Aden gave a belle an awkward hug "Il catch u later!"

"okay, bye" belle replied

Aden returned to where Miley was, "Who was that? sorry i shouldn't be noisy, just forget i said that!"

"No its fine!"

"No, aden sorry i dont want to be priying into your life!"

"Okay, so do you want to play?"


They'd finished there game and headed home.

They were wlking down the beach, "Do you want to go home?" aden asked

"Well, if you want to, i suppose"

"No, im alright, do you want to sit here for a while?"

"Yeah, ok"

The two of them sat down on the beach, the were talking and laughing.

"So do you have a boyfriend?"



Aden leant in and kissed Miley, "Wow!" miley splurred out

They continued to kiss, then they heard a voice "Wow, you dont waste time, getting together with someone do you?"

They looked up and seen nicole and geoff standing there.

"Em... he kissed me!" miley said innocently

"Shut up nic!"

"Hey, im only be observant" nicole laughed

"Aden, dont you have that disease thing? isnt that why you broke up with belle?"

Miley started to look worried

"Geoff! shut up man", aden looked at miley, "i do not have any sort of disease i pormise"

"nah, im only jokin"Geoff laughed

"Well, guess we'll get back to our walk and leace you's two alone" nicole declared

"Cya at home nic, hopefully cya never geoff!"

"Aww love you too aden bunny!" geoff and aden laughed

"Well that was awkward" miley said

"Dont worry about them two, there cool, i live with nic and her dad, they just like to wind me up!"

"oh, ok good, as long as you dont have any sort of disease or whatever!"

"I assure you i dont!"

They kissed again and again and again, "I guess im goin to have to get home!" miley said

"Ok, il walk you home!"

"Aww, ok thanx"

They got to rachel and tony's door, Aden kissed miley goodnight and just at that tony opened the door, "Well, what do we have here"

"Miley lloked at aden in a panic, ok bye" miley said and walked quickly past tony into her room

Tony looked at aden "what can i say im irristible!"

"Ok, mate cya later"


Miley was sat in her room, she was thinking about her kisses with aden, the door opened and rachel walked in with a great big grin on her face. "just showing you about they bay? Since when was aden's mouth a popular site in summer bay?" rachel ahd a cheeky smile on her face

"What, is it not?"

Rachel laughed, "No, im only jokin, aden deserves someone like you, hes been througha alot, and you derserve a bit of a romance!"

"So, i can date him?"

"You can do whatever you want!"

"Thanx rach!"

Miley's face lit up even more!

"You, really like him dont you?" rachel asked

"Yeah, i do i liked him the minute i saw him, and he made the first move, so he must like me!"

"Well, thats good! ok il see you in the morning! gdnight!"


Miley got ready for bed, she heard her phone go off, she lifted her phone it was a text from aden "goodnight! sleep tight, dream of me on the beach! lol il post you that scheduele in the morning! xxx"

Miley smiled and put her phone down and went to sleep

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The next morning, Miley woke up to a knock at the door, she could hear muffled voices, she thought she heard aden.

Rachel had answered the door, it was aden, "Hey, is Miley home?"

She's still in bed" rachel replied

"Oh, ok tell her il call later"

"Em...you can go wake her if you want!"

"OH ok you sure?"

"Yeah, she really likes you"

"Thanx, rach"

"You both deserve someone!"

Aden knocked the door and entered Miley's bedroom, Wake up sleepy head" aden called

"I am awake" miley replied very sleepily

"Yeah, you sound it" aden laughed

Aden went and dat next to miley on her bed, he kissed her passionately.

"I'm goin to work!" rachel called, deep down rachel was worried about leaving them alon, but she knew miley was 18 and she can pretty much do what she wants, and what she dos'nt want!

"Ok, cya later rach" miley called

"Bye rach," aden said

"So!", miley said

"So, what?" aden replied

"What are we goin to do today?"

"What do you wanna do?" aden asked

Miley pulled aden and kissed him, she pulled him to lay on top of him.

"Miley, are yo sure we barely know each other!"

"I know you!" she said

Later that day, ,iley and aden were still lying in bed together, "We may get out of here, i dont want anyone coming home!" miley told aden

"Ok, i told nic and geoff, we'd meet them for lunch, ok?"

