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Fri, 27 Mar 09 – Episode # 4820

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Kiss .. And 2 Almost [Maybe] Kisses “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 27 Mar 09 – Episode # 4820]


In the kitchen. Leah “suggests” that Rachel should arrange a wedding venue – but Rachel isn’t so worried. Indeed, she suggests that maybe she & Tony should just get married on the beach.

Leah then wonders about how she can thank roman for all he’s done for her recently. She doesn’t want it to seme like a date so she invites Rachel & Tony over for lunch morrow. Rachel accepts.

In the main area, kirsty approaches trey’s dad – and tells hi that she can now longer tutor trey – due to various factors [she doesn’t mention trey’s felling for her].


Next day, in the lounge, Joey read the paper – and commsnts bout how theypve found more debris fom a boat on th bay. This leads to Joey telling charlie how much she LOVES every bout boats & the sea.

Leah enters the room – and “asks”, Joey & Charlie not to be here today at lunch time [lunch with Rachel etc]. joy & Charlie agree to what Leah has said – and also agree to meet up for lunch elsewhere today.


Kirsty is with Oliver who is playing in the sand. Trey approaches and wonders what’s going on. He insist that he didn’t imagine that she likes him too – but kirsty insist that she has no feeling etc for him at all. Miles views the chat from nearby.


Colleen finishes pacing a picnic hamper for Joey – and wonders if it’s of a romantic lunch. Joey says that its not – and colleen well & truly concurs when Joey say that it’s for lunch for her & Charlie.

In the kitchen, Leah invites roman to lunch. He accepts – but when he lean close to her, to get something on the counter behind her, its clear that Leah’s just gone all awkward for some reason.


Leah is all VERY embarrassed when she tells Rachel that she’s remember tat she kissed roman when she was drunk at her bday party weeks ago. Leah thinks that she can’t go through with today, but Rachel convinces her too.

Nite – I just LOVE that great scene tween 2 UBER great friends.


Joey suggests to Charlie the she should take control of the boat, but charley say tat she isn't licensed so she can’t. Joey suggests that Joey can stand behind al also have hands in the wheel. Charlie agrees – and she steers the boat with Joey help.


On back patio, Rachel & Tony ane then roman arrive. Tony picks up on a playfulness tween Leah & roman and when they [Leah &* roman] had gone inside, Tony wonders when Leah & roman “happened”. Rachel tells him that they aren’t together, but Tony isn’t so sure.


The boat is docked at the wharf now, and Joey is tidying up the dishes. She reminds Charlie that she daid that she has to be somewhere at 1.30 and ads that Joey has booked that Blaxland til 3pm so she is gong to hang here by the water for a bit longer. Charlie says that what she was doing at 1.20 wasn't omnipotent, so Joey suggest tat she text her friends to cancel, but when Joey goes to another part of boat. Its caller that Charlie dint have other plans – Charlie goes get her mobile out of her pocket, she doesn’t text anyone.


In the kitchen, Rachel tells Leah what Tony said – and that she hadn’t said anything to him bout Leah & roman before he said it. Roman enters the kitchen and Leah drops the tray in her hand.


Kirsty & Oly arrive, afdn kirsty orders a juice for Oly form Alf. She sees trey – and isn’t happy bout it. Trey’s dad approaches kirsty. He tells her tat he isn’t happy that she isn’t tutoring trey anymore and that if you start something, should fin she it,. When kirsty insist that she can’t, trey’s dad tells her the he will speak to Bartlett bout this.


Charlie talks to Joey about her dad – and how she became a cop to spend her time with him, and to impress him. Charlie get a little umcomfortable when Joey tell her that she is lovely and is supporting Joey in a way that she has NEVR received form her family. Joey ads tat she never thought that she would feel happy again after what robbo did to her, but being around charley is very reassuring etc.

A new song starts on te radio/CD they are listening to. Joey comets tat she loves that song – so she starts dancing.


Leah & the others are all at the back patio wan Tony tells a story about how we has about to praise jack once, but jack [before Tony got to speak] admitted do eating all the biscuits.

Toby & Rachel head off, and roman is clearly concerned that Leah is trying to get him out of there as quick as possible – as she initially knocks back with suggestion of him to help her clean up.


Joey & Charlie are both dancing – just enjoying the afternoon together on the boat.


Kirsty is in te lounge with Oly when she sees trey at the back door. She tells him that she doesn’t like him coming here, or his dad’s plans to go to Bartlett. Trey insist tat he knows that she likes him – from the way she's acted, dressed etc around him, but kirsty insuts tat its all in his head. Trey goes to kiss kirsty – but miles arrives and wonders what going on. Trey bails.

Soon after, kirsty tells mils that she is stupid, and keeps on doing tings that make her loose everytying important to her. Miles however inset stat kirsty hasn’t lost him – and that he still michly like her. Kirsty is pleased to her that – whilst Oly is please to see Miles. Indeed, miles picks oly up and all 3 looks very happy


In the kitchen, roman tells lea that he feels like she is avoiding him, and wonders if he has done something to make her behave thins way. Leah tells hi9mthat it’s her – as she’s remembered kissing him with she was drunk. Roman jokingly comets that this kiss mustn't have been that memorable if it taken this long for her to reminder. Roman asks if Leah rems anything else of that night. Leah ayes that she doesn’t, and roman say tat its best kept that way – I take it that he means when she vomited on him after the kiss. Roman suggests tat they should kiss again – and they do!!!!!!


A song fiinishes and chari8e & Joey stop dancing. With a very Sarah Mclaughin-ish song playing now, Joey hand hold of Charlie’s hand, and slowly moves close to her. Both are apprehencoius, esp. Charlie, and when Joey gets too close for comfort, charlie tells Joey tat she needs to go. Charlie bails – leaving joy to wonder just what is going on tween them.



Joey seem surprised when Charlie tells her that she is go on date with Hugo

Martin tells Kristy tat Trey has been telling his mates that they [kirsty & trey] had an intimate ‘ship

Aden confronts Belle bout her drug addiction

Robbo follows – and then grabs – Joey!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: red knee length dress


Joey: green [red & yellow circle] singlet top/green camo shorts


Leah: purple knee length dress


Alf: light blue [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: white wide strap top/denim shorts

Charlie: red [white trim] sports singlet top/black [2 red vertical stripes] track pants

Colleen: light blue [white trim] blouse/red top

Colleen: bright multi colour floral blouse

Kristy: blue [pink & yellow flowers on bust] halter kneck long dress

Kristy: red knee length shirtdress

Leah: black sparkly top/denim jeans

Leah: black singlet top

Miles: dark blue shirt/white t/dark long pants

Oliver: black [red sleeves] long sleeve top/white [black splotches] shorts

Rachel: black scoop top

Rachel: white [red check] top

Roman: black & grey horiz striped t/denim jeans

Tony: white button up shirt

Trey: dark green [white “Indian chief”] t/dark shorts

Trey: light blue [white “sports club” and car motif] t/denim jeans

Trey’s dad: white button up shirt

Trey’s dad: white [dark vertical stripes] shirt/dark long pants

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