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Fri, 10 Apr 09 – Episode # 4830

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Fun Things To Do With Glue & Bubblegum "

[screened in Australia on Fri, 10 Apr 09 – Episode # 4830]


Rachel has a wedding dress on, but she tells Martha ta she don't rally like this one. Rahel also comments tat it doesn't feel right to be get married right now.

Tony entrees the room and quickly tums around - because of the wed dress. Rachel tells him that its not bad luck as she is gong t go with another one anyway.


Adelle are in her bed. anther can sleep - incl Belle commenting that Aden;s thinking is keeping her awake.


Geoff encounters Nicole. he is looking for Annie. she hasn't see Annie.

talk turns to roman. Nic is worried that he may never recover. they hug - which Nic rally likes.


Annie enters and Aden & esp. Belle express that concerns that she went out without telling them. Annie insist tat she just had to go for e walk - and makes a sarcastic remark bout Belle being so responsible. Annie goes upstairs and Adelle aren't quite sure what;s happening with her.


next day, Martha arrive, and a teen girl called Claudia introduces herself, she is here for the farm hand job. Martha says that she was expecting a guy, and someone older, but agrees to give Claudia trail run today.


Adelle are talking in the kitchen where Alf & Geoff arrives. Geoff wonders if Annie would like to help on farm today, but she's already got plans

after they bail, Belle is rather surprised when Annie makes more sarcastic remarks before bailing. Belle is worry bout Annie - as this isn't like her,


Annie tells jai bout Belle's problem, when jai tries to tell Anni that maybe there;s a reason Belle hasn't told Annie. Annie insist tat there;s no reason for ppl to lie like that.


Annie confronts Belle bout her addiction. Belle tries to make her understand how it happened, but Anni doesn't want to know. she bails,


Alf & Geoff unload the marquee for Alf;s Ute - with Geoff commenting that its to go close to the house.

Martha &* Claudia approach - and both Geoff & Claudia are pleased that they've run into an old primary school friend. indeed, whilst Claudia comments tat Geoff used to like eating glue, Geoff fires back with a comment bout Claudia constantly having bubblegum in her hair.

Rach & tony arrive and after Martha makes a comet bout how coool it is that the wedding is tomorrow, you can see that Rcahel don't look so sure.


in the kitchen, Belle tells Aden that she hopes ta ht Annie doesn't blab to everyone bout her problem.

Nic enters, and tells Bell that she know that Anni knows bout her addiction,s because of comments tat Annie just mad e to Nic. Nic suggest that Annie should tell Geoff herself - as Annie won't break it too him gently.


Rachel tries to help with the wedding preparing, but Alf & Tony suggest ta she should not b in her [preggers] condition.

Geoff & Claudia are chatting when a taxis pull up in the property. Claudia wonders who catches cabs out her - and no real surprise the Nic exits the cab.

Nic insist tat she and Geoff have to talk - and she tells him bout Belle';s addiction [and how it happened]. Geoff is most annoyed tat Nic has know for ages without tell him. Nic i keen to go back to thn bay with Alf & Geoff, but Alf insist st his ut only take 2.


Geoff launch into a verbal attack on Belle' - about how irresponsible she is. both Aden & Annie try to keep the pa but it isn't happening. Geoff insist to Annie that they are moving out of the beach House - and when they've bailed, Aden try to comfort Belle.


Nic talks to Martha bout how great Geoff has been lately,. she wishes that they could;d get back together, but she is worry bout Claudia. Martha insists tat Claudia isn't her with Geoff - she;ls a trial farm hand.

Rachel goes into the marque - and moments after she does, the place is bathed in red-pink light. Rach is overwhelmed bout how great this place looks. tony enters and comment tat that he was wanting the t b a surprise for morrow. Rach tells him that she was feeling uneasy bout the wedding, until now. Tony thanks that's great - as there is no way that they aren't get married morrow.

near the house, Alf tells Geoff ta ht he rally shouldn't kick Belle whilst she is down, but when Martha, Rahel & tony wonders what;s going on, Geoff doesn't;lt hold back with telling them bout Belle's addiction.


Belle try to stop Annie form leaving, but Annie isn't having anything to do with her. Annie bails.

moment later, Rachel enters - and isn't keen that Belle is trying to do this [get of the drugs] all by herself. Rah insists tat if she suspects anything dodgy [re drugs] from Belle in future, she will report here. Belle fire back with a sarcastic "haven't you got a wedding to organise". Rahel bails.


Geoff & Nc talk bout what's happened. whilst Nic insist ta ht she should have told Geoff, he insist tat he shouldn't have gone off at her like that. Nic is kn o talk over diner, but Geoff say that h & Anni are saying her tonight. Nic doesn't look that impressed when Geoff goes overt to claudia - after she comments to him bout grabbing some sleeping bags form her place.


Belle enters, and angrily throw a chair across the room. she then sinks the ground and is totally in tears.



Rach & Tony get married

Belle collapses at the wedding - after taking pills and champagne

Gina tells Xavier ta she knows that he is hading something

Roman tells Rach etc tat he can't SEE !!!

Ruby exclaims to Charlie "you are not gay"

Joey tells Charlie "you broke my heart" - Charlie's response "I broke mine as well"

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel : ivory strapless [maroon band at the waist] wedding dress


Nic : white thin strap [red floral] knee dress


Jai : pink & white horiz striped t/dark long pants


Aden : dark shorts

Aden : black [black silhouette of a guy on grey background] t

Aden : dark singlet/dark long pants

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Annie: light blue [white check] t/denim jeans

Annie : grey [yellow duck] t/dark long pants

Belle: dark singlet top/grey PJ long pants

Belle : white [black & red rockband? motif] t/

Claudia : apple green long sleeve blouse/brown wide brim hat/denim shorts

Geoff : whiye [grey diag stripes] t/dark long pants

Geoff : white singlet/olive green shorts

Martha : yellow scoop top/denim jeans

Martha : light blue thing strap top/denim shorts

Nicole : black wide strap top

Rachel : white [red & yellow floral] wide strap top/dark shorts

Tony : red t

Tony : blue t/olive green shorts

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