"Yep, il just get dressed first, and so should you"

"Yeah, good idea, although, id love to see everyones faces if i ran around the bay nudey, it'd be pretty funny!"

"Oh, yeah hilarious!" miley said sarchastically

Miley and aden, and geoff and nicole, were at the diner.

"So, are you two serious?" geoff asked

Miley and aden looked at eachother, they had a smile on there face,

"Youve slept together?" nicole said with shock on her face

"What? you havent have you?" geoff asked

"Well, geoff , were not all siants it dosnt take us 7 months to decide we love our girlfriend enough to forget our faith and sleep with her" Aden said, Miley's face was getting red!

"Nic? must you tell aden everything?"

"Sorry?" nic replied with a sweet innocent look on her face

"Where did you's well you know!" geoff asked

"Geoff. why are yous asking this?" nicole asked her boyfriend

"He's jealous nic, he so wants me! dont honeybear?" aden replied

"What kind of relationship do you guys actually have?" Miley asked

"Well, wouldn't you lik eto know!" geoff said and looked at aden with a big gron on his face, they all laughed

"So, do you see a future with aden? nic asked miley

"Em... yeah i do, i know his history with girls but, he was the first person i saw and he talked to me first so i got the hint he liked me, so yeah i really do, i dont want to cause any trouble with his ex, but aden says she cool!" miley replied

"Cool, we can finally double date, instead fo aden just tagging along with us, its awkward when he's in the house, when you finally have it too yourself, maybe now geoff and i can have some couple time!" nicole laughed

"Speaking of couple time shall we go?" geoff asked nicole

"Yeah good idea,"

"Wheres ya's goin?" adem asked

"The island, again" nic replied

"Are you's ver anywhere else?"

"Em... nope" nicole laughed

They left and aden and miley where alone

"What's the island?"

"It's and island, a little bit out form the wharf, geoff and nicole got stranded on it a while back and that where they got together, theyve had the ups and downs, but i gotta give it to them, there strong!"

"Well hopefully we'll be like that one day!" miley told aden!

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Geoff and nicole were lying together on the island.

"Im so gald aden's found someone! he deserves some happiness!" nicole said to geoff

"Yeah, they get on really well, shes a lovely girl, not as lovely as you."

"Aww, thanx, Why dont we ask them if they wanna come out here, i mean weve got pkenty of time and food?"

"Yeah, im sure they could get a boat." geoff said

"Ok, il geive them a ring." nicole took out her phone, "Hey, aden, do ya fancy coming out to the island?"

"Wow, nic you feelin alright, thought that was your island?"

"Yeah, well what about making it a couples island?" nicole told aden

"Em.... yeah sure, il see alf about getting a boat, cya soon!"

"OK, bye"

"Are they coming?" geoff asked

"Yeah, they're trying to get a boat."

"Ok, cool, maybe e should amke use of the time we have alone then."

Geoff took nicole's hand and lead her to the grassy bit of the island.

"That was nicole, she asked us up to the island, you fancy it?"

"Yeah, it sounds cool, how do we get there?"

"We'll have to get a boat."

"Ok!" miley went a nd told rachel, where she was going.

Then her and aden headed down to the wharf, where they got a boat and headed out to the island to join nicole and geoff.

"Nic? Geoff?"

"Where over here guys,"

aden heard there voices coming from a little up hill.

"Hey, glad yous could join us," nicole said

"Glad you invited us!" miley replied

"We thought about making this place, a bit of a couply place, its so beautiful we thought other people should be able to enjoy it!" nicole explained

"Yeah, wow it is beautiful!"

"Its not so beautiful, when your starvingm hurt and freezing or trying to fight off an insane murderer!" geoff porclaimed

"What are you kidding?" miley replied, with worry in her eyes

"Unfortunately, No! but we make sure we have clothes, food, cell phones and a wepon when we come out here!"

"OK, glad to here youre prepared!"

"Dont worry babe, il protect yous all!" aden said

"Aden, you couldnt protect yourself, from puppy!"

"Oh, yeah and what did you do in all those situations, pray?"

"Actually, geoff saved my life in all those situations, so keep your gub closed aden!"

"Yeah, aden!" geoff said in a childish way.

