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Goodbye and Godspeed

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Story Title: Goodbye and Godspeed

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: : Roman, Leah, Martha, Hugo, Tony, Rachel, Alf, Aiden and Nicole

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Just 10 Days before Tachel's wedding in which he is to be a groomsman, Roman is inlisted into the SAS to fight in Iraq. He is to leave in three days and Tony and Rachel are determined to have this wedding with him in it.


A cool autumn’s Thursday greets a small group at the Gardens of “Light of the Bay” – a tranquil country lodge just an hour outside Summer Bay. In the presence of the Celebrant, Pippa, Tony and Rachel practice for their wedding alongside their bridal party, Martha and Hugo and Leah and Roman. It is only 10 days away with Rachel looking as radiant as a 6 month pregnant lady should and Tony with a loving smile on his face – the first time anyone has seen him truly happy since Jack’s death.

Roman invites them to his place for lunch afterwards, to find his daughter, Nicole and Aiden are home. As they finished their last morsel there is a knock at the door. Standing there is a tall, strong, handsome stranger in uniform asking for Roman.

Roman exits to his door, takes one look at the gentleman and knows instantly why he is here. He did this once before in 1999 wiliest on a tour of duty to East Timor. He had hoped to never do this again. He asked the gentlemen to step outside so no one can hear them.

“Roman Harris” announce the gentlemen.

“Yes” Roman answers coldly.

“My name is....” the gentleman tries to introduce himself but Roman interrupts “Look I hate to be rude but I have done this before – I would really like to get on with it” he sighs “I’m sorry I know you are doing your job”

“No don’t apologise” The gentleman continues “You are the most polite person I have had all week”

“So is everything in there” Roman asks pointing to the envelope.

“Yes” the gentleman replied. “The government has called a code green - that it is so they can call up both inactive soldiers as well as active ones. The envelope contains sensitive details of, what, when, where and how. All I can tell you now is that you are going to be stationed in Iraq, you are to leave for Canberra on Sunday and are to meet at the City airport by 11am to meet your lieutenant and some of your fellow comrades”

“Sunday!” Roman gasped. “That’s only 3 days away!”

“I’m sorry” and with that, the gentleman bids Roman goodbye and Godspeed and turns to exit the yard. Twirling the envelope in his hands, Roman could feel tears swelling up as many thoughts ran through his mind. What was to become of Nicole and Aiden? How would his friends take the news? Could he bear to do this all over again? He turned to his door, and with a deep breath, he composes himself as best he and opens his front door. His efforts to compose himself aren’t working as he enters into the main room crestfallen, trying to fight back tears.

“What is wrong dad?” Nicole pleads

“Nic, I have news to tell everyone” he gives himself a moment to compose before going on “The gentleman came on behalf of the SAS.” He fidgets with the envelope “I have been enlisted to be with the SAS to be part of a group of soldiers that are to head to Iraq”

Barely to find comforting words for his friend, all Tony could do was ask ‘How? When?

“I am to leave for Canberra on Sunday” was all Roman could say.

There are gaps from the room, Rachel and Tony collapse into each other’s arms and Leah couldn’t fight back tears. Roman and Leah had become close to the point that just last week they declared they love for each other to suddenly have their life torn was cruel and unjust. Nicole and Aiden plead for Roman to run away with them, but like any great soldier desertion is not an option and with that Nicole runs out of the room tears streaming down her face. Roman calls out to her but Aiden tells him that Belle and he will follow after her. With Leah by his side, he starts to pack his things for that long trip to Parliament House, whilst Hugo, Martha, Tony and Rachel head to the Surf Club to tell everyone the news.


“Nicole! Wait!” shouts Aiden as he chases her to the beach.

“Leave me alone! I want to be left alone!” Nicole screams. She doesn’t know where but she wants to run away as far as possible from the grim reality that has been thrust upon her.

“I’m hurting too Nic.” Aiden Confesses. Nicole stops, stares at him with tears falling down her face. The cold wind blows her hair all over the place as she collapse to her knees. Aiden kneels beside her as he cradles her, fighting back tears of his own. Geoff sees the three of them and tries to find out from Belle what is wrong.

