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Thurs, 2 Apr 09 – Episode # 4824

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s MY Vision, Not Yours “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 2 Apr 09 – Episode # 4824]


Belle is very pleased that Aden has her necklace – as she tells her that she lost it on the beach. She goes to her bag to give him some money – but but she that bag, tips out h contacts and finds pill bottles in there.

Aden goes into Belle’s room and looks for her stash. All the while Belle insists that she doesn’t keno what he I talking about. Aden throw thee bottle against a cupboard and he vehemently tells Belle that she should stop lying to him. Aden bails.


Aden looks as though he is deep oin thought – wondering what to do next.


Geoff talks to mat no stop bout things to go with the farm, but she insists that he should be heading for home.


Belle is siting on the floor of her room, near what’s left of the pill bottles. She is sobbing. Annie, in corridor, wonders if Belle needs any help. Belle says that she doesn’t.

Annie goes into the kitchen and moments later, Geoff ents the house. He is really enthused bout the farm – and “suggests” that Annie should come and help morrow. Annie isn’t so keen – but she eventually agrees.


Next day, Tony runs out of the surf with surfboard udder his arm. He sees Irene and they start to chat. Tony wonder what’s happening tween Lou and Irene and Irene tell hi tat they are over.

Talk turns to Tony & Rachel’s decision to get married on the farm. This leads to Irene agreeing to help out at te farm today.


In the main room, Annie talk to Geoff about how she thanks that Lou & Irene should be together. She also thinks that Geoff is all gung ho bout the farm as a way of distracting himself – to not think of Nicole.

Martha arrives – and Annie & Geoff bail with her.

In her room, Belle looks at THAT necklace, befeo she phones Aden. She leaves another msg on his phone.


Gibbsy notices that Aden is VERY distracted as he worked on the trawler, i.e. Aden is working with a grinder, but Gibbsy has to point out to him that the connecting tween the 2 power cords is in the water that he spilled on tto the deck of the boat. Aden – after looking oat his phone, asks Gibbsy how long before the get back top the wharf and finish work – Gibbsy says about an hour.


Belle is please to see Aden when he enters the house. He says that he go all 4 of her messages.

Aden asks Belle to tell her how her drug problem happened.


Colleen is in the kitchen and isn’t too pleased that Annie is kinda giving her hurry up bout the hamper for the farm today. Colleen doenl;t like that she’s on her own here since everyone seem to he helping Martha .

Annie goes into the main area, and Lou tells her that he is keen to speak to Irene. Annie tells him that she cant tell him that – its not her place to day etc.


Belle tells Aden evryt8ing that happened with her drug problem – incl that buying drugs for Frey wasn’t for a story for the paper and that she got fired for the paper became Paula found lotsa pills in her drawer at work. Not – throughout the explanation, Belle is holding back tears, and the camera work is impressive, i.e. close ups of things like that left sight of Belle’s face and her mouth at other time etc. really well done.

Belle insists that the hardest things duong all of this was keeping her problem form and, but he comments tat she’s seemed like a zombie fore a while now.


Tony & Alf chat as they work.

Elsewhere, Geoff insists to Martha that they’ll need better wire for the fences of they are to gave livestock here again.

On the veranda of the house, Annie talks to Irene. She says tat she ran into Lou who still seemed keen on Irene. Annie also comments tat Irene’s not been herself lately.


Belle flushes the last of her stash down the toilet.


Alf, Tony, Irene & Martha are relaxing on tebh veranda of the house – and all are concerted bout how gung ho Geoff is about this place.

Moments later, Geoff arrive he’s cut his hand, and is kinda blaming Annie for not geeing him better gloves when he eked for them.

A four wheel drives pulls up near the house. Irene recognises that its Lou’s after he gusts out of car. He is keen to speck to Irene, but she's not so keen on the idea. Lou insists that he has somet9ihng to show Irene – that might change her mind bout things.


Belle goes onto the back patio where she sees Aden. She is VERY please when he say tat he isn’t braking up with her. He however does tell her that he cant be buy her side as she gives up the drugs – since he want thought that with his alcoholic dad. Belle is VERY pleased once more when Aden say tat he will definitely be there of her when it’s all over [when she’s totally over the drugs]. they hug


Geoff talk bout all livestock et again with Martha as he talks bout the farm. She finally confronts him – acting tat she has NO intention to have sheep etc on the property, and that just because the things tat Geoff has tried since he left tat farm haven’t works, that doesn't mean tat he should regress. Martha is pleased when Geoff admits tat he is only joking when he says that he could cancel tat cattle that he has on order.


Lou shows Irene a yacht tat he owns – a very impressive yacht it is too. Lou tells Irene tat he is keen for the two of them to sail way together for a while.



Sound like VJ isn’t to keen on Leah/Roman

Geoff is aggressive towards Trey – and Nicole wishes that Geoff had show that kind of spirit when they were together

Nicole can’t believe that Belle is trying to stop taking pills without any help

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: baby pink [red lining, and a single strawberry motif] singlet top/white [red hearts] PJ long pants


Irene: red polo/red sun visor/dark long pants


Belle: grey [black deer] t


Aden: black singlet/dark long pants

Aden: red t

Aden: white singlet/dark long pants

Alf: green [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Annie: grey [yellow rainbow like motif] t/light bleu shorts

Belle: black singlet top/grey long pants

Belle: white [black cartoon bride & groom] t/dark long pants

Colleen: light blue [dark blue floral] blouse/red top/dark blue long pants

Don Gibson: red polo

Geoff “dark singlet/denim jeans

Geoff: olive green singlet/denim jeans

Irene: red scoop top/dark long pants

Lou: grey polo/dark long pants

Martha: grey singlet top/denim shorts

Martha: red singlet top/denim shorts

Tony: black [white diag stripes] shorts

Tony: brown [white “Nike”] t/dark shorts

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