"So, what exactly do you guys do when your out here?" miley asked

"Em... we usually go swimming or st and talk, and we always bring a barby, and....... well you know"

"Ewww, were in your little hook up zone, i hope thats not why yous guys asked us out here, were so not interested in foursomes or girlswap!" aden said

"UHH, aden dont be so revolting, i told you why i wanted you guys out here"

"Ok, well just dont get any idea's, keep your clothes on."

"I hear you wernt, bothered withnic being naked, that night roman got out of hospital?"

"Well, thats beacause we were both a mess, its all in the past!"

"You's two slept together? is there anyone you havent slept with in this town aden?"

"Ruby, you have slept with her," nicole replied

"Well, no im just kiddingm yeah i havent slept with ruby or charlie, or leah, or martha, or colleen oe irene, or rachel, or joey, so yeah, i havent slept with that many!"

"Here, aden, you forgot about someone! annie, please tell me you havnt slept with here?"

"Hmm.... wouldnt you like to know? Nah mate im only jokin! i have not slept with your sister."

"Good!! just mostly everyone else!"

"You can talk mate, you and your, "Im not sleeping with anyone until i get married!" then you go and sleep with nicole on the island, then break up with her, then get back together to figure out you cant resist her, then you break uo again and you go sleep with claudia, then you get back with nic and you havent stopped since!" aden laughed

"SO, i love nic! and all the rest of it was just, stupid and claudia was just seductive!"

"Fine, lets stop all this, mileys gonna think were some sort if creeps!"

"Too late" miley laughed.

"Do ya's want the barby now?" geoff asked

"Yeah, im stared!" miley said

"OK, aden you can help!"

"Ok, geoff thanx for askin!"

"Your welocme! mate"

Nicole and miley, walked off and let the boys, get the barbaque goin, "Do you fancy a swim?" nicole asked miley

"Yeah, why not"

The got out of theyre clothes into theyre bikini's.

"Wow, we can pick them mate"

"Tell, me about! talk about be lucky, nic'c gorgeous like!"

"Mileys clearly heaps nicer!"

"Ehhh, no! its clearly nicole!"

"Yeah, whatever mate!" aden said

The two boys continued to fight, while there girlfriends, got into the ocean and started swimming.

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Geoff and aden got the barbeque ready, they took off their shirts and jumped in the water, the swam up to the girlfriends, and played about in the water with them, Nicole and Miley began to splash Aden and Geoff, before running onto the beach with the boys not far behind them.

Nicole was runnig, she heard footsteps behind her, All of a sudden nicole was knocked to the gorund, and geoff, was holding her down.

"geoff, let me go!" nicole laughed

Geoff continued to hold his girlfriend on the gorund, he started to kiss her, and then he finally let her go.

Nicole got up and ran over to her bag, "who wants some tunes?"

"Well, not from your ipod! We'll get britney spears or the pussycat dolls!" aden laughed

"Whatever, aden, il just put some on anyway," nicole turned her ipod on and put it on shuffle, lady gaga started to play.

"Oh, i love this song!" miley said as she stood up and began to dance.

"Me too," nicole joined her.

Geoff and aden just sat their staring at the two girls. finall aden said "huh, this island even comes with entertainment!"

"as aden said that, Miley and nicole, began to dance, but sexy, they went to theri boyfrineds and st on their knees, and danced.

"Hmm.... lap dancing, where did you's learn that?" geoff said

The girls just kept dancing until the song was over, "Well, taht was fun nicole said!"

"Tell me about it!" aden said.

The girls looked at eachother, "Geoff, mate are you still alive?" aden asked and luaghed

"YEah! im fine!" geoff laughed

They all went over to where the food was cooking on the barbeque and they each lifted somehting to eat.

"These burgers are good!" miley said

"Of course there good, i cooked em!" aden replied

After they'd eaten and palyed around in the water for a bit longer, Nicole and geoff decided to leave.

"Feel free to come over here anytime you want!" nicole told aden and miley.

"Thanx, i think we might" miley returned

Geoff and nicole got back to the bay, the headed to the diner to see roman.

"Hey, dad, is it ok, if we just go home now?" nicole asked her father

"Yeah, thats ok, il not be home to late"

"Hmm.. why where ya goin?" nicole asked

"If youi must know im goin out with leah"

"Oh, very nice" nicole laughed as she walked out of the kitchen

"Bye roman," geoff called as they walked out of the diner

They got to romans hous eand they sat down on the sofa, there was a knock at the door.