“It’s not fair Aiden!” Nic protests. “It’s taken a lot of hard work for Dad and me to become a family again and now he’s being taken away from me. I don’t know what I will do if anything happens to him”

“I know what you mean – we are not related by blood but he’s been more of a dad to me then I could hope for” confesses Aiden. They pair break from each other to take comfort in their respective partners.

“You two are not alone” Geoff as gives Nicole a reassuring kiss.

“We are here right beside you not matter what” declares Belle as she embraces Aiden “Come On, let’s head for the surf club and chill out”

They head off across the beach until the surf club. Both Nicole and Aiden take comfort knowing that they will be taken care of but are scared of what the next week or even year will bring. There is only one thing they care about and that is the hope of their dad comes home safe and sound.


“I can’t believe this is happening, Grandad” Martha tells Alf. She has just lost Jack and now is losing the one person that helped her through this grief the most. This is heartbreaking for Tony and Rachel knowing their friend will be off to war and with this they asked the group

“Do you think we can get this wedding ready by Saturday?” wonders Tony.

“It’s going to be a stretch mate” concedes Alf “But we can if we work together, we will give it a good shot”

With that the groom to be springs into action, sprouting commands like a drill sergeant. He was to call the Lodge and Pippa and whilst Rachel was in charge of chasing up the Wedding Attire, Hugo was friends with the lady in charge of Catering. Martha and Alf were to chase everyone who was invited to let them know of the change of plans.

They make a list as they going along as to make sure nothing were left out but not everything was going according to plan. There were no guarantees Rachel’s dress was to be ready, the catering couldn’t be done in that short time and the Lodge was booked on that Saturday. Roman and Leah are spotted entering by Rachel and she and Tony walk up to them.

“We are to have our Wedding this Saturday, come hail rain or shine” Announces Rachel “It’s going to be a tough ask but we are determined to make it work”

Romans eyes filled with concern and gratitude “You both deserve your day to be perfect, do not rush it on my account, I would hate for you both to regret – it’s your day not mine”

“It is our day” Tony agrees “And we will not have this day go ahead without you, especially after everything you have done for both of us.”

Roman, Irene, Colleen and Leah believe that they could get together enough food for the reception, whist Alf was to provide the drinks for that night. Nicole and Aiden enlist the help of Hugo, Martha, Miles ,Belle Geoff Annie Jai and Kirsty to get the School Hall ready for a celebration fit for a King and Queen – with Principal Bartlett’s approval of course and both Tony and Rachel decide a beach wedding would be very romantic. As for the dress – well all they could do was hope it would be ready in time.


Saturday arrives and despite the dramas beforehand everything was in readiness. The morning sun glistened over the cool water as the bride and the groom get ready for the big day. Rachel’s dress does arrive in time thanks to Miles who was best mates with the owner of the shop in Yabbie Creek and drove to the shop especially to retrieve it. It was a gorgeous, simple yet elegant white dress which suited her perfectly. Her hair was in curls with white flower strategically placed, hidden by a thing white vale running down her back. The bridesmaid dresses where one strapped, long and flowing, rose pink with a sash covering their shoulders if it was to be cold.

The guests and the Groom arrived at the beach waiting for his for his glowing bride. Tony fiddling with his hands, he was filled with nerves and a touch of sadness. Like he always has with all of his friends, Roman gave Tony some words of reassurance.

“Jack is not here physically but he is here in spirit, I know he will be happy for both of you” Roman’s kindness will be missed by everyone.

Without warning the band starts to play. Martha and Leah are the first down the Aisle, throwing rose petals on the carpet as they walked to their places. And with the March, Rachel as radiant as ever, walked in with Alf and took her place besides Tony – the only place she will ever like to be. The service was like a fairytale. They exchanged their own wedding vowels and their gorgeous rings. In a touching moment, Miles played a musical tribute to Jack.

Touch me and I will follow, In your afterglow.

Heal me from all this sorrow, As I let you go.

I will find my way,

I will sacrifice,

'Til the blinding day,

When I see your eyes.

