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Thurs, 26 Mar 09 – Episode # 4819

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ But Annie’s Not Gay “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 26 Mar 09 – Episode # 4819]


Hugo enetrs and Martha tells him the Brendan is asleep. Hugo doesn’t like it when Martha tells him tat Xavier went out. He insists to Martha tat Brendan is Xavier & Hugo’s responsibility, not hers.


Miles overhearers Trey talking to his mates about Kirsty in the wrong way [Trey commenting bout how Kirsty all but had her cleavage in his face etc]. Miles “suggest” that if Trey continues to make such comments, trey could finds himself suspended from school. After Trey points out that they arenlkt at school right now, Miles merely comments that Trey is a toll – and anyone listening top him is an idiot. Miles walks ways.

Hugo enters, and approaches Xavier. Hugo insists that are going home no – and that they can’t just “dump” Brendan on Martha like that.


Next day, Charlie & Joey are running. Charlie gets beats Joey to the red & yellow flag. Indeed, Charlie all but dives over the line and ends up lying on the sand. Joey is keen for another contest – and suggests a run home. Both girls are getting on very well. Charlie isn’t so keen on race home – but when Joey starts ruuing, Charlie goes after her.


Brendan is at the table when Martha puts a bowl of cereal it fronts of him, Brendan swipes it off the table – and Xavier tells Martha that Brendan likes having them [milk & cereal] separated. Martha goes sto clean up, but Hugo insists that it’s Xavier’s responsibility. Hugo then heads of to work – and Martha looks like she agrees with Xavier’s comment that it’s clearly up to Xavier [and not both Xavier & Hugo] to looks after Brendan.


Ruby & Jai are in the kitchen. Ruby tells Jai hat she’s got a text for Xavier – seeing the he want be at school today. Ruby is worried that Xavier doesn’t want to be ith her anymore, and that he’s just too gutless to tell her. Jai tells ruby tat he is going over to Xavier’s so he can finds out what I happening, but Ruby insist that Xavier should come to her.

Jai bails, and mo0menst later, Charlie & Joey race into the kitchen form outdie. As Charlie & Joey gleefully chat, Ruby clearly picks op on the fact tat Joey is interested in Charlie. Charlie & Joey then race out of the kitchen – trying to beat the other.


Kirsty exits the house and is on the back patio when she is kinda startled by Trey. He wonders if they can talk bout pride & prejudice on the way to school. tyeh still rather surprised Kristy agrees and they head off.


Martha & Xavier are chatting when there’s a knock at the door. Xavier “suggests” to Brendan that they play hide & seek. After Brendan starts counting, Xavier goes to teg door. Its Jai who wonders what is happening. Xavier says that he is unwell, but Jia discovered the truth when Brendan comes to the door.


In corridor, Trey talks to Kirsty about the novel – and she is flattered when he compares her to Elizabeth Bennett.

After Kirsty walks away, Trey tells his mate that he “scored” with Kirsty – this info is overheard by Miles.

In class, Jai tells Ruby about Brendan. Ruby is annoyed – wondering what she had to hear this form jai, and not Xavier.


Charlie is putting things in an eskie when Ruby enters. Ruby seem to channel a bot of Nicole’s recent “my world if over and you don’t care” when she talks to Charlie. Ruby however also tells Charlie that it looks like Joey really likes Charlie. Charlie counter this by seeing that Charlie & Joey are just like Annie & Ruby, but Ruby reminds Charlie that Annie isn’t gay. Charlie then suggests tat Charlie & Joey is like Ruby & Jai – just friends. Ruby is annoyed and sarcastically tells Charlies to “enjoy” her walk etc to the light house with Joey. Ruby bails – and it looks, for look on Charlie’s face as though Ruby’s commste bout Joey has given her some food for thought.


As Xavier, Jai & Brendan walk along; Jai wonders whey Xavier keeps Brendan from them. Xavier insists that everything changes when ppl meet Brendan, and the he was trying to keep his 2 lives separate. Xavier plays a word game with Brendan, and Jai comments hout how good Xavier is with Brendan. Nearby, Ruby sees all of this.


