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Mon, 23 Mar 09 – Episode # 4816

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Scruffy “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 23 Mar 09 – Episode # 4816]


It’s the morning after the vents of ep 4815, and Annie, Geoff & Irene are art the dining table. Belle enters the room and has a go at everyone as ther’es no breakfast cereal etc left. On top of this, Geoff is all gloomy bout how he & Nic hasn’t spoken rally since the island. Irene “suggest” that she doesn’t like troth the only happy person round here is Annie.

Belle goes into the bathroom, and is about to take more pills when Aden enters the bathroom. She has an ago at her for not knocking 1st. Aden bails almost mediale – and says to Irene and co bout Belle’s bad mood.

Aden bails, and moments after so to does Irene. Before Irene does, Annie is really plaesed that Irene is going out on a date with Lout today.


Alf is in the pool room when Hugo approaches him -= wondering if he knows of any boat sheds for sale etc, to store all his scuba business gear etc. Alf paints him in direction of the notice bards, and Hugo finds a notice that looks promising.

Alf goes into Noah’s and he is closely followed by Martha and man in a business suit. Martha tells Alf that she has taken his advice – and found a few interest. Alf looks intrigued.


In the kitchen, colleen is surprised tat Irene is going to a restaurant art marina, but Irene tells herb that Lou loves the place.

In main area, Geoff talks to Annie. He is concerned that Nic has constantly found excuses no6yt to tell to him since they returned for the island – sore foot, a cold etc.


Belle arrives, and Paula tells her that the stories have all been handed out already today – as they’ve had the staff meeting which Bell would have known bout if she was ever in the office. Belle isn’t that keen when she is assigned to general stories – which the interns usually get. When belle gets to her desk, she takes more pills.


As Rachel does some exercise on one of the pieces of equipment, Aden talk to her bout how belle is all over the place these days. Hew wonders if it’s her meds, but Rachel insist tat she can't talk to him bout things like that [as it would be breach of medical in confidence].


Martha thanks Jason before her bails, she then wonders if Alf has a bit oaf time now so she can show him something. Alf is intrigued and agrees.


Belle is at her desk when starts having trouble breathing. The camera work – which is close in on belle’s UBER stressed out face - is great. Belle gets up – and when Pula wonders where she is going, bell say tat she Is taking a break.


Martha tells Annie & Geoff tat she has a surprise for them.


Martha pulls up her Ute at the front gate. Alf, Annie & Geoff realise straight way where they are – the place where Annie & Geoff grew up. Martha tells the trio that she has bought the place, and that Jason [dude in the suit earlier] is a real estate agent.

Soon after, Martha, Alf, Geoff & annie are now on te property itself. Martha tells Geoff that she plans to grow organic fruit & vegetable here, and Geoff is pleased that they got to the place when they did – as the grounds are mad that a tad overgrown already. Annie is wandering by herself – before retuning to the others. She tells Martha and co that she wants to leave this place right now. They are worried but agree.


Belle is still looking stressed as colleen talk to her bout Irene & Lou. Rachel &^ Aden approach – and Aden tells belle that he was worried bout her when she virtually couldn’t breathe when she phoned him earlier. When Rachel apeks to Belle, Belle insist tat she is fine – and “marly” suffered a panic attack. Rachel is worried, but belle is quite vehement in her views.


As Lout & Irene enters, Irene comments that she thinks that maybe this place is a bit too much for her, but Lou insist that it will be fine.

Hugo approaches and wonders if he can talk to Lou bout the boatshed that he has for lease/sale. Lou insist to Irene that Hugo can wit till they are done with lunch, but Irene tells Lou to deal with Hugo now and that she will take in the waterside views here.

After Irene sits down, a woman named Gail introduces herself – and invited Irene to sit with Gail & her friends. Irene accepts.


After Annie, Alf, Martha & Geoff enter, colleen comments bout how annie isn’t looking the best. Alf or Martha tells colleen what happened. Annie tells Martha that seeing the old place agisn just made her fel sad. Annie admits tat bit should be good news that Martha has bought the place, but Annie doesn’t feel that way right now.


Gail & her friends talk down to Irene, and then Donna [Lou’s estranged wife] arrives, and launched into a verbal attack on Irene. Donna insists tat she is going to every cent that she can out of Lou and infers that Irene isn’t even close to being in their league. Irene’s had enough – and bails.


Irene is one the couch when Lou arrives. She tells him bout Donna’s attack – and wonders if he thinks tav Irene is after his money. Lou insists tat he’s never thought that way. Irene makes it clear tat she doesn’t like that Lou & Donna aren’t divorced – or more to the point tat Lout didn’t make that clear to her.

Lou is ken to make thins up to Irene, but she insists tat she just wants to be alone right now. Lou bails.


Annie & Geoff talk bout the farm. Annie insist tat things just aren't the same as they were – none of their animals etc, whilst Geoff tries to convince hers tat martha buying the place is a good things.

Annie & Geoff see tat Martha is by Alf’s Ute near the bait shop. Martha tells Annie that she has another surprise – and Annie DOES like this one, as it’s her old dog Scruffy!!!! Annie eagerly hugs the dog.


Rachel approaches Belle and confronts belle bout her med file – esp. The fact that Belle got 2 prescriptions for drugs on eth same day [form Dr young & Jill] and that she had those prescriptions made up that day. Belle insists tat it’s for a story that she is doing for the paper. Paula approaches and wonders what all this it about. She seems impressed when bell tells her that she is working on a story bout doctors over prescribing meds etc.

After Paula walks away, Rachel makes it quite clear tat she thinks that belle is lying bout the new article for the story and many other things. Belle rebukes Rachel’s comments and Rachel [although still clearly concerned] bails.

Soon after, Belle is in the bathroom talking yet more pills. Paula enters and Belle says, when asked, that she has just taking headache tablets. Pula shows Belle some of the empty pill bottle that she got from Belle’s drawer. Paula tells Belle that she can’t have one of her staff behaving like this – and she fires Belle!!!!



Geoff overhearers Nic telling Aden [i think] that she thinks tat Geoff is cute, but pretty simple

Belle tells Aden tat she quit her job, but he confronts her – with the info that he’s heard she was sacked.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: red [yellow cartoon ppl] long sleeve top/denim 3/4 pants


Rachel: black long sleeve top/dark long pants/aqua & black beaded necklace


Annie: white wide strap top/denim knee length skirt


Aden: white singlet/dark long pans

Alf: fade yellow [dark check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Belle: dark singlet top

Colleen: green leafy blouse/red top

Donna DeBono: blue & white horiz stripe top/red scarf/bone long pants

Gail: white top/bone long pants

Geoff: purple t/denim shorts

Hugo: green [light green trees] t/denim jeans

Irene: black & dark grey [black on top half, grey the rest] knee length dress

Irene: red short sleeve louse

Jason [real estate dude]: dark suit/light bleu shirt/dark blue tie

Lou: white [dark stripes across chest] polo/khaki long pants

Martha: red v neck crop top [with brown top neath]/denim jeans

Paula: light blue top/off white [dark grey collar] blouse/dark long pants

Rachel: black t/denims

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