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Fri, 3 Apr 09 – Episode # 4825

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Sailing Away “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 3 Apr 09 – Episode # 4825]


Lou &* Irene are on his yacht “eagle rock”. She thinks it’s a great surprise, but Is concerned that he is still married. Lou insists tat he would have got divorced ages ago – but Donna is being waaaaaaaaay unreasonable.


Roman comments to Leah bout how Belle’s made a few mistakes as she’s worked at te diner today.

Nicole enters the kitchen, and she insists tat she is totally coolly bout Leah/Roman – and they invite her to dinner at Leah’s tonight.

Belle enters the kitchen and goes to the store room. Nic goes after her. Belle soo isn’t pleased what Nic blabbed to Aden bout the drugs. Nic is then worried when Belle insists tat she is going to beat this drug problem on her own.

Nic walks away – but before she exist that diner, she encounters Tray who tells her tat she could be with him. That so “helps” Nic’s mood.


Annie tells Geoff tat she thinks tat Adelle are on the rocks [so to speak].

Belle enters and when she goes to the fridge she sees a packet of paracetamol tablets nearby. She resists them 0- heading quickly to her room instead. Annie suggest that what Belle’s just done back up her theory, but Geoff sugge4ts that maybe belle is just tried.


Next day, Kirsty enters the main room, where Miles has made a rather fancy breakfast for the two of them.

Kirsty thanks Miles – buts he is worried bout trey, ie ppl believing his side of things over her, as Kirsty always seem to have bad luck.

Leah enters – and invites Miles & Kirsty to the dinner that she is having at her place tonight. Miles is all for it, but Kirsty isn’t so keen.


Annie is intrigued when Irene is ken to speak to Belle alone – buts Irene insists tat Annie will find out what’s going on soon enough. Irene wonders if belle wants to go for a walk – and belle says tat that [a walk] will do her good.


Irene tells Belle bout Lou’s offer – and admits tat it will be a good way to get to know each other. Belle insists tat Irene should go sailing with Lou. Irene [as they hug] tells Belle tat she is such a good kid [for looking after Annie & Geoff whilst Irene is away etc]


Kirsty & Nic talk. Kirsty tell Nic tat she isn’t so ken to go to dinner tonight because of the whole trey thing. Kirsty seem intrigued when Nic tells her tat trey tried to “hit on” Nic in similar circumstance previously.


Belle asks Alf, on Irene’s behalf, To be down at the wharf later.

As Belle bails, Nic commits tat she looks like death warmed up. When Nic wonders if Belle has told Irene bout her drug problem, Belle say tat she was going to – but she just couldn’t let Irene knock back this trip of a life time with Lou.


Annie talks to Geoff – she thanks it’s all very romantic that Irene is sailing away with Lou.

Annie also clearly strikes a nerve with she comments about her thought that things don’t appear to be so brilliant between Adelle at the moment.


Roman is teaching VJ how to play poker – but they “gambling” bits of vegetables rather than money.

Roman tells VJ & Leah tat he has to bail – but VJ is plead when Roman say stat he will be back later today. Leah is very pleased that VJ likes hanging out with Roman


Geoff enters – to get some supplies for Irene. Nic sess him and they has an uneasy chat – including Geoff insisting that he won’t be changing his mind bout quitting as school captain.

Trey enters, and Geoff REALLY takes offence at trey sang the he’s not worried that Nic knocked him back now, since he’s been with Kirsty. Indeed, Geoff grabs trey and “suggests” that he will intentionally punch trey this time. Trey bails – and Nic looks impressed etc by what’s just happened.


Alf & Irene are on Lou’s yacht. He wonders if he could tag along [jokingly of course]. Irene is worried bout leaving everyone behind – esp. With Kirsty & tery ting, but Alf insist tat she deserves this.

Irene is please to see Lou & Kirsty get aboard the boat. Kirsty has some “essentials” form Irene – like gossip mags etc.