Nicole answered the door, it was belle.

"Hey, is aden home?"

"Em, no hes out at the island"

"Oh, who with?"

"Miley," nicole said,

"Oh, are they seein each other now?" belle asked, she seemed sad.

"Yeah, kind of"

"Oh,ok well cya later!"

"Ok, il tell aden you called"

"Actually can you not?" belle asked

"Em, yeah, belle are you ok?"

"Yea, im fine, i just dont want to bother aden thats all"

"Ok, cya later

Nicole shut the door, did you sense something wrong with er or was it just me?"

"She's probably just, shocked that aden's moved on so quick!"

"Yeah probably" nicole said

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Aden and miley came back off the island.

"Thanx again nic, for letting us go out there, i know why you love it so much!"

"You're welcome, aden can i talk to you for a minute?"

"sure" aden and nicole walked through to the kitchen of romans house.

"Whats up?" aden questioned

"It's belle, she was round here earlier, she wanted to see you, but when she found out about miley, she told me not to say anything to you, i thought i should let you know!"

"yeah, thanx, em...... i might call round and see her later."

"Yea, good idea,"

they walked back into the living room, "Is everything ok?" miley asked

"Yeah, its fine!"

"Ok, good, listen im gonna head round to see rachel, catch you later!"

Aden threw his arms around miley, and kissed her, he finally let her go and she left.

"Im goin to go and see belle, see ya's later!"

"Ok, bye, good luck!"

Aden knocked on the door of irene's house, irene answered.

"Hi, is belle in?" aden asked

"Yea, dawl she's in her room,"

"Ok, can i see her?"

"I suppose so, just don't go upsetting her!"

"I won't i just want to talk to her,"

Aden knocked on belles bedroom door, Hey, can we talk?" aden asked

"Em, yeah what is it?" belle asked

"Are you ok?" aden asked

"What do you mean?"

"Nic, told me you called round, what was it?"

"I, it dosn't matter, you've moved on, i guess i just need to now,"

"Belle, im sorry things with us didnt work, i wanted them too, but we just hurt eachother too much!"

"Maybe it could, we amy have a past, but we can get htrough that!"

"No, belle, im with miley now, and i like it, its fresh, and who knows maybe it won't work, but i have to try, i want you to move on, i still love you and i always will, you were my first true love, and you'l always have a place in my heart, i love you belle." he kissed belle on the cheek.

A tear fell form belle's eye, "I love you too! And i guess il just have to let you go, but aden, just remember you'l always be in my heart, i can't let you go!"

"I know, belle im sorry,"

Aden left the house, he felt like his heart had just been ripped out and repleced with a false one.

He wanted to go back and kiss belle passionately, but he couldn't, he had miley, he wanted this to work.

He got back to the house where nicole was sitting alone, "Whats worng?" nicole asked aden, she could tell he was upset.

"I just lost the love of my life forever!"

"What happened?"

"I told belle, we could never be together, and its true, but i still love her!"

"What are ya goin to do?"

"Im goin to get on, my life is miley now, i can't keep pining over belle, we're over, for good this time!"

"You'l always feel something for belle, but you just have to get on, miley's good for you!"

"I know, she's great, im goin to go lay dowm for a bit, catch you later!"

"Ok, bye, im headin out to dinner with geoff,"

"Ok, bye!"

Later that day, Aden went out for a walk along the beach, he could see belle sitting on the beach with her camera, she was taking photo's of the veiw.

Aden want down and sat beside her, "Belle, i want us to be friends!"

"So, do i!" belle replied with a smile on her face.

Aden snatched th ecamera from belle, he began to take pictures of belle, then he turned the camera around and took picture's of himself.

"Aden, wise up, you might break it!" belle laughed

"Yeah right, im gorgeous!" adne laughed

"Come on give it back, "

"No, come on one more," aden pushed his lips out and made a sexy pose, he pushed the button on the camera and they flash went of, he turned the camera around and looked at the picture, "Wow, thats hot! If you sell that to a modelling agency dont forget to give me a cut of the cash!"

"A modelling agnecy, il sell it to australia's funniest animals!" belle laughed

"Oh, is that right?"


