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Wed, 25 Mar 09 – Episode # 4818

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Xavie “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 25 Mar 09 – Episode # 4818]

NEAR SURF CLUB [i think]

It the day after the events of ep 4817, and VJ & Leah get out of her car. VJ [with soccer ball in hand, and soccer equip – goals etc nearby] commit that he is VERY bad at soccer, and it’s all because he, unlike the other boys, doesn’t have a dad.


Annie is quite surprised to see, not ling before school starts that Geoff is shirtless with a surfbiard under his arm. He tells Annie that he & Nic broke up, and that now’s a good a time as any to learn how to surf. Geoff bails – and Annie is clearly worries bout him.


Martha tells Hugo & Xavier tat she is pleased that she is being able to do things to the property [farm] before the settlement goes through.

Ruby arrives at the door – she is keen to walk to school with Xavier, but he tells her tat he isn’t going to school today – as his mum is visiting today. Xavier assures ruby that when today is over, they [their ‘ship] can go back to normal. Ruby picks up on this – asn she is pleased e that Xavier knows that things have been different tween them of late. Ruby bails.


As Miles & ruby enters, ruby tells him bout how Xavier couldn’t get her out of there [his house] cast enough today.

In kitchen, leah & roman chat – about Nic’s break up and the whole VJ soccer ting.


Gina & Brendan [her autistic? Son] arrives and Hugo does the intro's to Martha. Brendan is clearly VERY please do see Xavier – indeed, he almost immediately goes overt and hugs his bro, who he calls Xavie.


In a claroom, kirsty tutors Trey bout pride & prejudice. When they are done, try goes into the corridor where he clashes with the still shirtless Geoff. After Geoff ignores Nic when he walks by, Nic forlornly comment to Annie & ruby that she & Geoff are definitely over.

Soon after, in class, Nic & trey ate others hand in their pride & prejudice assignment. Trey makes a joke bout how georef dumped their assignment gropu, with a clear reference to the Nicole situation. Mile takes note of Trey’s assignment, built he doesn’t like it when trey says that kirsty [not Ms Phillips] tutored him.

The bell goes and in the corridor, martin approaches Nic – she cant believe it when Martin tells her that Geoff was quit as school captain.


hugo &* Gina talk bout how Xavier was avoiding talking on phone to Brendan for a while there, and Gina wishes that Xavier had talked to her bout his problems, rather that just shut Brendan out.

Tony & Rachel arrive and Gina comments tat Brenda isn’t so good around strangers, but he isn't that way with Rachel. He hugs her soon after he sees her. Martha wonders to Brendan where her hug is – and Brendan hugs Martha.


Vj & one of the other soccer boys are talking and the other kid is kinda mocking Vj. Roman overhears and offers to help VJ and VJ eagerly accepts.

Nic talk to roman – and she soooooooo doesn’t like it that he seen to be not realise that her world is over. Indeed, she tells him this before storm out.


Trey is being his obnoscious self – toward that likes of Ruby & Geoff, but Alf “suggest” fom him to leave and all the while the nearby Kirsty has heard trey verbally kicking Geoff when he is down.

Rachel & Tony enter. They both agree that things [because of Brendan] have been hard on both Gina & Xavier.


Gina, her sons & Martha are about to have lunch with Martha moved some sticks that in in font of Brendan. He REALLTY takes offence to this – and Gina has to calm him.


Roman & VJ are playing soccer when Leah approaches. She comment to roman that it looks like VJ is happier that he has been in ages.


In the corridor, mail & martin express their surprise that Geoff quit as school captain. Kirsty confronts trey about his comments at Noah’s earlier. Trey responds by seeing that he was just getting back at Geoff for giving him a black eye recently – and that guys do tings thins way rather than show their emotional side,

In a classroom, Nic talk to Geoff bout him quitting the captaincy. She knows how mush it men to him, but he insist tar he doesn’t want to have ANY kinds of ‘ship with her – and that she’s the shallowest person that he has EVER known. Nic bails – and you can tell that Geoff KNBOWS that he went too far.


Leah, roman & VJ have more soccer fun, including Roman soccer tackling Leah.


Trey is with his mates when he sees kirsty walking nearby. He calls out to her that he is looking fwd to morrow – kirsty merely raises an eyebrow. As she continues walking, trey’s mates aren’t exactly believing trey that kirsty has the hots for him.


Martha, Hugo & Gina are about to go to the farm. Its clear that Brendan likes it that he is around Xavier once more. But Xavier insists to Hugo not to mentions Brendan if Hugo encounters Ruby & co. Hugo is concerned by this attitude.


Roman isn’t exactly pleased to see Geoff arrive at the door, but he allows geo to speak to Nic. Geoff amidst to Nic that he knows that he was way too hard on her earlier, but insist that he doesn’t want them to get back together. His ads that there’ll definitely be no more hostility towards her from him. After Geoff bails, Nic still looks concerned – at what’s been lost ??


After Martha & co rtn form the farm, Gina tells Brendan that its time to go home, but Brandon isn't keen on that – so mush so that he pushes gamma over and she clearly hurt her ankle.

Soon after, Martha, Rachel, Tony and Gina enter. Gina’s on crutches, and tells her sons that she has fractured her ankle. She tells that that when she goes back to the city, a friend will move in and help her until her ankle is better, but Hugo suggest that Gina & Brendan came stay her til Gina is better. Although gina insist tat ist too much, Hugo isn’t taking no for an answer. Xavier is muchly not impressed by this development/



Miles is concerned about Trey & Kirsty

Xavier continue to try and keep Brendan a secret form Ruby & co

Charlie is concerned when Ruby comment tat Joey is begging to like Charlie

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: red [white floral motif on bust] wide strap top/dark shorts


Nicole: silver knee length dress


Hugo: light blue [deer motif] t/olive green shorts


Alf: maroon &b white check shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Brendan: orange & white horiz striped t/dark long opants

Geoff: grey [black “Henley’s denim”] t/khaki shorts

Geoff: light blue boarides

Gina: light pink blouse/dark long pants

Kristy : black singlet top

Kirsty: black kinda low cut elbow length sleeved knee length dress

Leah: dark shirts/white singlet top

Martha: grey t/dark shorts

Martin: black suit/white button up shirt /maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Miles: brown [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t/olive green shirt/denim jeans

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: blue [dark stripes across chest] t/dark long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

Tony: green [apple green stripes across chest] polo shirt/dark long pants

Trey: dark long pants/silver studded belt

Trey: SBH uniform

Trey’s mate: blue singlet

VJ: red polo/dark shorts/blue bucket hat

VJ’s friend: red polo/dark shirts

Xavier: white [various couloir diag lines] t/dark shorts

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