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Wed, 18 Mar 09 – Episode # 4813

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Wolf In Bible Boy’s Clothes “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 18 Mar 09 – Episode # 4813]


Its night time, and when Derrick walks away form Nicole & Geoff for a bit, they try to escape, but Derrick grabs Nicole. Geoff gets twen them, and Nicole runs off, Derrick puills a knife fom his pocket, but Geoff kicks some sand toserds him – and then runs away, Derrick [with a fire torch] gicve cahse.


In kitchen, Leah & Roman talk bout how Nicole & Geoff are on the island to9 recapture their magic. Roman insist tat he’s not too worried bout them. Talk turns to leah; s mater cooking class morrow – she’s waaaaaaaaaaaay look fwd to it.

In main area, Jai talk to Mi1es A& Alf. He commit on how things are so screwed up now – especially compared to the great times of late last year. Jai can’t believe that Kirsty took trey’s side over hers.


Geoff runs through bushland, with Derrick not far hand hum. Geoff stops and when Derrick is close, Geoff pushes him over - but Geoff is worried as Derrick fall on his knife. Geoff does bail for the area though – with the fire torch.


Kristy, on tehphone, arranges with Trey’s parents to tutor him. When off the phone she tries to get Oliver to eat, to no anvil. After Oliver goes and plays with his toys, Irene commits tat Oliver is missing Kane, but Kirsty thinks its more Miles that Oliver misses.

There’s a knock at front door – a courier delivers more flowers to Irene. When courier is gone, both Kristy & esp. Irene are so pleased that Lou is VERY ken on Irene.


Nicole is warred when she see someone with a fire torch approaches. When the person gets rall close to her, she pleads not to be hurt, but Geoff tells her what happened.


Next day, Alf & Roman talk bout how Roman is excepting Geoff & Nicole to arrive back for the island soon. Hugo enters and when they tell him what island Nicole etc on area, Hugo comments that there can be treacherous conditions round that island.


A Nicole & Geoff approaches the beach, Geoff is worried bout Derrick, but Nicole sooo isn’t. Geoff agrees to her suggestion that they should contact someone bout Derrick when they rtn to the bay.

The duo then discover tat the “tinnie” boat that they got to island with – after beige dripped off for a lager boat the day before = is gone. Geoff goes into tent – and discovers that his clothes are gone too.


Mile & Roman chat. Roman tells Miles tat it would be great if he [Roman] were gong to that master cooking class. They then see a tinnie up ahaead on the beach. Roman recognises it as one of Alf’s. He then gets phone call – Nicole & Geoff weren't at rendezvous point.


In kitchen, Leah teak to Irene bout the master cooking class. She’s not chose someone top go with – and Leah thinks that Roman would be a good choice. Irene commits tat just because he got the tickets for Leah, its doesn’t meant that Leah should choose Roman to go.

Roman enters – and he is waaaaay worried bout Nicole.


Nicole tells Geoff tat it was a big mistake coming back to this midland. They then find not only some blood on the beach, but a number of big shipping containers – that have been made onto a shelter. They suspect tat this is where Derrick set up his camp before he came across stem. Geoff looks inside – there’s nothing there the they can use to get help.


Kirsty is tutoring Trey, and he comment a how nice her perfume is.

Miles sees them studying, and winder top Martin what the deal is. Miles is concerned that Kirsty isn’t a teacher – but Martin seems to thinks that Trey’s parents are totally ok with this arrangement.


Geoff tries to talk top Nicole, but she’s not ken on him saying anything at the moment. She is overjoyed when she hears Roman’s voice. She runs over to him & Hugo – who has come on Hugo’s dive boat. Hug comments that Geoff is very good to have set up shelter like that – but Geoff tells that bout Derrick. Nicole ads that she HATES this place and never want to come back.


In the corridor, Martin asks Kirst bout her arrangement with Trey. She insist that his parents arte totally ok with Kirsty tutoring him. Kirsty isn’t impressed when she heard stat Martin has raise this concern because of comments from Miles.


Oliver is keen to play pool, but Kirsty isn't so much. However, trey offer to let Oliver play pool with him – well, to roll the balls round on table anyway. Kirsty thanks Trey.

Miles enters and clashes with Kirsty bout trey & Jai, i.e. Miles insist that Treaty started the clash with racist retakers, but Kirsty tells Miles that treaty isn't that kind of guy.


Nicole & geoff tell a male uniformed officer what happened on the island. Geoff seem partic concerned that the dude with the knife sticking out of him, but the policemen is more concerned bout Derrick’s threatening behaviour. The policeman suggests Derrick will probably mow just disappear.

After Dr Bentos finishes treat Nicole, Roman offers Geoff a lift with he & Nicole. Geoff says that Irene is coming to pick him up. As Nicole & Roman bails orm they room, Roman thanks Geoff for all he did to protect Nicole.


Derrick [wearing Geoff’s clothes] is on the phone. He tells whoever e is speak to the that there were kids on the island, and they he will lay low for a bit, and come back when its all over. Derrick sees a car pull out nearby, so he ends the call.


Irene & Roman talk bout the harrowing experience tat Nic & Geoff have told them happened on the midland.

Leah & George [one of the speed date guys] meet up – and tell Irene & roman that they are off to the master cooking class. George thanks roman for doing this [giving Leah this present] and it’s clear that roman isn’t so keen that Leah is going with George. Rom doesn’t say anything, but you can tell by look on face.


Miles enactors and apologises for having a word to Martin bout Tray & Kirsty, but Miles ads that he is worried bout Kirsty – given trey’s nature. these commits to yet another verbal clash tween kirsty & miles, incl miles telling kirsty tat he doesn’t want to see her making another mistake, and kirsty responding by saying “like I did with you” [said with all the bitchiness that you’d expect form an UBER cow like kirsty – I soooooooooooooo HATE her],. Miles bails.



Joey tells her brother Brett that he doesn't love her – he only loves the person that he wants her to be

Martha tells Alf that she’ll just know what to do with Jack’s money when the right thing comes along

Belle tells ppl that she could be the new editor of the coastal news

Belle sees the editor of the paper kissing a woman at the hospital

Robbo suggest to Charlie that they should go out

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: red singlet top


Irene: black top [with green top breath]


Nicole: hot pink halter neck bikini


Alf: white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Alf: dark green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Derrick Gould: red t/black & white cap

Derrick Gould: black singlet/denim jeans

Dr Bentos: white [dark vertical stripes] long sleeve button up shirt

Flowers Courier: fluro yellow t

Geoff: white [dark blue “quicksilver”] board shorts

George [Leah; s date]: light blue long sleeve button up shirt

Hugo: yellow [blue circle motif] t/dark shorts

Irene: light pink short sleeve blouse

Jai: grey [yellow lightning bolts & black diagonal stripes] t

Jai: orange t

Kirsty: black low cut v neck long sleeve knee length dress [with red top beneath]

Kirsty: red kinda low cut v neck knee length dress

Leah: black wide strap top

Leah: flesh colour spaghetti strap top/black knee length skirt

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/olive green [yellow dots] tie

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Miles: olive green button up shirt/white [black “Abercrombie & Fitch”] t

Oliver: dark blue long sleeve top

Oliver: red long sleeve [with 2 white stripes on each sleeve] top

Roman: blue, grey t

Roman: dark singlet/black [white “quicksilver”] boardies

Tall male uniformed officer: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Trey: SBH uniform

Trey: white [zebra motif] t

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