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Fri, 13 Mar 09 – Episode # 4810

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “I Did It For You “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 13 Mar 09 – Episode # 4810]


Belle tells Aden how proud she is of him because of the way he’s acted in what’s happening to Joey. Robbo enters, and Aden makes it quite clear to Robbo that he believes Joey over Robbo any day. When Robbo suggest that Aden will be looking for a new job soon, acne responds by saying that Robbo will soon be in jail for what he did to Joey. Robbo bails


Joey is worried that if she does make an official complaint bout Robbo, he won’t go to jail til after the court case at best. Charlie tells Joey that that can have an AVO put on him, but Joey doesn’t tick that that will have any affect. Joey also expresses her concerns as too what will happen after her brother kicks her out of home.

Charlie exits the room and speaks to one of the male officer. She suggests that she is going to talk to Joey elsewhere – someone less formal/intimidating.


Tony & rachel enter, and Rachel is overjoyed when she lotsa of baby stuff [toys etc] all in boxes. Tony comments that he knows that his priorities haven’t exactly been right lately. They waaaaaaaaaaay hug.


Colleen & Irene are in the kitchen – and colleen is rally getting on Irene’s nerves as she constantly talks bout Irene’s date with Lou today.

Colleen then goes into the main area where she talks to Martha. The latter apologises for going off at colleen the way she did bot the clothes. Martha ads that she kept jack’s fave jacket.

As colleen walks awy, we see a napkin in front of Martha, with the word “forever” written on it. Martha’s mobile rings – when she loos at the screen it says Jack’s work calling. She answers – and she can’t believe what she is hearing.


Tony & Rachael talk to Alf about what’s been happening with the pregnancy when Tony gets a phone call. When of the phone, he stays that he’s just been told that Angelo’s case won’t even go to court – because of a combination of not enough evidence and that view that Angelo fired in self defence. Alf, Tony & Rachel aren’t impressed.


Joey [who is fighting back tears most of this scene] tells Charlie that she’s ashamed at what’s happened. When Charlie wonders why Joey doesn’t like Robbo, Joey says staht he is a pig, but Charlie wonders if there’s more to it. Joey comments tat Aden is bound to have told Charlie about Joey – that she’s gay.

Joey wonders, if this does go to court, if her private life will be bought into play, and Charlie says that the lawyers are sure to bring it up. Joey insi8st tat she just can’t do this – and that Charlie is a beautiful straight girl who has NO idea what its like to be Joey.


Lour arrives and it seem like colleen is more impressed that he is taking Irene to a fancy restaurant and the opera than Irene does. Colleen insist tat she will easily cover for Irene [til roman comes back] so Irene can go on date.

Colleen tells Irene that she moist tell Martha bout this – but Irene, just before she & Lou bail, Irene tells colleen that Martha bails a while back. As she says this, we see [near colleen on kitchen bench] the napkin with forever written on it.


As Tony & rachel approach the wharf, Tony comments bout how that’s no justice in what’s happens. He also says that maybe it’s for the best – as this means they won’t have to see Angelo every day in court.

Both can’t believe it when get to the wharf where THAT yacht is usually moored – as the bot ISN’ there now.


Tony & Rachel talk to Alf bout searching for the boat. Alf says tat the Blaxland is being fixed at the monet, but they can take out some little boats to look for it. Alf adds howler that even n that could be a problem – as the weather reports indicates that there’s a storm on te way.


Charlie approaches Adelle and tells them that Joey hasn’t made an official compliant bout Robbo, so there is noting that Charlie can do about this. It’s clear that aden is annoyed by this.

Charlie approaches colleen – and wonders where Martha is. Colleen comments tat she bailed earlier – and Charlie add stat other of the other YC police gave Martha some day news earlier today.


Adelle are talking up the road form Joey’s house. Aden is adamant that Joey has to talk to the police about this – and it definitely looks like Aden is “channelling” what happened to him into this situation.

Aden is worried when they see [form a distance] Robbo & Joey exit Joey’s house. Robbo wonders what Brett would say if he knew that Joey asked out Robbo’s little sister. Robbo grabs Joey – and suggests that she mustn’t say anything, but by this time, Adelle close by, and Aden pushes Robbo to the ground. However, it’s clear that belle & Joey are not so keen on Aden doing what he just did – and neither of course is Robbo.


Aden sess Joey and insist tat she REALLY has to go the police bout what’s happened – and although he doesn’t give Joey the full story, Aden insist that he DOES know what joy is going though. When Aden gets a little more verbally pushy, belle insist tat he should back off. Aden tries to apologise for his actions – as Joey bails.


Irene arrives – she’s all dress up for her date, and Charlie gives her the matching red clutch purse that Leah is lending irene. However, when Irene slightly bend over to get something, the outfit rips, and she quickly bails – saying that tis is all a mistake,


Irene tells colleen that the date has been cancelled, but moments later, Lou enters – with some, well, moire low key flowers for Irene. When colleen has walked away, Lou comments tat he’s also not that much into opera – and has given the tickets and the recurrent booking to friends etc.


Joey & Charlie are in the interview room, and charlie thanks Joey for coming fwd bout what’s happened. Joey tells Charlie that “I did it for you”. However, they are interrupted when Joey's brother Brett arrives, and hauls her out of the intreview room. Charlie isn’t impressed – but Joey insist tat there’s nothing that she can do about it.cahrlie looks very concerned as Bret & Joey bail from the station..


Irene & Lou are siting at the end of the wharf. Irene comments tat colleen will have a field day when she hears that Irene & Lou swapped opera for fish & chips on the pier. Lou gets a bottle of wine out of his bag, and comments bout how god it is. He pours a glass for both he & Irene. We can see that irene is apprehencious, but she doesn’t say anything bout her past, she merely puts that wine filed glass beside her [on the side furthest form Lou].


Tony and to a slighty lesser extent Rachel are getting worried but Alf insists that they can’t search in small boat with that storm approaching. Alf suggest that they go back to the wharf – maybe the boat is back there now.


Martha is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smiling as she sails aboard THAT “stolen” boat – which is called “Forever”



Hugo finds Martha washed up on the beach [same beach as where Sam’s body washed up, ironically]

Trey expresses on interest on Kristy, which Jai sooo doesn’t like

Belle’s boss [in hospital] tell her that if she covers for him, it will help her career

Looks like Nic & Geoff return to THAT [post Olympic cliff-hanger] island

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: red sparkly jacket/red low cut v neck knee length dress


Rachel: black, grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] top/dark long pants


Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z”] t-shirt


Aden: black [silver “Navajo”] t/dark long pants

Alf: faded yellow [dark check] shirt/bane long pants

Belle: dark singlet top

Belle: red [white & black unknown motif] scoop t/dark long pants

Brett: olive green button up shirt

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse

Irene: red scoop t

Irene: grey elbow length sleeved blouse

Joey: grey jumper/dark t/denim jeans

Lou: dark blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Lou: grey [black stripes across chest] polo

Martha: dark brown [blue wolf on yellow moon-like background] t/denim jeans/black [white stripes across chest] jacket

Robbo: green & white check flano shirt/bone t/dark blue beanie

Spiky haired male police officer: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Tony: red [white circles on chest] t/dark shorts

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