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Thurs, 12 Mar 09 – Episode # 4809

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Be Serious For A Second. You’re Saying That Joey Is Gay ? “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 12 Mar 09 – Episode # 4809]


Roman arrives home, and when he comments on trey not being there, Nic responds by saying that she isn't keen on him saying I told you so – since trey tried yo kiss her. Roman “suggests” that she should definitely tell Geoff about what happened. Roman also tells Nic that she should tell Roman about tray hassles her.


Next day, Tony is working on the boat, with Rachel on the wharf beside the boat. Martha approaches, and when she tries to talk to Tony, he is initially too distracted [by work on boat] to realise that Martha is there. Tony tells Martha that he is hoping to launch the boat in next day of so. Martha offers to help, but Tony declines the offer.


Nic & roman are in the kitchen, and Nic tells Roman tat she hasn’t spoken to Geoff today as yet. She is kinda worried bout the outcome though. Roman tells Nic that this is her chance, as Geoff has just entered the diner.

Nic goes into the main area, with Geoff is with some of the rugby team. She suggests that they should talk. He isn’t keen on doing so right now, but that agree to meet at surf club after he finishes training.


With Joey siting on the couch nearby, Alf talks to Tony & Rachel at the bar. Tony is pleased tat the last of the parts he needs for thee boat have arrived, whilst Alf walk to Rachel about her pregnancy. She comments tat she is half way through now, and that she is keen to go to sale oaf baby stuff at yabbies creek today.


Tony & Rachel entry, and she is REALLY keen to go a cot that in at the sale. Tony is keener to work on the boat today. Rachel would like him to be there – and the sale is only on today. When Tony refers to the boat as his baby, Rachel commit on how ironic that comment is.


Nic enters and trey has a go at her. Joey however returns fire – commenting of how tray seems to be compensating for being small by verbally attacking Nic in front of his mates. After trey bails, Nic & Joey formally introduce themselves to the other, and Joey wonders what happened tween Nic & Trey.


Martha approaches Hugo and comets how great it was this morn when she visited Tony ant tee wharf. She adds that Hugo knows all about how cool the sae is, because of his dive business.

Martha wonders if Hugo can take her today to where jack grew up, but he says that he has dive customers today, and he rally can’t pass up work like that. Hugo bails.


Nic comet to Joey tat the boys of the bay think that girls are either a saint or a skank, and Nic is pleased when Joey is on his side. Nic comments tat she can’t believe tat she is just pouring her heart out to Joey – but the latter comments that sometimes its easier to talk to a stranger

Joey then gorgeously tentatively wonders if Nic would like to go to the movies or a secluded beach with her. Nic realises what’s just happened and tells Joey that Nic has a boyfriend. When Joey enquires, Nic tells her tat Freya kissed Nic [not other way round]. Joey apologises to Nic and as she bails, Joey almost colloids with Geoff. Nic calls out to Joey to not bail, but she does.

Note – when Joey was asking Nic out, it was an ESPECIALLY fine performance form Kate Bell.

Soon after, Nic tells Geoff tat he was right about trey. She also tells him that Joey came to her defence – AND they Joey hit on her. Geoff isn’t to pleased with that = and Nic makes things worse when she says that she doesn’t want to have fun, she wants to be with Geoff. Nic insists that she didn’t mean it that way = but Geoff isn’t listening. He bails.


Martha is scrubbing the kitchen flor when Hugo arrives. Hugo notices that there’s a msg on answering machine. It’s Tony who tells Martha that he is launching the boat today. Martha tells Hugo that it looks like everyone else has someonth8ing to look fwd to, except Martha. She also tells hui go tho tell Tony that she won’t be able to make it to the launch.


After Nic hypothetically asks Aden how he would react if someone asked Belle out, he comment that he would only be worried if belle encouraged it. Nic then says that she is actually talking bout hesrelf – and that she’s been “hit on” by a guy and a girl”. the last bit piques Aden’s interest and he jokes about when Nic’s hot date with this girl is. Nic responds by telling him that it was Joey who asked her out – and she ads that Joey seems to think that every1 in SB think that Nic is a lesbian. Aden looks VERY encouraged when Nic responds to a question of his by telling him that Joey is “Gay as”. Aden bails and Nic wonders what’s going on.


After5 Aden wonders if a guy has a legal leg to stand on if he claiming that he had consensual sex with a girl who is gay, Charlie tells him that she can’t do anting bout a hypothetical situation. She suggests for Aden to get Joey to talk to the police bout what happened.


After And insist stat Joey should go to police because Aden know that she is gay, Joey isn’t impress that Nic told him. She also wonders who else knows, and he tells her tat Nic has told her b/f Geoff. Joey tells Aden that she doesn't want anyone else to know this, and after we see that someone in the house is watching them. Joey “suggests” that Aden should leave. Aden wonders if Joey’s brother know that she is gay and she say that he doesn’t AND that it will stay that way. Joey goes inside – as and wonders what he can do to convince her too go the the ploice.


Martha enters the kitchen and Hugo comets tat he has finished the housework, so she has no excuse not to go to the boat launch. He also gives her a bottle of champagne. She notes be that its the same vintage as Jack’s and Hugo tells her that Tony gave him a bottle when he tuned 21 - just Tony did with jack. He suggests tat she should go to the launch but Martha still doesn’t look so sure.


Aden tells Charlie that hooey won’t go to the police bout this. Charlie says tat she can’t act on this, but suggest that they might be able to go to Joey and get this sorted.


Nic & Geoff comments bout how at was VERY cool that they were so diffrent when they got together, but now those differences are an issues, so they rally dolt have anything in common,. Nic insists that she rally likes Geoff – and wants them to get through this trouble.


Joey is NOT pleased when she answers a knock at the door – as its Charlie & Aden. She doesn’t want to talk to them, and rally inslt happy with Aden. Charlie & Aden are able to talk her round – and she agrees to go with them. She comments that she just has to do something 1st and will join them in the police car.


Rachel & Tony are getting worried that Martha won’t made it in tome for thee launch, but she does arrives in time [wearing jack’s jacket]. She hands Tony the battle of champagne the Hugo gave her, and he makes a speech bout how working on the boat kept him close to jack. Martha sys that tony isn’t crazy for thinking light that. After Tony pops tat champagne cork and christen the boat, Martha WAY smiles – as she can see [ghost of] Jack, smiling on her, on the boat


Joey exits her house and gets in the pic car. As she does so, Robbo is watching form nearby.



Tony sys tat Angelo’s case won’t be going to court

Aden clashes with Robbo after the latter tries t grab Joey

Tony is dismayed that THAT boat is gone from the wharf

Irene comment to Lou that colleen would be most upset if she finds out hey had fish & chips on the pier rather than going to the opera.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: green & white thin strap knee length dress


Rachel: black, grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] top/dark long pants


Martha: dark brown [blue wolf on yellow moon-like background] t/denim jeans/black [white stripes across chest] jacket


Aden: grey singlet/dark long pants

Alf: faded yellow [dark check] shirt/bane long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Geoff: dark blue singlet top/light blue boardies

Geoff: marron [with white collar] rugby jersey

Hugo: white [black upside down tree] t/dark blue shorts

Jack: grey long sleeve top/denim jeans

Joey: grey jumper/dark t/denim jeans

Nicole: yellow wide strap knee length dress/dark beaded necklace

Robbo: green & white check flano shirt/bone t/dark blue beanie

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Roman: olive green t/dark long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Tony: grey v neck t

Tony: red [white circles on chest] t/dark shorts

Trey: dark green [white “Indian chief”] t

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