Aden lifted sand and threw it at belle, she responded with her own handfull, belle got up and ran along the beach, with aden not far behind, aden pushed belle to the ground and pinned her hands down. They looked into eachothers eye's and then aden released belle, "I better get going," belle said

"Ok, see you later" aden said


Belle walked up the beach, she passed miley, she didnt look at her, she just walked on.

Miley looked down the beach at aden, he sat on the sand and stared out to the sea.

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When belle got home, she went to her room, she looked at the photos aden had previously took of himself, he was right he was hot!

Aden left the beach and went to the diner, unaware that Miley ahd saw him and belle on the beach, unaware if belle's feelings at that very moment.

Aden walked to a table where geoff, nicole and miley were sitting, "Hey!"

"Hey, whereve ya been?" miley questioned

"Down on the beach!" aden answered

"Do you guys fancy goin to the island tonight? It ruby's birthday and i wanted to do something fo her?"

"Sure sounds good!" miley said "Whos gonna be there?" Miley asked

"Ruby, xav's, belle, mel, you, aden, geoff and me!" nicole answered

"OK, sounds good what time are you's goin?"

"Meeting at the wharf at 7:30, we have to get a boat!"

"Ok, well we'll meet you there, im gonna head, are you comin?" aden asked

"Yeah, see you guys later!" miley said as she walked out the dorr holding on to adens hand.

Miley was upset that Aden didnt tell her that he was with bell, infact she was upset he was with belle! But she had no right! theyr'e just friends afterall, Aden was with her!

Aden and miley got to the wharf that night, everyone was there apart from geoff and nicole, After half and hour had passed the couple finally arrived, "well finally! No prize for guessin what you's were doin!" aden laughed,

"Shut up!" nicole protested

"when they got to the island, Nicole put on music, geoff and aden started a fire and everyone was starting to enjoy themselves.

Geoff and nicole had sat down on the sand, nicole placed her lips on his, geoff put his hand on nicoles back. As they were enjoying the kiss, the felt sand be poured on top of them. The looked up to find aden and miley sittnig down beside them, after a few seconds everyone joined to make a circle.

"Don't you two ever get tired of makin out?" aden asked

"Nope!" nicole said

"Do you remeber the time with the game aden?" geoff asked

"What game?" adne asked

"Aden!" belle said

"Oh that game!" aden laughed

"Yeah that game!" geoff said

"We so would have won!" aden smirked

"In you dreams bubbleboy!" nicole laughed

"Right let sgo right now! Belle?"

"ADEN shutup! will ya?"

"Fine nic, coome on," geoff took hole of his girlfriends arm!"

"Aden, Geoff control yourselves!" nicole said

Allf our looked at each other and laughed, everyone else was a bit confused, "What game?"ruby asked

"Nothing! Just shush guys! no one needs to know! your fantasies!" belle giggled

"Who wants to play games?" nicole asked

Geoff, Aden and Belle laughed, "Guys dont be stupid i mean like dares or spin the bottle or something!" nicole replied

"i say dares!" mel said

"OK, geoff you first! Truth or dare?"

"Truth!" geoff said

"Ok, how many girls ahve you actually slept with?" aden said with a sly grin on his face.

"Emm.... two"

"Two?" aden questioned

"Yes two as in nicole and somebody else!" geoff said

"Are we gonna to get the other persons name?" miley asked

"Nope!" geoff said

"Geoff! Harsh!" mel said

"Well its my buisness!"

A hour had passed the friends were still playong dares, it came around to aden's turn again, "Ok dare!"

"Oh, aden! Ok, now everybody stand uo, im goin to need a blindfold." nicole said

"NO nic!"

"Yes aden! turn around" nicole put a blinfold on aden, "Everybody spread out, adens gonna find someone and plant one on them, if he comes near you, you have to let him kiss you!" nicole laughed

Aden turned a few times, he picked a direction, he started to walk until he found a body, he reached out and kissed the person! "Aden!" geoff screamed

"Not again!" aden said

Everyone was laughing so hard, "Aden, i think you like geoff, ok one more!" nicole said

Adne began to search again, finally he found someone, he put his lips to what he assumed was theres, when his lips touched he felt something, something he missed, the kiss was perfect, so tender, he held on for a few seconds, he wanted longer bu the knew he couldn't.

He reached up and took his blindfold of, he saw belle standing in fornt of him, deep down he knew it was her! He turned around

"Well that was fun! NOT! Why? why is it always geoff?"

