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WHO's Most Beautiful People

Guest Jen

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WHO's Most Beautiful People Issue

Kate Richie, Lara Bingle and Jessica Mauboy

Thu Apr 9

After furious debate in the WHO office, we agreed on three gorgeous locals who are leading their fields to grace the cover of our annual Most Beautiful People issue. Kate Richie, 30, is a Logie-winning actress and Nova radio host, Jessica Mauboy, 19, is a chart-topping singer and Lara Bingle is an all-round glamazon. Each has their own take on beauty. For Kate Ritchie, "Feeling beautiful is about feeling loved," while for Lara Bingle, 21, her mother embodies beauty "for her courage and spirit." Jessica Mauboy is proud of her enviable curves: "Sensual – I love that."

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Celebrity Interviews

Kate Ritchie: WHO's Most Beautiful People Cover Girl

Apr 09 10:40am

What's your most beautiful memory?

My most recent beautiful memory was just a couple of weekends ago, when my boyfriend and I went and spent the weekend at a friend's house in the country. The house was right on the headland and when we opened them up the sun streamed through, and that's what we woke up to. It was golden, and just so beautiful. Also had something to do with who I was there with I guess!

When do you feel beautiful?

It's not always when you're wearing a pretty frock and have spent hours in make-up - it's almost the opposite sometimes. Feeling beautiful is about feeling loved, so for me that would be when I don't have an ounce of make-up on, and I get out of the shower and my boyfriend [NRL player Stuart Webb] wraps a towel around me and says that's exactly what I am. That's a beautiful feeling, rather than something beautiful you can see.

Who do you find beautiful?

People that I find beautiful are the people that are confident. I find confidence quite beautiful because it shines through, somebody who can walk into a room and hold their own is beautiful to me. Someone like Sarah Murdoch, obviously very physically beautiful but she also seems so comfortable in her own skin. I'm in awe of her, beyond just the physical aspect.

To see Kate Ritchie's stunning photo shoot with Jessica Mauboy and Lara Bingle, along with WHO's 100 most beautiful people, pick up a copy of this week's WHO magazine, on sale April 6.


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