Kirsty is worried bout the whole try thing – but Irene points out t her that Kristy’s tough enough since she’s been through so much on her life [so a moron like trey shouldn’t be an issue].


Nic tells Roman that she wishes Geoff had been more rebellious etc when they were going out – or like that way he acted when he confronted trey earlier today.

They then talk about the dinner at; Leah’s tonight – and Nic quickly comets tat it’s clearly a “blend the family” gathering. She is concerned that Leah hasn’t told VJ bout Leah/roman as yet.


Leah sound very happy when VJ says that he likes Roman [as he’s taught him poker and even cooking]. When Leah suggest tat there of them [roman. Leah, VJ] should go camping together, VJ isn’t so keen.

Leah then wonders what VJ thinks of Roman compare to George [speed date guy]. VJ muchiy prefers roman – as Leah isn’t going out with roman, and the roman is VJ’s friend, not Leah’s.

The phone rings – and Leah is pleased when Kirsty say that she will come to diner tonight after all.


Irene & Lou say that goodbyes to everyone that is at the farewell [belle, annie, Kirsty, miles, Geoff]. Before they set sail, Geoff [jokingly or otherwise, wonders if they need a deckhand for the trip].

As the yacht head away form the wharf we see Donna arrive]. She looks annoyed – and you have to wonder just what she will do next.


Its night time, and on back patio, Leah comets to Kirsty and Miles out how happy Kirsty seem now. Kirsty commsnts tat she is basking in the glow of Irene’s happiness.

Leah goes into the kitchen, and she tells Roman that she’s not told VJ as yet bout their ‘ship.

Leah & roman then overheard Nic & VJ talking in the lounge. VJ is NOT happy when Nic commsnts bout Leah/Roman. VJ tells Leah that he HATES her – whilst Nic insist tat she didn’t know that VJ hadn’t been told.


After Anni & Geoff enters, Geoff kinda jokes bout throwing a wild party here now that Irene is way. Annie thinks that that isn’t very school captain like. He says that he’s an ex school captain, but she commsnts that once a school captain, also a school captain.

They then wonder about Belle – who’s already gone to bed.

In belle’s room, Belle is indeed in bed – trying to sleep, but going cold turkey cause her to vomit a number of times.



Charlie tells Joey tat she [Joey] can’t pretend to be some one she is not – joey’s response “why not? You are”

Aden tells Annie tat she’ll have to contact someone else – when she calls him when Belle is ill

Sounds like Xavier is out with Ruby when he shouldn’t be

A slingshot is found is Trey’s house – after a rock is hurled at the windscreen a car that Roman & Leah are travelling in

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: royal blue thin strap knee dress


Nicole: purple thin strap top/dark track pants/dark [purple collar] jacket


Annie: light pink [purple near the very top] knee dress


Alf: orange [green check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Annie: red t

Belle: black [with trim & love hearts] knee dress

Belle: black singlet top/grey PJ long pants

Belle: grey/balk knee skirt

Donna Debono: mustard top/ white long pants

Geoff: grey t/denim shorts

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t

Irene: black [white rope] top/white long pants/white sun visor

Irene: red scoop top/dark long pants

Kristy: black [white lace trim]top

Kirsty: mustard top

Kirsty: white dressing gown

Kirsty: black singlet top

Leah: red singlet top/dark long pants

Leah: white [raised white pebbles near top] dress

Lou: white cap/white [apple green & black horiz stripes] polo shirt

Lou: grey polo/dark long pants

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t/dark long pants

Miles: white long sleeve button up shirt

Nicole: aqua & white knee dress

Nicole: blue [gold on bust] thins strap top/dark long pants

Roman: dark button up shirt

Roman: grey t

Roman: white “the harbinger” t/dark long pants

Trey: red [white Olympics motifs] t

Trey: white [black tee of a long haired girl] t

VJ: red t

VJ: green [dark green “shock mix”] t

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