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Tues, 17 Mar 09 – Episode # 4812

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ I Like It When 1 Character I Don’t Like Is Keen On Another Character I Don’t Like “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 17 Mar 09 – Episode # 4812]


Nicole & Geoff are on the beach. They’ve already set up their tent. Geoff pick up the satellite phone – to check in – but Nicole suggest not too, as she likes that idea that they are all by themselves her. Geoff goes with Nicole’s suggestions – and they kiss.


Martin arrives and he is surprised that Kristy is already at work. She wonders if there will be a permanent position coming up at tee school soon as she really needs the money. The nearby trey hears that, btw – he also hears Kristy commenting that she’s beginning to regret tat she skipped her morning coffee. Martin tells Kristy that she’s at the top of his list if a permanent position her comes up.

Trey approaches – and Martin is also surprised that the student is here, as it’s the senior student s acre involved in careers day and dolt have to come to school today. Trey says tat he is having trouble with Pride & Prejudice, and Kristy says tat it’s a really funny etc bok that she loved. Martin suggests that trey should speak to one of the teachers – so they can tutor him.


Jai, Annie, Ruby & Xavier are atking when Miles enter the diner. they comment bout how its not fair that the senior have the day off today – especially in light of how Nicole & Geoff definitely aren’t doing anything careers day minded today.

Trey enters and Ruby is rather annoyed when Trey suggests that she wants him. Trey then orders a cappuccino form Colleen – but infers that its not for him.


Kirsty is in one of the classroom when Trey eaters. He comments that Pride & prejudice isn’t so bad after al. he also gives Kirsty the coffee that he got form diner, saying the he overheard her earlier.

Tray then commit bout how Kirsty must have only left Scholl recently, but she insist that she left ages ago 0- and that she has a 3 yo son. As Tray bails, Miles enters.


Nicole & Geoff are floating on the ocean of the beach. Nicole kisses Geoff [who has his eyes shut as he floats]. Geoff or Nicole comment that this place looks/seems much different to last time they were here. Geoff & Nicole then paly around in te water – running, splash each other etc.


Hugo comments to Martha tat Xavier seem to be avoiding talking to Brendan, but Martha counters this when she says that she overheard a fare few phone chat a number a weeks ago tween Brendan & Xavier.

Hugo & Martha chat as they sort through some of [i presume] Jack’s clothes. Martha then opens a letter she got today – she looks worried.


Martha talks to Alf. The letter was for Jack’s life insurance pay out. Martha tells Alf that she feels like for a profiting form Jack’s death. Alf tells Martha to look at like Jack is continuing to look after Martha – even after his death.


Nicole walks on tee beach like she is on a fashion show catwalk. She tells Geoff that although she isn’t into being a model, she IS intestate in fashion design. She wonders what plans Geoff has for the future, Geoff tells her tat he will worry bout that when Annie has finished school. Geoff is a tad worried when Nicole seems to not like his idea of working/staying in the bay or the long term, but she insists that she will be happy with him wherever they are. As they hug, Nicole does look a tad concerned though.


In the corridor, Ruby wonder if Xavier is going to join her, Annie & jai for lunch, but he insist that he has an assignment to do.

After Xavier walkers away, there is a clash thween Trey & Jai – where Trey jokes bout Jai and his kung fu skills, Martin app – and “suggest” that they should all go to lunch [as the bell has recently wrung].


Martha tall to Colleen bout the life insurance pays out. Martha doesn’t know what to do with it – but Colleen reminds her that Leah also took ages to decide how to best use the money of Dan’s.

Nearby, jai tell Ruby & Annie that he’s annoyed by Trey’s racist remarks towards him. he also say tat he didn't just going to let Trey bully him – as when he did nothing last time, Matthew Lyons kept6 on harassing him.


Nicole & Geoff are lying on the beach and they kiss. Geoff however comments that he thinks that Nicole is keen to have sex with him once more. Nicole is MOST annoyed tat once more, Geoff has thought the worst of her., and she tells him tat alrthough last time on the island was mostly terrible, she was trying to get back the only good thigh to come out of that, i.e. Nicole/Geoff. Nicole storms off – and its clear that they are being watched by someone.

Soon after, Geoff calls out Nicole’s name a few times – with no response.


In the corridor, Ruby is worried that Xavier seems to be hinding things form him.

Trey approaches – and verbally has a go at Jai. Jai pushes him against the locker, but Trey is able to reverse the situation [i.e. jai is now against lockers]. Miles windrows whet is going on and although Jai tire to tell his side of the story, Kristy say tat she saw the whole thing and it looked like Jai was trying to pick a fight with trey. Miles tells Jai that they will talk later,


As Jai, Ruby & Annie enter [with Xavier not far behind them]. Jai comment that he cant believe that Kristy didn’t take his side in what happened in the corridor.

Ruby, in a bid to get the 4 of them away form boredom, suggest that they should all go camping this weekend. The other seem to loosely agree,


Hugo is on the phone with Brendan, with Xavier arrives home. Xavier doesn’t look that keen to talk to Brendan, but once he does take the phone, its sounds like he & Brendan are having a nice chat.


Geoff is surprised when he encounters a man on the beach. The credits list him as being called Derrick Gould.

Nicole approaches – she’s cut her foot on some coral. Whilst Geoff starts to tend to Nicole’s wounds, Derrick comments that its good to have some company.


Its after school and Martin is surprised that Kirsty is still her. She says that she’s not far off going home. Martin likes her dedication – an suggest that he will especially keep her in mind for a permanent position.

After Martin bails, Kirsty is surprise to see Trey still at school. He says that he forgot his math book. As he gets tat book form his locker, he ask Kirsty is she would tutor him – since all the ppl that Martin suggested are too bust etc at that moment. Kirsty say that she sill give it thought.


Nicole’s foot is now strapped up and Derrick tells Nicole & Geoff that that storm wrecked his boat and evry1, everything aboard her. Derrick comments tat the only thing that survived is him and some rum.

Geoff goes to the tent and starts dialling a number in the satt phone, but derrick grabs the home and hurls it into the ocean. He says tat he likes it here – and that he can still see all the faces of the ppl on the boat. Nic & Geoff are more worried when he comments “do you know ho many ppl I killed?’



Nicole & Geoff vs Derrick on THAT Island

Miles is word bout trey’s interest in Kirsty

Irene is excited bout her date with Lou

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: hot pink halter neck bikini


Ruby: SBH uniform


Martha: mustard top/white shorts


Alf: dark green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Colleen: light blue [green leafy] blouse

Derrick Gould: black singlet. /denim jeans

Geoff: grey singlet/white board shorts

Hugo: black [red bird] t/

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: red kinda low cut v neck knee length dress

Martin: black suit/white button up shirt/maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Miles: olive green button up shirt/white [black “Abercrombie & Fitch”] t

Nicole: yellow [white & pink butterflies] low cut v neck knee length dress/dark beaded necklace/white belt

Trey: SBH uniform

Xavier: SBH uniform

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