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Tues, 24 Mar 09 – Episode # 4817]

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Make Her See How Much It Means To You “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 24 Mar 09 – Episode # 4817]

Note – due to various circumstances, this ep guide is formatted differently to normal.

Nic & Aden are talking on the couch at Roman’s. Aden mocks Nic when she says that she’s unwell [whilst she’s eating junk food] so that’s why she can’t go & see Geoff.

And changes the subject – he asks Nic to join him morrow as he wants to buy something really special for Belle. Nic wishes that Geoff was more like Aden. Aden gets a text mug form belle.

Aden goes toe the beach house, where Belle tells Irene, Aden, Ann & geof that she quite her job becaue of the toxic work environment. Irene wonders if Belle is cut out for the journalism game, as this is that 2nd time things haven’t gone well at the paper.

After Adelle head for belle’s room, Annie ask Irene bout her date with Lou. Irene doesn’t want to talk bout it.

Next morn, Belle is in bed with Aden beside her. They jokes bout Belle becoming a woman of leisure now and Belle says [in jest] tat Aden will probably get sick of her before too long.

In the lounge room, Geoff gets of the phone. He tells Annie that he has arranged with Martha to go to the farm today. Annie is keen to go – but Geoff says that he wants to take Nicole there.

At the diner, colleen tries to get info bout her date with Lou out of Irene, but its not happening. Lou arrives and tries to talk to Irene, she insists tat she’s not having a D&M with him at the diner. Lout takes hint & bails.

Nearby, Geoff approaches Nicole, and ask here if she’d like to go with him to the farm today, she say tat she has plans and can go another time, but Geoff comments tat we was keen to do this before the settlement of the farm. Nic doesn’t budge.

Geoff, Annie & Scruffy [on a lead] are walking along near the beach. When Geoff tells amnia bout how Nic isn't go to farm with him – and that she doesn’t “get” what the place mean to him, Annie tells Geoff to make Nic understand how important it is.

Nic talks to Aden in kitchen of beach house bout their shopping plans for today, belle enters the room and wonders what they ween talking bout. They insist that they were talk bout cleaning up roman’s place, but when Aden leaves theism, Belle wonders if Nic has told Aden bout that drugs, she insist that she hasn’t – and suggest that belle is way paranoid.

After Aden & Nic bail, Belle takes more pills.

Later, Annie is in the kitten when Geoff enters the house via the pack patio. Annie thinks what Geoff has got for Nic – a cutting for the 100 yo cherry tree under which their dad asked their mum to marry him – is ACE. Geoff bails.

At Romans’ Nic & Aden are talking bout the expensive necklace that Aden has bpght for belle. Aden worried that it’s too expensive, Nic insist tat therel;s no such thing [as too expensive]. Aden bails 0- an Geoff arrives with the cutting from the cheery tree. Nic looks clearly unimpressed – despite the sentimental value that Geoff tells her bout. They agree to meet up after his football training.

Irene is siting on back patio of beach house when Annie approaches. Annie is keen to talk bout Irene’s bad date, and Irene insists tat it was a big reality check for her.

Belle goes onto the back patio form in the house – she gives Irene is big bunch of flowers that has just arrived for her.

Nic & Aden enter Noah’s and Nic is impressed when Aden orders a bottle of Belle’s fave champagne form Alf. She once more wishes that Geoff was more like Aden. Geoff, of course, over hears it when she tells Aden that although Geoff is HOT, he's rather simple. After Geoff has walked away, Nic comets that rather that and getting belle a necklace, Geoff got her a twig.

Soon after, Aden bails. He asks Nic to wish him luck, but she suggest that she's the one that needs it right now. Colleen enters and comments to Aden bout the terrible news bout Belle.

Aden is by belle’s bedside when she wakes. He comments tat colleen said that belle had been fired from the paper. Belle launches a verbal attack – saying that it’s obvious that Paula is trying to put bell in a bad light.

Aden gives belle the necklace. She adores it, and is teary when she tells Aden that she imagines that he hates her for all her mood swings etc lately. And insist tat he loves belle more than ever.

Nic [Noah’s] comment to Alf about how she was to meet Geoff here tonight. Nic bails – after alfs au that he will tell Geoff what’s happened when he arrives.

Lou enters te beach house and Irene assured him that all the flowers in the world aren’t going to solve things. He tells her that his estaranged wife id only interested in getting money form him, and she even hired a private detective to keep an ey on lout & Irene. Irene tells Lou that as long as he is married, they can’t be together.

At roman’s, it looks like Nic is about to head upstairs when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Geoff and she apologises for the way she reacted before when she gave her the cutting. Geoff tells Nic that he heard her talking to Aden at Noah’s - and that he thinks tat they are just too different and that its over,. Geoff bails – and the look on Nic’s face suggest tat she can’t believe that that’s just happened.



Geoff tells Nic tat she is the shallowest person he has ever known

Looks like Leah & roman have a fun day together

Roman gives VJ some fatherly like advice

Xavier tells Ruby that their ‘ship can get back to normal now

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: black strapless mid thigh dress


Annie: baby pink [red lining, and a single strawberry motif] singlet top/white [red hearts] PJ long pants


Aden: blue [white “suburban Spartans”] t


Aden: dark t/dark long pants

Aden: white singlet/dark long pans

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Annie: light pink knee length dress

Annie: white wide strap top/denim knee length skirt

Belle: black [grey unknown motif] t

Belle: dark singlet top

Belle: red [yellow cartoon ppl] long sleeve top/denim 3/4 pants

Colleen: blue tropical blouse/dark top

Geoff: grey singlet/Oliver green shorts

Geoff: purple t/denim shorts

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t

Irene: beige top

Irene: red long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Lou: grey polo/dark long pants

Nicole: silver [dark silver dots] knee length dress

Nicole: yellow singlet top

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