"Cuz your drawn to me, im so sexy!" geoff chuckled

"Yeah thats it!" aden said sarchastically

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Finally im updating!! :) lol

hpe you enjoy it!! Hope i havn't left it too long! :S

"Mate, i think im gonna be sick!"

"Stop complaining!"

"I have the worst luck ever!"

"Hey!" Belle said

"I had to kiss geoff, you don't know how bad that is! Belle you were like a detox!" Everyoe laughed, everyone except Miley.

"Its not that bad, i do it everyday!"

"More like every second!"

"Just cause we like to show our love for eachother!"


"Anyway thanx belle, for being a clean out system, i feel a lil better!"

"Your welcome!" Belle said with a giggle

"Miley's jelousy built up inside of her, "Im tired!" she moaned

"Yeah guys i think we should wrap it up! Charlie'l be having a heart attack if im much later, than alot yous are great friends!"

Everyon grabbed their stuff and put it in the boat and headed home.

As Aden was headed home, he had thoughts going through his mind, thoughts he thought he would never have again. He was still in love with Belle, atleast he thought he was.

He thought his feelings where gone for her, but they wer'nt, he wanted nothing more than to kiss her again, he couldn't understand why these feelings where coming back all f a sudden, he seen her all the time.He was with Miley, he had moved on. Had he?

Was Miley just a distraction? He didn't want to hurt her! But he didn't want to lead he ron in a relationship that wasn't going anywhere.

Aden woke up in his bed the next day, the same feeings still in his brain, he couldn't about anything else, anyone else.

He went to the diner, He sat down at a table opposite Nicole.



"Whats up?"


"Are you ok?"

"Yes im fine Nicole!"

"Ok, im just asking!"

"Sorry, im just a little tired, i didn't sleep much"

"Oh ok, its fine, now are sure theres nothing wrong?"

"I, I'm in love with Belle!"

"What? Wow!"

"I know, i thought my feelings where gone but ever since last night, Well beofre that, ive been feeling this for a while now, i never really got over her!"

"What are you gonna do?"

"I dunno, i don't wanna hurt Miles!"

"are you gonna tell her?"

"Not just yet, i need to get my head straight, i think i need to talk to Belle, but i will tell her!"

"Ok, be careful"

"I will, i don't want to hurt anyone! Im goin to go for a walk! Il catch you later, thanx Nic!"

"Ok, bye! Your welcome," She didn't really know what he was thanking her for but a thanks is a thanks.

Aden was walking along the beach, he sat down and let the day pass him, he sat and stared out to the ocean for hours.

A body came and sat next to him, he didn't reallt awknologed it until it sat down beside him, "where've you been all day?"

"Sitting here"

"All day?"

"Yeah, pretty much"


"Ive just been thinkin"

"Oh, what about?"

"Miles i can't do this!"



"Whats wrong with you?"


"There clearly is!"

"I don't have to tell you every single detail of my life Miley!"

"Well that is the whole point of a relationship Aden!"

"i just need to be on my own, il find you later!"

Aden found himslf at the familar house, the window, he opened it an climbed in,

"ADEN! YOu scared the life out of me!"


"What are you doing here?"

"I love you!"


"I love you!"

"No, your with Miley Aden, we broke up a long time ago!"

"No, I love you, I can't help feel for you"

"But what about Miley?"

"I want you!"

Aden pressed his lips against Belles, h lay her back on the bed and contiuned to kiss her all over her body.

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The morning after,,

Aden found himself awaking in Belles bed, Belle was still sleepng at the side of him, He felt terrible, but great at the same time. He felt so good being with Belle, He loved her, But then he thought of miley, what thins would do to her, he had been using her to push away the feelings he still had for his ex lover, but now he had to tell her everything.

Belle woke, "Mornin" She grinned

"Mornin" Aden replied not as enthusiastically as Belle

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, im fine babe"

"Babe! I havnt been called that in so long! But really, Your not ok, I know how you must feel,"

"I feel awful Belle, But i feel so good aswell, I love you, But im betraying miley, Im gonna have to tell her asap."

"Il be there if you want?"

"Thanx babe, but i think this is something i need to do on my own"

"Yeah, I love you" Belle placed a soft kiss on Adens lips, "Im heading for a shower, wanna join me?" She said playfully

"Oh babe, Who wouldn't?" Aden said as he raced of the bed and they headed for the shower.

