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Tues, 31 Mar 09 – Episode # 4822

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Kiss “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 31 Mar 09 – Episode # 4822]


Kristy talks to Alf & Miles. She is worried that she can’t proof that noting happened – as she & trey always studied one on one. Kristy is concerned when Alf suggest tat she should maybe get a lawyer. Jai overhearers all of this.


Charlie enters Ruby’s bedroom, and Ruby, in bed, is keen to her bout her date with Hugo. Since Charlie isn't really saying anything about it, Ruby kinda tease her, eg she tells Charlie tat she’ll [Charlie][ be dreaming of Hugo tonight.


Next day, Jai & Xavier talk bout kirsty’s troubles. Hugo doesn’t appreciate it that Brendan is copying Xavier & jai after they’ve said things like looser & jerk [bout trey],

Xavier has top correct Hugo in tee way that he’s packed Brendan’s backpack before Brendan, Xavier & Jai bail.


Ruby & Charlie talk bout how Joey is sleeping in. Charlie gats a phone call – its sound very important.


Charlie & Watson, along with other police and ambulance officers, are at the scene of a hit & run. Charlie, upon seeing that the victim is Tanya [who Robbo attacked previously], thinks that this wasn't an accident.


Charlie realises that she messed up a bit yesterday – the AVO paperwork she was handed about Robbo wasn’t Joey’s – it was form Tanya.


Joey exits her family home. She is being watched by Robbo, who gets in a car and begins to follow her [Joey is in foot, btw]. Aden sees this form on the trawler, which is out to sea a bit.


Charlie enters and when Ruby says tat she’s not spoken to Joey today, Charlie foes into joeys room., she finds a note – saying that last night was a thank you dinner and that its time Joey stood on her own 2 feet.

Charlie urges ruby to call her if she sees Joey. Charlie bails.


Watson tells Charlie that there is no sign of damage [from a hit & run] on Robbo’s car. Charlie asks Watson to investigate all the stolen cars of ;late in the area. Watson is a tad surprised when Charlie says tat joeys was staying at ;Leah’s place – but she’s now gone.

Aden enters and tells Charlie that he saw Joey being followed by Robbo.


Martin insist to Mils that he has to do this kirsty’s – trey thing by the book, and he thinks that Miles isn’t exactly unbiased when it come to this matter.

Colleen doesn’t help when she communists that there wren rumours by Kirsty & trey seeing each other doing t hounds last week.


Kirsty see try, and is WAAAAAAAAY rialled when he says that she already has a bad reputation. Trey’s dad sees kirsty’s manhandling trey -0 and insist tat he is getting a lawyer. When trey & dad are gone, Alf “suggest” to kirsty that what she’s just done want too bright.


Ruby, jai, Brendan & Xavier are walking along when Brendan has a bad reaction to a nearby blue car. Xavier calms Brendan, whilst jai, upon seeing trey nearby, confronts him. Trey insist she jai to leave him alone – and he pushes Jai the ground.

Note – given the trey is being as annoying as Aden was when he 1st started on the show, I’m hoping the Trey doesn’t become a main cart member [for the time being anyway].


Joey ascends some starers before entering her room. Robbo is there waiting for her. He grabs her.

Soon after, Joey is bound & gagged on the bed. Robbo picks her up & puts her Ober his shoulders. As he caries Joey, Robbo commits that its bath time.


Charlie speaks to Bret, who comments that he did notice that things were missing from home today. Bret takes offence at Charlie blaming him for what happened – but Charlie passionately insists that how could Bret believe that guy that raped Joey instead of Joey.

Watson enters the room – Joey’s credit card was use to book a room of a nearby hotel. Charlie & Watson bail.


Martin tell kirsty, Alf *& miles that trey’s parents have hired a lawyer. Martin “suggests” that kirsty should stay way form trey.

As they talk, jai enters, and when Martin leaves the house, Miles seem t take note of jay’s quietness.


Robbo is ruing a bath. There’s lots of water in tub already when he puts Joey in there, and hold her head under.

The Charlie led police ascend the stairs. Joey isn't in her room, but they find Robbo & Joey in the bathroom. Robbo runs, and Watson & a male cop capture & ‘cuff hum, whilst Charlie removes the tape eytc form Joey’s mouth.


Xavier isn’t too keen when Hugo tell him, tat he [Hugo] is helping Martha on tee farm morrow – meaning the Xavier will have to look after Brendan again.

Ruby has to distract Brendan when he is worried bout Hugo & Xavier [verbally fighting] – this was after Hugo dinlt separate Brendan’s vegetables and Xavier accused Hugo of not even trying.


As 2 male officers take the handcuffed Robbo to the cells, Charlie can’t help commenting to Robbo that he was captured by a woman.

Charlie is then VERY annoyed when Watson tells her that Joey has left bte station. Charlie bails.


Charlie talks to Joey. Who has no real idea where she is going to next? Joey does know tat she can’t be around Charlie – as it’s just too heard [to be that close you are interested in]. Charlie tells Joey that she has always been into guys, but that she’s never felt thiols way before.

Charlie then kisses Joey!!!!!!!!!!!



Martha, Rachel & Tony see Leah & Roman kissing on Martha’s farm

Looks like Belle exchanges that necklace Aden gave her for junkie tools baby

Sounds like Nicole is going to tell Aden bout Belle’s drug problem

Joey tell Charlie “I’m in love with you”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Joey: blue t/black vest/dark long pants


Charlie: purple knee spandex


Ruby: brown singlet top/white [green jungle like patterns] knee length skirt


Aden: black singlet/dark long pants

Alf: “SBH tartan” button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: light blue [green check] button up shirt

Brendan: yellow [brown tropical motifs] shorts/green [yellow “juice“] t

Brett: brown t

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap

Colleen: cream [pink floral] blouse

Hugo: light blue t/denim jeans

Jai: blue [not pink * yellow triangles] t

Jai: yellow [black cots] t

Kirsty: black singlet top/rd jacket

Kirsty: red t

Kirsty: yellow t/dark long pants

Martin: green button up shirt

Miles: white [red & blue unknown motif] t

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/white [green & orange rainbow] t

Robbo: white [green & red check] flannelette shirt/black t/dark long pants

Ruby: white singlet top/ grey [brown floral] PJ long pants

Tanya: not pink singlet top

Trey: black [white circles]] t/dark shorts

Trey’s dad: blue button up shirt

Watson: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap/fluro yellow “police” vest

Xavier: Red [white “85”] t/black [white daig stripe on right leg] shorts

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