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Tues, 10 Mar 09 – Episode # 4807

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “It’s All About Doors “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 10 Mar 09 – Episode # 4807]


Ruby, Jai & Annie can see that but cars, especially Martin’s is damaged so they bail.

Martin [who has a cut above his eye] and Kirsty exit their cars, and Martin doesn’t sound too convinced bout Kirsty telling him that she swerved to avoid a person who was riding on a wheelie bin. When Martin asks, Kirsty tells him tat she hopes that Irene has insurance.


Xavier, Ruby, Jai & Annie enter; Xavier telsls thme that he took the skate wheels of the bin and ditced it at the beach. Xavier insists tat twelve got to keep quiet bout this, or Xavier could be in a lot of trouble. Although Annie doesn’t actually voice her concerned bout this, she’s the one who Xavier especially “suggest” the info bout keeping quiet.


Irene talk to0 leah bout the invite to diner with Lou. Irene is rally worried as she hasn’t been out of a date for ages. Colleen comets that Irene & Lou isn'l the only success story on the speed date night, as one of the guys who Leah talked to have called her. Roman begins the take an interest in the chat t this poioint.

Kirsty enters, and she is way stressed. She tells I and the others bout the crash with Martin, incl the bit bout someone on a wheelie bin.

Alf enters, and comments tat he’s just found thet van park’s wheelie bin near the beach.


Miles answers the door – its Kirsty so he shuts the door in her face. Kirsty pushes it open and insist once moor that she needs to speak to Jai bout6 the wheelie bin incident especially became Kirsty will have to pay for everything about the crash since she isn't in Irene’s insurance policy. Miles is annoyed by her hostility, and she tells him that she wasn’t exactly thrilled by him ignoring her at school. Miles responds by telling Kirsty that he doesn’t think that he could handle seeing her every day at school – so that’s why he reacted that way. After this heated “chat”, Kirsty bails.


In the kitchen Roman ask Leah who phoned her and she say that it was a guy called George. Roman opens the fridge and sees the seafood that Lou brought in. Leah comments tat it was free of charge, but Roman insists that they have to cook some of it tonight or it will go off. Roman tells Leah that he has an idea [or vice versa].


Martin enters and talkers to Xavier, Ruby & Hugo about what’s happened, especially in light of the person that Kirsty saw on te bin wearing in blue hoodie like Xavier’s. Xavier insists that it wasn’t him.

Martin bails, and so to, soon after, does Ruby. Hugo isn’t so sure bout what Xavier has told him – but when he asks, Xavier denies that he was on te bin, or knows anything bout it.


Jai & Annie are on te back patio when Alf arrives there wit the wheelie bin. He tells that that they will keep it here for a while – so someone else doesn’t take it to copy that person who caused the Kirsty, Martin crash.

The trio go inside and when Miles wonders what they are talking bout, Jai & Annie insist tat they've got lotsa homework to do – so they will do that.


The phone rings and Miles pick it up. It’s Roman, with Leah standing beside him. Roman wonders if Miles would like to come to diner tonight at the diner. Miles insists that it will have to be after he helps Martin at the school, and Roman in OK with that.


Leah & Roman ask Kristy if she’d like to join them for dinner. Kirsty is apprehensions when they say tat dinner with are at 8.30, but Irene insists that she will take care of Oliver tight. Kirsty accepts, and Leah & Roman looks V pleased with themselves.


Ruby, Annie & jai are doing homework at the table and Miles & Alf are in the kitchen. The latter 2 are talking bout the wheelie bin incident, i.e. how much trouble that Kirsty is in.

Annie kicks Jai under the table, and Jai tells Miles & Alf that he was the one on the wheelie bin.


Xavier is doing hi homework when Hugo commits bout him being a little too quiet at the moment. Hugo exits as Ruby enters. She tells him that Jai has taken the blame for the wheelie bin incident, but Hugo re-enters and hears this. He isn’t impressed.


Kirsty & Martin are talking bout the incident with Miles arrives with Jai, who tells Kirsty yet that he was the one on the bin. However, moments later, Hugo & Xavier arrives – and the REAL culprit owns up.

Soon after, Kirsty insist tat she will pay for the damage that was caused, and Martin suggest at she can have part time job her at the school, and that she can start by helping Miles tonight. The looks on the faces of both Kirsty & Miles [both are solo not happy with this plan] are priceless.


Hugo has a MAJOR go at Xavier. He is especially annoyed tat Xavier lied to him bout this. Hugo insist that Xavier has one more chance, i.e. if there’s any more trouble, Xavier will gave to go back and live with Brendan & their mum. Xavier doesn’t like tat idea, but Hugo insists that they are the rules.


Mile & Kirsty are verbally at each throats as they carry boxes out of the storeroom and into t he corridor. Mile especially is annoyed tat Kirsty just showed up in town again – without even a phone call to let hi know that she is back.

They are both in the storeroom, mid their verbal duel, when they door shuts – and it’s LOCKED. Both of them comment tat their mobiles are out of the corridor, and both [especially Kirsty] seems annoyed that they are in this locked room togther – with no one to come a get them out til morning.


With the place only lit with lots candles, Leah & Roman are worried that it’s passed 8.30 and neither Kirsty nor Miles have shown up yet. Roman & Leah are word that Kirsty and Miles have figured out what they have planed.


Kirsty & Miles have a serious D&M. Kirsty insist tat she left thrown because Miles told her to go – but he commits tat she could have stayed if she rally wanted to. BOTH admit tat when they said I love you to the other in the past, they TOTALLY meant it. Kirsty begin to get up - and maybe kiss Miles, when Martin unlocks & open the door. He says tat he saw the lights still on at the school a he passed by and he is glad that he could rescue them. As Miles & Kirsty bail for the storeroom, Kirsty sarcastically comments tat Martin has great timing.



Looks like Trey kisses Nicole

Miles wonders if Leah & Roman are together

Martha snaps at Colleen after a suggestion bout Jack’s clothes

Geoff or Aden punches Trey

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: dark purple spaghetti strap [with yellow band at waist] knee length dress/yellow scarf


Annie: purple wide strap knee length dress [with light pink t shirt beneath]


Ruby: yellow spaghetti strap top/white shorts


Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: cream [pink floral] blouse/cream [various colour floral] top

Hugo: grey [white crest] t/olive green shorts

Irene: red elbow length sleeved blouse/dark long pants

Jai: black [violet blocks] t/denim shorts

Kirsty: green kinda low cut v neck knee length dress

Martin: red long sleeve button up shirt

Martin: dark suit/write button up shirt/black [yellow diagonal stripes] tie

Miles: brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/grey button up shirt/denim jeans

Roman: dark blue t/dark long pants

Xavier: red [grey “fresh juice”] t/denim jeans/aqua & white jacket

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