"Well that was........exhausting," Belle Said s she flapped down on the bed,

"Yeah i missed that, "

"Me too! Altough, you did have Miley, I had no-one!"

"Yeah, well, Your so much better."

"So you slept with her then?"

"Ahh yeah, its me Belle, " Aden laughed "But in all serious, i didnt just miss you for that, i really love you"

"I love you too, now get dressed!"

"Fine fine"

"Im heading to work, See you later" Belle placed a kiss on Adens cheek

"Bye babe!" Aden gave Belle a cheeky wink as he walked out of the door.

Aden was left in the room by himself, he got dressed abd sat down at her dressing table, he looked at all the pictures she had pinned up all around it, he was actually rather suprised she kept the up, ge looked at one of himslef and Belle with Geoff and Nicole on the island, he remebered that day, geoff stood on a jellyfish, and made a rather funny show for them all to laugh at, it was a good day, then there was one of Belle and Nicole, Ade thought back to when the two of them hated each other and how far along the had came with their friendship.

When Aden had finally finished looking at all the photos and reminissing all the memories, he grabbed his stuff and exited Belles room and into the sitting area, where to his horror he found Geoff and Nicole entering vis the back door.

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Em..... just Ah, gettin some stuff."

"You left your shoes here?" Geoff asked

"Err, Yeah"

"Did you stay here last night?" Nicole said with disbelief


"So why are you leaving Belle's room with your shoes off, and placing a towel in the wash basket?"

"I was looking for Belle"

"And what you made yourself comfy and did her laundry?"

"Fine, yea i stayed here,"

"I kenw it! I didnt here you come home last night, and you left really early, i though you were avoiding me!"

"No, no, why would i do that? I love our chats with you being nosey" Aden laughed

"Shut up! SO?"


"What happned last night? Are you and Belle? You know?"

"Wouldn't you like to know!"

"Aden! Yes i would, otherwise, i dont think id have asked you!"

"Maybe Aden dosn't want to tell you his private life! Right mate"

"Geoff shut up, So spill already!"

"Fine, yes me and Belle are back on, or maybe its just sex, i dunno!"

"What about Miley?"

"Well, im headin to talk to her now! I havnt a clue what im goin to say,"

"You'll find something, Good luck"

"Thanx guys, oh and you's have a free, house and the shower great for a quicky!"

"Aden! YOu did it in the shower that this entire house has to use! Lovely Mate, just lovely."


Aden headed to the diner, he was about to text Miley when he noticed her walk in the door.

She directed herself to where he was sitting t took a seat "You in a better mood?"

"Look, Miles im sorry, But we really need to talk,"

"I know"

"Do you wanna drink first?"

"Yeah a shake?"

"Ok," Aden walked to the counter, where Belle was he looked back and made sure Miley was spying on him, "Two shakes babe" he gave her a naughty wink

"Coming up, Il bring them over"

"No probs sexy"

"Will you keep your voice down, Colleen has ears like a bat!"

"Well, in about an hour or so, we won't have to keep are voices down." he winked as he left the counter and returuned to Miley

"So what was wrong with you yesterday?" she asked bluntly

"Look, Miley im really sorry but were not working out, I just, I dont want to hurt you, and i don't want to just lead you on"

"But, were good together, I really like you Aden, We can get through this."

"No Miley, im sorry we can't"

"But, why?" A tear fell form Mileys eye.

Belle walke from the kitchen to the table with their milkshakes, she placed them on the table and turned to walk away.

"Belle, wait" she turned around, Aden stood up and took her hand, "Im in love with Belle, Miles im sorry."

"What, No You's broke up! We were happy!"

"Miley im really sorry, i thought we were long over,but i love Aden!"

"I can't beleive you's two, how long have you's bee sneaking around behind my back?"

"We havnt, just last night"

"Oh so thats what was worng with you yesterday. You were hot for her, Your nothing but a tease, and you, You were just using me until sh decieded to take you back, You deserve each other." Miley left

"babe. Your not a tease, well maybe a little bit, but i love it!" Aden kissed Belle, the whole diner turned their eyes to them, Irene and Colleen came out formt the kitchen.

