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Mon, 13 Apr 09 – Episode # 4831

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Wedding Of The Year “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 13 Apr 09 – Episode # 4831]


Belle is worried bout what the town will think of her now, but Aden tries to give her some kind of perspective of this.

Martha enters and tells Belle tat Annie & Geoff staying at farm is a temporary solution. Belle insists tat she will sort things out.


Leah is by roman’s bedside when Rach approaches. Leah comments that that she was thing of stying by Roman’s side when they wedding is on – but Miles & Nic will be by Roman’s side whilst Leah is at the wedding.


Tony & Hugo are chatting when Gina, Xavier & Brendan arrive. Martha arrives soon after, and tells guinea tat she is more than welcome to join the girls at Leah’s place – where Rach is getting dressed etc for the wedding.

After Martha & Gina have hgomne, Hugo is looking for the shoe polish tat Tony had in his hand earlier. Brendan’s got to it – as has used it as face paint on himself. Xavier laughs.


Gina, Leah, Martha & Colleen help Rach get ready for the bug day.


In Belle’s room, Belle is worried that the whole town will be looking at her, judging her at the wedding. Aden downplays their opinions, before Adelle hug & kiss.

After Aden leves the room, Belle opens her clutch bag – there are pills in there. She looks kinda surprised that they are in there – but can’t do anything bout it as Annie enters the room. Annie apologises for “going off" at belle the way she did, rather that supporting belle like she should have. Indeed, Annie isn’t that keen on how Geoff is still behaving about belle. Belle insists tat they just have to let Geoff cool down.


After we see several pre wedding chat [ywen the likes of Tony & Alf, and Geoff & Claudia], the wedding cars arrive. Bridesmaids Leah & Marta exit the 1wt one, before bride Rachel get out of the 2nd limo. Rachel & Tony are so happy – and Tony pats her decently sized baby belly.

Things arenlkt so good in Brenda’s world. He is stressed and says “blue car” several times when he sees Leah. Xavier tire to calm him – and Gina is very curious about what’s happening.

In morn pre wed moments, Colleen comets to Alf bout how happy she is for Rachel & Tony, but how distressing the roman situation is, and that this brings back memories of Jack.

Alf goes over top Belle – and asks her how she is. She sys tat she has thing under control.

Annie sits next to Xavier under the marque and after they chat for a bit, Gina wonders why Brendan is acting the way he is. Xavier explains that Brendan was saying silly tigs after Roman’s incident, so Xavier told him that it was a secret.

Before Gina gets chance to continue with this, its time for the ceremony. Rachel & Tony walk up the aisle together and when they reach the celebrant they are flanked by the bridesmaids & best men [Leah, Martha, Hugo, and Alf].

Rachel & Tony beautifully say their vows and exchange rings etc. colleen isn’t impressed when Brenda then says that they can now have cake.

Tony looks concerned when the celebrant say tat Rachel would like to say a few words. Rachel tells everyone that she her 1st date with Tony, she’s been totally swept away and looks fwd to having theory bay and being with Tony forever. After the celebrant “suggest” they can, Rach & tiny seal the weding with a kiss !!!!!

After the ceremony, Xavier takes the stressed brand an aside, trying to keep him quiet bout the blue car. When Hugo approached, Xavier says tat Brendan is just stressed as he wants cake,

Nearby, Alf introduces the newly wed couple.

Also, VJ is looking for a pen. Aden suggests in Belle’s bag – and when Aden looks in there, he sees tah pills. He confronts Belle – but doesn’t want to her any of her excuses. After Aden walks away, Belle takes some of those pills, washing them down with some champagne!!!!! At this pointy, the nearby Geoff looks at Belle disdainfully.


Xavier & Brendan enter and Brendan is still uber stressed bout what’s happened. Xavier tries top get him to0 understand that others won’t understand what’s occurred. Gina enters – and “suggests” tax aver tells her everything that’s happened.


At tee wedding reception, Leah & VJ are dance together, and so are Hugo & Martha. After Martha makes a comment, Hugo tells jer that Jack would be so proud of what she’s doing -= the farm, everything.

Its time for Rach to throw the bouquet, but as she prepare to do so, Belle is soooo woozy. Indeed, as Rach throws the bocquet, Belle collapses!!!!!!!!!!



Hugo tells Xavier that they can't go to the ;police now bout what’s happened – as the police will “crucify” them

Rachel does CPR on Belle at the wedding venue – and Nic tells Aden that Belle OD’d

Roman wakes – but says tat he can’t see!!!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: ivory wide strap low cut v neck wedding dress


Annie: orange thin strap knee dress


Belle: black wide v shaped straps knee dress


Aden: black [black silhouette of a guy on grey background] t

Aden: dark suit/dark button up shirt

Alf: dark suit/white button up shirt/electric blue tie

Belle: white [black & red rockband? motif] t/

Brendan: dark suit/yellow button up shirt/yellow [dark check] tie

Brendan: green [white stars] t

Celebrant: write blouse/white top/dark long skirt

Claudia: white elbow sleeves blouse

Colleen: red long sleeve top/red fascinator

Geoff: dark suit./white button up shirt/blue tie

Gina: dark grey top/dark long pants

Gina: light pink blouse/balck top

Hugo: dark suit./white button up shirt/electric blue tie

Hugo: white [black eagle motif] t/olive green shorts

Leah: black wide strap top

Leah: electric blue halter neck long dress

Leah: yellow [white diamond] knee dress

Martha: electric blue halter neck long dress

Martha: dark [yellow trim] thin strap top/white shorts

Martha: light blue thing strap top/denim shorts

Rachel: white [red & yellow floral] wide strap top/dark shorts

Rachel: whity bath robe

Tony: dark suit./white button up shirt/silver tie

Tony: white & brown & tan t

VJ: white long sleeve button up shirt

Xavier: dark suit/dark blue button up shirt

Xavier: red [white “85”] t/

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