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Chris Hemsworth's new Movie Ca$h!

Guest Myril

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I'm not sure how to give feedback on your blog, but I can tell you that Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) was the second best character on Home and Away ever (second only to his "best friend" Robbie Hunter (Jason Smith), who Chris originally tried out for). Purely subjective of course, but if you've gone to this much trouble for Chris' movie, you're likely to agree with me that Kim was awesome :D As such, can I please use that very very VERY hot picture of Chris for an avatar :D? (The one with the gun. So not fair to ask if that makes him hotter, he's ALWAYS hot...)

Kim's character biography is here: http://www.backtothebay.net/characters/hyde_kim.shtml

Hope it helps.

This movie is going to be so exciting ^_^

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