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Fri, 20 Mar 09 – Episode # 4815

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’m On A Roll “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 20 Jan 09 – Episode # 4815]


Joey gets into Charlie’s car. Charlie tells Joey that she feels responsible for Bret kicking her out of home, but Joey insists tat it’s a good thing that this has happened in a way. Joey explains by saying that she now realises that she doesn’t care what he bro thinks of her. When Charlie ask if Joey has a place to stay, Joey comments tat she is on a roll – no job, no place to stay etc. charley sys that they will deal with the house situation later – they need to get the AVO set up as soon as possible.


Paula talks to Belle, and it’s clear that Paula resent that fact that Jerry offered Belle the editor role. Indeed, she tells Belle tat die to staff shortages, Belle’s on wedding & obituaries duty.

After Paula has walked away, Belle unlocks her drawers – but all the many pill bottles are empty.


Leah talks to Ruby and admits that there’s no firework tween her & George. All the while, VJ [in martial arts outifit] is being VERY annoying. Leah tells him to go to his roo 0- he does, but he doesn’t look happy.

Charlie & Joey arrive -0 and charley asks Leah if joy can stay for a few nights. Leah looks concerned but agrees.


Next day, Aden & Irene tell Belle tat its good that she’s doing this wedding stuff – as it should be less stressful Belle sees it as a Paula throwing her Wight around.. Irene suggests to Belle that with this wedding stories gig she has, Rachel & Tony would be the perfect couple to do a story on.


In kits hem Vj tells Leah & ruby that he isn't feeling well and can’t go to school. Leah is kinda sceptical but agrees. After VJ leave the room, Ruby says tat she too is unwell – but it’s clear that ruby is mocking the situation.

Leah talk to ruby bout charlie inviting Joey to stay. She is word bout VJ – in light of him being kidnapped recently.

Charlie enters form the back patio, Whilst joey enters kitchen form the main room. Leah asks Charlie if she could look after VJ, and Joey offers to do so – Leah accepts the offer.


Belle talks to Rachel bout her wed story idea. Rachel says that she & Tony want something pretty low key, so a story on them isn’t a good idea.

After Rachel walks way, Belle sees a box of meds on the trolley near her. She picks them up, but Rachael comes round the comer and suggests tat Dr Young is getting married to one of the other staff here at the hospital soon. Belle tells Rachel that she found pills on tee ground, but when Belle walks way, Rachel looks suspicious.

Soon after, in one of the room, Belle talk to Jill who shows her many photos & and gives her lots of info bout the wedding. Belle thanks Jill and then holds her hand against her head. When Jill ask, Belle says that she’s net been sleeping. Jill sues that she can help – after she gets some of Belle’s med history.


Leah admits ten the like of Irene &* Rachel tat she isn’t that keen on gorge, but colleen doesn’t here that and commits on how many ‘ships started form the speed ate night. Colleen’s point is kinda helped when Lou aunts, whilst Leah comets to Rachel that she’d like to be with someone she’s closer to … as she looks at the nearby Roman.


VJ & Joey are playing a card game, With Ruby and soon after Charlie enters the main room. It’s clear that VJ is having fun, but when Joey sees Charlie she says that she fel like she should be looking of another place.


Belle enters via back door, and hears knock at front door. It’s Paula who wonders why Belle is here. Bel say stat she was about to type out her notes etc on the wedding story, but Paula “suggest” that she shod be doing that at work – and teht Belle should be doing things the way that Paula wants them to be. Paula ads that if Belle isn’t in office in 20 minutes, then she is out of a job. Payola bails.


Leah almost can’t believe it when VJ rejects tat doughnuts that she bought for him - he insists that he hates. Ruby & joy, in the langue room also observe the situation.


Lou talk to Irene bout his life – inch the fact tat his marriage was over years ago. As Colleen pus 2 glasses of whine on table, Lou comets to Irene that he doesn’t think that she is “into” him – as she hasn’t told him anytiukng bout her background, or talked bout her 3 bio children {Fin. Damien, Nathan]. Irene then bits the bullet – and tells Lou that she is an alcoholic.


VJ continues to be troublesome - incl saying that he hates Leah’s new hair cut. When VJ has left the room, Joey suggets to Leah that she thinks that this is all because Leah has shown an interest in George. Leah thanks Joey for what she has said – and ads that if she thought her ‘ship with George was special, it would be worth the pain, but its not.


Lou tells Irene that he is tad shocked by her revelation, but he is VERY impressed at what she has done with her life since. Lou tells Irene that although he is plea tat he is as succeselul as he is, he doesn’t like hanging around the social set, and like done to earthy ppl. He ads that he came from the wrong side of the tracks, amend thinks that Irene is totally a breath of fresh air. Irene almost can’t believe that this is happen – but she is way pleased that he knows that truth bout her.


Leah is on the phone - she tells George tat she was to cancel their plans for tonight. When off phone, she tells VJ bout the cancellation and that she is keen to watch a DVD etc with him, and he is VERY pleased. He suggest they play the new card game the Joey taught him

Joey is keen to move out of Leah’s but Leah insists tat she stays until she finds another place.


After Belle talk to Dr Young about his wedding, she pulls a similar stunt tat she did with Jill earlier. Dr Young tell her tat he should be able to help her with the pain etc – once they get some med history etc.


Irene approaches Lou and they hug & kiss. As they do so, a male photographer [that we not see before] is taking lots of pics of them.


Charlie explains that conditions of the AVO to Joey – and Joey signs it. Joey admits tat she doe feel a lot better now - having AVO in place. She then tells Charlie that despite Leah’s instance that she stays, joey is going to go house hunting. Charlie however urges her to day – so Charlie can keep an eye on joey. Joey agrees.


Paula goes to Belle’s desk. There a note on Belle’s computer screen – seeing at she is out on assignment. Joey looks through the trays on Belle’s desk, but unlocking the drawers. She finds all those pill bottles & packets.



Looks like Rachel confronts Belle over all her pill popping

Geoff overhearers Nic telling someone tat she thinks tat Geoff is cute, but pretty simple

Aden is worried bout Belle, i.e. “no one gets this bad over work stress”

Lou’s estranged wife confronts Lou & Irene – she insist tat she is going to get every last cent that she can out of him

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: dark blue thin strap top/white [blue floral”?] long skirt


Rachel: dark grey wide strap top


Joey: apple green [darker green woman] t/dark long pants


Aden: grey singlet top/denim jeans

Belle: green [white cartoon like ppl] t

Belle: black [part mosaic] top/dark skirt/dark long pants

Charlie: yellow singlet top

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap

Colleen: black [various colours floral] top

Dr Young: light blue [white trim medical] top & matching long pants

Irene: black top

Irene: dark scoop top/dark long pants

Jill: white [dark pin stripe] blouse/dark long pants

Joey: dark blue singlet top/denim jeans

Leah: white kinda scoop top

Leah: yellow wide strap top

Lou: powder value shirt/dark long pants

Lou: dark grey polo

Paula: silver jacket/dark long pants

Paula: white [black diamonds] dress

Photographer: olive green shirt

Roman: grey t

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: white thin strap top

VJ: black [yellow trim] ninja like cloak

VJ: orange [black sleeves and light green dinosaur? on the front] t/blue blue PJ long ants

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