Joey is in the longue when Charlie enters, Charlie tells her that they can’t go to the lighthouse together today, as Charlie is too busy etc. as Charlie leaves the house, she walks by the eskie that she packed on the kitchen earlier.


Charlie is walking along when Robbo approaches her. She comments how silly he is – stalking a police officer. Robbo tell Charlie that he’s not keen that she got Joey is get the AVO out of him. Charlie tells Robbo to stay way form Joey, but then she suggest that maybe be should go near her – as there’s be nothing better for Charlie than to arrest Robbo.

Robbo walks way – and its looks like Charlie has been a bit shaken up by what’s just happened.


Hugo & Joey are chatting when Charlie arrives and vehemently “suggest” that Hugo should leave. He does – and Joey comments on how harsh Charlie was on him. Charlie is worrird bout Joey because of what happened with robot, and Joey likes that Charlie cares bout her so much. However, when Joey puts her hand on Charlie’s arm, Charlie soon after bails.


Mile tells Kirsty bout how trey is bragging to hi mate that trey & Kirsty are together. Kirsty insist stat she’d now something like that [if he was behaving that way]. Martin intercepts and Kirsty bails. Mar8imn wonder if there’s an issue – miles insists tat if kirsty thinks there isn’t, there isn’t.


Martha is very critical of Hugo, after he pretty much spells out to Xavier that it will be mostly his [Xavier] responsibility to take care of Brendan, as Hugo’s got his business to get up and running.

Hugo isn’t even ken for Xavier to go about for a bit – but it looks as though what Martha said has had an impact, so Hugo “suggests” that Xavier be hcak oin an hour.


Charlie tells Joey tat she was so abrupt earlier as she ran into Robbo before encountering joey7 at Noah’s. Joey tells charley tat she worried that robot will come after her.

Joey’s nerves aren’t helped her a knosk on back door. Ruby answers it – its’ Xavier, and ruby takes him into the back patio. Ruby wonders if Xavier thought that she would laugh at Brendan when she met him. Xavier tells ruby that it’s complicated – but ends up admitting that he thought that he’d look less cool looking after someone with limited mental capability. Ruby insist tat she isn’t going anywhere.


Before they enter te house, Ruby & Xavier go over some of the rules to stick by when Brendan is around. When they go inside, Brendan is pleased to see Xavier AND please to me ruby.


Kirsty is about to head for home, when Trey approaches her. She tells him that this the 2snd time that he’s given her a fright today. Trey tells her tat he likes her and he knows that she fel the same way. Terry goes to kiss kirsty – but [like Nic], kirsty tell him that it’s NOT happening. After trey walks away, kirsty continues to have a look of belief on her face.



Leah tells someone that she kissed Roman

Joey & Charlie dance on the Blaxland

Colleen comments to either Joey or Charlie that they can’t be having a romantic lunch – since its 2 girls involved

Mile walks in on Trey & Kirsty about to kiss

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white lace sleeveless crop jacket/yellow singlet top/white knee length skirt


Joey: marron singlet top/dark track pants


Charlie: light blue singlet top/white shorts


Alf: faded yellow [dark check] shirt/bane long pants

Brendan: green [white stars] t/white [balk diamond] board shorts/black [yellow “McCoy”] cap

Brendan: grey t/ white [dark check] PJ long pants

Charlie: red singlet top/dark knee length skirt

Charlie: yellow singlet top/dark long pants

Hugo: light blue [white deer] t/olive green shorts

Hugo: white [dark insects] t/khaki shorts

Jai: SBH uniform

Joey: white [balk tropic motifs] top/denim jeans

Kirsty: red knee length shirtdress

Martha: white [dark lamp post] t

Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]/white PJ long pants

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark [yellow diagonal stripes] tie

Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/ dark button up shirt/brown long pants

Miles: brown [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t/olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Robbo: black [white eagle] t/denim jeans

Ruby: SBH uniform

Trey: light blue [white “sports club” and car motif] t/denim jeans

Trey: red t/dark shorts

Trey: SBH uniform

Xavier: light blue t

Xavier: red [black circles within circles] t/dark blue board shorts

Xavier: white [various colour diagonal lines] t/dark shorts

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