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Internet Puzzles

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Does anyone else feel puzzled sometimes by what happens on the internet? For instance, my fics posted on here are also posted on fanfiction.net and fanfic.net records all activity on stories for that particular month. So I know that one day someone read 24 of the 27 chapters of Sally Called! ...but they never came back to read the last three chapters. Why? :unsure:

And over the last few days someone from the USA has read the first chapter of promises to keep ELEVEN times (but NO other chapters :blink: ) while visitors from Australia, Ireland and UK have all read the first chapter once. Are they all in contact with each other or something? :unsure: It’s a story I finished about three years back so it’s not as if it’s on the first page of the site now, they would’ve actually had to go scrawl through several pages to search for it. Maybe the person who read Sally Called! had already read the last three chapters on this site so that would explain one mystery, but I'm baffled about the first chapter of ptk! :blink:

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