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Mon, 16 Mar 09 – Episode # 4811

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ How’s The Boat ? “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 16 Mar 09 – Episode # 4811]


its mushily raining when Ni tells Geoff that she thinks that they should finish all their studying tonight, [despite having studied forever] as then they’ll have 2 days off – and Nicole is keen to spend lots of time with Geoff. Nicole then bails.


Alf isn’t exactly pleased when Colleen talk bout how it seem stat the Martha is jinxed, with the boat goes missing on top of the Angelo court case thing.

In the kitchen, Nicole asks Roman if she & Geoff can spend a few days together – so they can rebond. Roman say tat he will think bout it...


Hugo enters and sees a note on table. When Xavier meters the room, they both comet tat that know bout the court case because of the note. Hugo is ken to talk to Martha, but Xavier “suggest”: not make things worse by going tinto her room and waking her.


Next day, Hugo sees a yacht washed up on ten beach. He then sees the unconscious Martha next to the boat. He runs over and tries to revive her.


Rachel exist a room and goes into the corridor where she tells Hugo that Martha appear to have suffered some head trauma but is otherwise ok. Tony arrives to pick Rachel up form work. She tells him bout Ma taking the boat out and being caught in the storm. Tony immediately asks how the boat is. Although Rachel is clearly annoyed, she doesn’t vent that anger – she tells him the important stuff, i.e. she tells him that Martha is in a stable condition etc.


Geoff is clearly annoyed when he sees Nicole talking to an unknown dude near the boats.


Rachel & Hugo are in Martha’s room – with the unconscious Martha with a breathing mask etc. Rachel tells Hugo that Martha has only suffered minor concussions. Rachel & Hugo are concerned when Martha removes the mask and comments glumly “I’m back here”. Alf & colleen enter – and colleen comments that it’s a miracle that Martha is unharmed.


In the kitchen, Nicole wants an answer form Roman, but he is more interested at the moment in going to the hospital to see Martha.

Nicole enters the min part of the diner and talks to Annie, Xavier & Geoff. After they comment bout Martha, Geoff wonders where Nicole has been – and is intrigued when she says that she came straight her from home. Nicole’s phone rings – and when she walks way too take the call, Geoff tells Annie etc that he is going to bail – which he does.


In the corridor, colleen is blaming herself for all of this – she thinks that the whole clothes ting pushed Martha to do this.

Roman arrives and he’s ken to speak to Martha, especially after he hears what Rachel is thinking tat Martha was implying [i.e. Martha didn’t plan on coming back form her sail. There’s a clash tween Hugo & Roman over what’s best for Martha, but Rachel insist that she wants a counsellor, and not Roman, Hugo etc, to talk to Martha.


Nicole arrives and Geoff confronts her bout the guy she was speaking to. She says tat its all part of a surprise. Geoff is annoyed tat he was lied to, and Nicole returns fire by seeing that she is sick of this jealous streak that Geoff seem to have picked up lately. Nicole storms out.


Roman decides to talk to Martha. When it’s just the two of them in Martha’s room, Roman asked if her comment meant tat she planned on not coming back. Martha insist that that is SOOOO not the case, and that her “I’m still here” was all about tee fact tat she knows that her time on the boat with Jack [when she was sailing before the storm] wasn’t real – Jack wasn’t rally there with her.

Rachel and Sonia, a counsellor, enter – and after Rachel & Roman go into the corridor, Rachel expresses her annoyance at Roman’s actions. He insists that Martha had to know that there are still ppl her on earth for her etc.


Annie, Ruby & Xavier enter and when Annie asks, Geoff insists that he thinks that he & Nicole aren’t meant to be together.

Roman arrives, and he is annoyed tat Nicole isn’t here [he was to pick her up]. He tells Geoff that it’s ok to take Nicole away -on the condition that he gets her home in plenty of time for school on Tuesday. Geoff thanks Roman – but its clear to Roman that Geoff has NO idea what Roman is talking bout.


Martha is keen to go home, but Rachel is still concerned but her, Martha insist that Rachel’s assumptions etc bout Martha’s comment were wrong, Rachel tells Martha tat she will contact tat counsellor before arranging Martha’s discharge.

Rachel goes into the corridor, where Tony apologises for asking bout the boat earlier. He comets tat he knows that hies priorities have been all wrong lately and Rachel agrees. He seems pleased tat things are back on track though.


Geoff enters and he tells Nic that he is sorry – and she knows that he knows more bout the surprise because of what Roman said to her. Nic tells Geoff that she is VERY annoyed tat he once more thought the worst of her when she was speaking to that boat guy [organising their trip] earlier. Geoff tells Nic tat he is really keen to go on this trip, whilst Nic tells Geoff tat she is rally keen keen to get the ‘ship back on track.


Hugo enters and he is surprise the Martha is home form hospital already. She asks him bout the box that he’s just put down. He says tat its old stuff of his that he just collected orm his mum’s house. Maratha is surprised to see a scale mode yacht amongst the thigh he has bought back. Hugo tells Martha tat jack gave him that boat building kit – he did so after Hugo was involved a car crash. A crash that not only claimed the life of Hugo’s g/f, but severely injured Hugo – broken back, and several other serious injuries. Hugo tell martha that jack knew that Hugo needed something to keep his mind off all the pain & the effort to get back to the way he was before the accident, and Jack was right.

Martha tells Hugo that she, on the bat, decided to let fate take its course, and she thought that bit would take her to Jack, but Hugo has a different take on things. Hugo tell Martha that the chances of surviving a storm like that whilst unconscious are astronomical – and that that should be what Martha take out of what has occurred.

Soon after, Martha suggest to Hugo that he should put the toy yacht he built on the top of the bookshelf in the lounge - Hugo concurs and he they put it there together. Martha then gives Hugo jack’s fave jacket – as it too big for her.

Xavier enters and Hugo comments that Xavier hasn’t returned any of Brendan’s recent calls. When Xavier says that he will phone Brendan, Hugo says that Brendan & Gina are coming to visit in a few days.


Geoff & Nic are abrd a motorised boat- heading for the island that they got together on lat year [post Olympic cliff-hanger]. We see a man on the beach of the island – looking out to sea at the boat with Nic etc on it



Looks like the dude that we saw fright at the end of 4811 causes BIG trouble on island for Nicole & Geoff

Martha says “it’s like she is profiting for Jack’s death”

There’s a clash twen Jai & Trey at the school

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: yellow [white & pink butterflies] low cut v neck knee length dress/dark beaded necklace


Rachel: royal blue top/black & brown beaded necklace


Ruby: white singlet top/dark grey knee length skirt


Alf: light blue [green check] button up shirt

Alf: faded yellow [dark check] shirt/bane long pants

Annie: dark [large green dots] knee length dress

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse

Colleen “: white [red & black swirls] blouse/dark top

Geoff: dark blue singlet

Geoff: grey singlet/white board shorts

Hugo: grey [black eagle] t/olive green shorts

Hugo: white [black upside down tree] t/dark blue shorts

Martha: white [red & blue trim] t/dark long pants/grey cardigan

Martha: dark brown [blue wolf on yellow moon-like background] t/denim jeans/black [white stripes across chest] jacket

Roman: black t/denim jeans

Roman: olive green t

Sonia [hospital counsellor]: white elbow length sleeved blouse

Tony: black [yellow puma] t

Xavier: red [white “85”] t/light blue shorts

Xavier: light blue t

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