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11 hours ago, Theo said:

I'm used to seeing only indoor scenes of Northern Districts Hospital, and the locations section on the website only shows externals up to 2010, but in Friday night's episode they showed a couple of new shots.

Image of new Northern Districts Hospital

Is this a new stock photo or have I just missed it before? 🙂

Yes they were indeed new stock shots 🙂

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I really feel that now they seem to just concentrate on filming in palm beach the illusion of summer bay is lost. Feels just like palm beach, I miss claireville, fisherman’s beach, mccarrs creek,  the beach where the boat shed was etc. All those place together added up to the bay. 

Its rare for them to even film on the other side of palm beach by the pool. Have they just got lazy? Lol

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On 14/10/2019 at 21:04, Blaxland 89 said:

Do we know where Stacey’s house flat was filmed. It looks liked by the sea. Appears in episode 427

We sure do 🙂 The frontage has changed quite considerably, but it's still the same house.


(thanks to @QUIET ACHIEVER for the pics)

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