Now I'm living, In your afterglow

When the veils are gone,

As I let you go, As I let you go.

Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divides,

The thorns from the roses. It's you who is closest

As day turned into night, the reception was a hit; everyone had done a splendid job of turning a school hall into a stunning room fit for royalty. The catering went off without a hitch and the décor and decorating matched the colour bridesmaid dresses – stunning rose pink with trimmings green and gold. Hugo made the customary best man speech wishing all the best for the bride and groom and his hope for the pair and their unborn child’s happiness. Tony wanted to make a speech of his own. He had thanked everyone for coming and one again professed his love for Rachel and how he would have died inside after the loss of his first born without her. He also talked about the sadness the whole town had felt knowing Roman was to leave tomorrow and wished him all the luck in the world, expressing his wish for Roman to return home safe and sound as well his gratitude to him for being there for himself and Martha after Jack’s death.

As husband and wife, Rachel and Tony made their bridal waltz.

“I wish this night could last forever, you make me so happy Rachel Holden” Tony professes.

“Rachel Holden, I like the sound of that” Rachel beams “I love you so much” The baby kicks in approval.


The Sunday sun greeted Roman and his family even though he never slept a wink. He had all his uniform layed out on his bed and his sack with whatever he could carry sitting at the bottom. He was to be at the Airport by 11am and Alf promised he would bring him Leah, Nicole and Aiden to the city. He walked downstairs to see Leah, her son VJ, Nicole, Aiden and his girlfriend Belle making breakfast. The smell of homemade pancakes and fresh fruit and juice filled the room and they sat down to their last family meal together. They still managed a smile and share some jokes like always.

The door knocked and they thought it was Alf being early but they were wrong. There was no way Tony, Rachel, Martha and Hugo were going to let him go without saying goodbye. He came down the stairs in his karki green uniform complete with slouched hat and sack, looking every bit the handsome, brave soldier. That is when reality set in for the group and both Martha and Rachel started crying. Hugo hands him a present on behalf of the group – a small pocket size, able to fit in his sack photo album of the times the group had together.

“I spoke to Aunty Morag, she wishes you all the best” said Martha as she embraced Roman “I am going to miss you so much.”

“Take Care of Martha for me” Roman asks Hugo as they shake hands. “I will” Hugo promised “Godspeed my friend”

Tears streamed down Rachel’s face. “Please please please, be careful!” she sobbed as they share a hug “All we want is for you to come home safe and sound.” Tony gives Roman a warm handshake. “Thank you for everything you have done for us, we couldn’t ask for a better best mate – one everyone wishes they had”

A knock at the door startled everyone and it was Alf, 10.30 it was time to go. As his family gets into the car, he turns to his friends and declares that he will miss this place and all of them. “This is not goodbye, It’s see you later” he promised.

The ride is a long one and few can manage a conversation as they pull up to the airport car park. They enter the sliding doors and through security points up to departures. The officers there were very courteous and wished Roman the best of luck. They see an Army Lieutenant and he asks for his name and after the pleasantries, he then tells Roman they are boarding in 10 minutes.

“I will take care of Nicole and Aiden for you, Good Luck” said Alf “Knowing they are being looked after by you makes me feel at ease” replied Roman. “Thank You.”

Nicole throws her arms around her with tears streaming down her face “After finally finding you I am going to lose you it’s so not fair. I love you so much, dad!”

“You won’t lose me, I will always be there for you – Love you too sweetheart” He promises. Roman turns to Aiden and they hug. “You are the son I wished I had. Take care of my Nic for me”

“I will! As far as I am concerned, you are and always will be my Dad” choked Aiden

Last is Leah’s turn and as they both melt into each other’s arms, It was then Roman who begins to cry. “No matter what happens, Leah I will always love you” Declared Roman

“I will be waiting forever for you. I love you so much” Leah cried.

The Sergeant , showing a little Compassion tells Roman it’s time to go and with that he lets Leah go and turns to the exit, before entering the corridor with his comrades, he turns to wave goodbye. They watch him disappear into the distance as they wonder what is to happen to their solider and if they will see him again. Only God Knows.


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