"I thought the broke up" Colleen said in a rather confused tone

"So did I" Irene replied

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Thanx to every1 who read this. This is gonna be the last chapter, Hope youve enjoyed it.

"So, do you's to wanna explain anything?" Irene asked

"What is there to explain?"

"Well, maybe when you's decided to give it another go and why?"

"Oh, Well last night i guess, We never stopped loving each other, Sorry i didnt tell you first, Aden wanted to tell Miley."

"Ok, Dawl, Dont worry, Just be happy."

"We are!"

"And Aden if you hurt her again, il come after you personally this time."

"Don't worry Irene, Il take good care of her."

"Ok, Dawl's, You's have a good day now,"

"We will, Were just headin to the beach, see ya later"


They lay on the beach side by side for wht felt forever, they were so peaceful, Happy and content.

While laying with their eyes shut they felt sand being kicked at them, "Geoff! had to ruin it didnt ya!"

"Sorry, Mate couldn't help myself."

"Well, what have we got here, I see you finally got back together" Nic said with a smile

"Yeah, Well what did you expect, it is us, how many times have we broke up and got back?"

"Good point, your almost as bad as us!"

"No one coul dbe as abd as yous two!"


"It true, Nic accept it."

"Well, thats what makes our relationship special, How Miley take it?"

"Not too well, I mean what do expect, I felt awful, But i love Belle"

"Aww, What are yas doin today?"

"Umm, Pretty much this,"

"Do you fancy coming round to mine for dinner?"

"You cooking?"

"Aden! Me cook? I was thinking take out?"

"Sounds good, As long as i don't have to eat something you made"

"Hey, im not that bad!"

"Ever remember food poising yourself, And ME!"

"Oh Well, i thought we'd Forgot about that?"

"How could i? I was chucking up for days!"

"It wasnt my fault! You wouldnt cook, i tried"

"Ok, lets get off this subject, shes gonna be my wife one day, I Hope she progressed!"

"I totally have!"

"Good, Right see yous later, say 7?"

"Yeah No probs, bye!"

Aden and Belle rmained on the beach for another hour or two before heading to get ready for dinner,

"Thank you!"

"What for?"

"Being you, I never thought i'd get another chance with you,"

"Babe, I'd be crazy not to give you another chance,"

"Your the bestest boyfriend ever!"

"I know"

They laughed and then shared a long passionate kiss.


There was a knock at the door, "Thats Aden and Belle, Can you get that?"

"Sure," Geoff made his way to the door, to find a tearful Miley.

"hey, Umm,"

"Can i come in?"

"Em, yeah?"

Nicole came from the kitchen "Miley?" She asked nervously "whats the matter?"

"Aden broke up with me, I loved him Nic"

"Oh, Miles, Don't worry theres more guys out there"

"Yeah but i loved Miley, he was my first"

"Your first time?"

"Yeah, and i really liked him, And Belle ahd to ruin it."

"Yeah, But Miley, they have alot of history, "

"Yeah, history its in the past,"

"They love each other."

"I love Aden"

Aden opened the door and walked in followed closely be Belle, "Miles?"

"Oh cosey couples dinner?"

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to Nic but apparently she has better things to do." Miley walked out of the house and swiftly up the path, Nicole ran after her,

"Miley, wait!"


"You have to understand the history between Aden and Belle, there like me and Geoff, thye split up and get back together alot."

"Just for make up sex?"

"NO! There in love"

"Whatever, i should have never came here,"

"Miley don't say that, You met a load of people and Made good friends"

"What like you? Aden? Belle? Yeah right, yous are al the same, Im goin home, Cya! have a good life! Tell the lovebirds i said choke on something!"

"Well how nice Miley, your nothing but a spoilt little city Girl."

"Excuse you, What are you then?"

"A spoilt little city girl, with manners, who can handle herself in tha bay!"

"What ever!"

Nicole returned to the house, "You manners? Who you trying to kid Nic?"

"Guess you heard then?"

"Yep, Thanx Nic!"

"For what?"

"For what you said,"

"Belle,Belle,Belle, thats whats friends are for."

"what you get to eat?"

"Aden i sall you think about food?"

"Ahh yeah!"

"Chinese and pizza"


"Aden your such a pig"

"Yeah, but you love me babe!"

"I know, Sometimes i hate myself for it"


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