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Mon, 9 Mar 09 – Episode # 4806

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ 21 Years Old – And More Grown Up Than Ever “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 9 Mar 09 – Episode # 4806]


Moments after Belle pops another pill, Aden enters and thells her the Robbo raped [his word] Joey on tee day tat Joey asked Aden not to leave the boat without her. Belle insists tat joey have to go to the police, but Aden say tat she hasn’t and that he knows where Joey is coming form. Aden however decides to do something bout the situation. Belle “suggest” that he shouldn’t do anything stupid – she says this as Aden bails.


Robbo is playing pool with a mate when Aden enters and grabs Robbo and confronts him about raping Joey, Robbo insist tat it was consensual, but Aden doesn’t rally believe him. Aden insists that robbo is going to be in the trouble with the police are told, but Robbo insist tat since he’s done nothing illegal, he has nothing to fear.

Note – after various characters referred to the like of Carly, Chloe and Dani being attacked, it’s a GREAT, very grown up thing, to actually hear the R word.


Xavier is walking on the wooden fence and he is talking to Ruby & Jia as he does so. When he returns to the ground, he & Jai mock wrestle a bit – and the nearby Martin suggests that that shouldn’t be being so childish. He also suggests that Xavier should be wearing the school jumper [rather than the blue & white one that he has on].

After Martin walked away, Jai sees Kristy in the distance. He comments Ruby & Xavier that Miles hadn’t spoke to Kirsty since Kane left.


Miles tells Alf that he is heading off to get a juice at Noah’s, and Alf comments that Miles can’t avoid seeing Kirsty forever. Miles bails.


Kirsty talk to Irene bout getting her old hob back at tee school. Irene thiks taht she could ask Martin – as he can only say no.

After Irene & Kirsty enter the kitchen, a courier arrives a gives Irene some flowers. There’s no card – so Irene tells Kirsty that they are bound to be for Colleen [as the speed date fundraiser night was a big success].

In the main area, Belle sees Lou enters and confronts him bout sexual harassment going on on his boats. Lou cant that Belle had “hit” hi like that and bails. Irene who heard part of Belle’s “chat” suggest that belle just can’t go and harass ppl like that.


In the corridor, Kirsty approaches Martin. She asks him for her old job back. He says tat they've got someone working that job on a trial basis at the moment, and that it would be unfair on them to just be ditched in favour of Kirsty. Kirsty pleads with Martin, and he say that he will give things some thought. Kirsty sees Miles enters the corridor. Jai especially notices that Miles completely ignores Kirsty.


Belle approaches the boat where Aden & Robbo and another are working. Aden goes onto wharf and Belle tells him that she confronted Lou. Aden can’t believe tat she has done that – as “what part of don’t make this harder for Joey didn’t you understand?”

When Robbbo suggest tat Aden should be having this D&MK with Belle in his own time, Belle approaches the boat – she is keen to really have a go at Robbo for what he did, but Aden insist that this isn’t then twa to go. After Belle bails, Robbo suggest to Aden that Belle should be on a leash


Jai tell ruby, Annie & Xavier bout how Miles ignored Kirsty. He then show to trio the new wheels tat he bought for him skate board.


Joey is at the clothe line when Robbo comes up behind her. She jumps as soon a he touches her – and she “suggest” tat he shouldn’t do it again. Robbo “suggest” that Joey should keep her mouth shut or he’ll tell her bro [a mate of his] about Joey’s secret “crushes”. Robbo also sys tat if her brother doesn’t shut her up, he’ll find someone who will. Moments after Robbo bails, Joey does likewise.


Xavier tells Ruby, Annie & jai that he used to be into Skateboarding, until an incident with his brother Brendan. Ruby is worried – as she comments tat Xavier has his “about to do something silly” look on his face.

Elsewhere in the corridors, Martin approaches Miles. He comment bout how he is thimnking of taking on Kirsty as a pert tie employee at the school. Miles tells Martin that he is worried bout the school’s budget – and Miles even agrees to work back late etc to cover what jobs nee to be done [that Kirsty would have been doing].


Aden & Robbo are on the boat with Lou approaches. He asked tem if the know anything bout sexual harassment going on on his boats. Robbo says that he doesn’t, but aden say to talk to Joey bout that. Lou bails, and Robbo doesn’t look too pleased with Aden.


Adelle are walking & talking and Aden still isn’t that keen on Belle talking to Lou that weary she did, as its up to Joey’ to do something about this.

Joey approaches – and blasts Aden for confronting Robbo bout this. When Belle suggest that Joey should report Robbo, Joey lets fly at Aden once more – insisting that she REALLY cant trust him more that ever. She also waaaaaaaaay have another at him for not being there for her THAT day. Joey storms off.


Kirsty talk to Alf bout getting a job here, but Alf tells her that bye’s ghost all the staff he needs.

Moments after Kirsty bails, Miles enters, and Alf has a go at him for avoiding Kirsty like this. Miles insist that Kirsty has hurt him too much, and he rally doesn’t want to go there again.


Irene talk to Kirsty bout her job hunting, i.e. Irene is encourage tat Kirsty is out there actively searching for one, and tells Kirsty that she can borrow Irene’s car the afternoon.

Colleen enters and Irene thanks her for the flowers, but Colleen has no idea what she is talking bout.


Aden is annoyed with himself for not being there for Joey. Belle however think to he will compound tat mistake if he doesn’t either go to the authorities himself, or convince Joey to do so.


On the back patio, Xavier lifts the wheelie bin onto the table, with Annie & ruby on net patio too, he asks Jai to hand him the new skateboards “trucks” that Jai got today.


Monetrs after Kirsty bails, Lou enters with a the diner’s latest order form his company, he tells Irene [as he wheels it into the kitchen] that everyone else was busy – so he is delivering. He wonders if Irene liked that flowers, and she realised tat they are form him Lou tells Irene tat the delivery is just a ruse – as he’s not made a personal stock delivery for the last 25 years.

Lou asks Irene out to dinner.


Jai, Ruby, Annie & Xavier are at the top of a hill and Xavier lies atop that wheelie bin and rolls down the hill [on a bike path]. With the other trio watching, Xavier stands up on the still muchly moving bin, before be lies down once more,. The bin & Xavire go onto the road, where Kirsty has to swerve to avoid them. Xavier comes to a holt nearby and gets of the bin. Up the road a bit, there’s almost a collision tweeny the cars of Kirsty & Martin, whilst Xavier quickly foots it away form the scene.



Martin blames Kirsty for the car incident

Kirsty & Miles are locked in a room at the school

Jai say tat he was the one riding in the bin

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: yellow spaghetti strap top/white shorts


Annie: purple [light pink sleeves] top


Jai: black [violet blocks] t/denim shorts


Aden: dark singlet/khaki long pants

Aden: black [green “Mexico”] t/dark long pants

Aden: red [white “Desala [something] Viva and arc like motif] t

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: black [white nautical themed motif?] t/denim mid thigh skirt/dark long pants

Belle: white [black rock band?] t/dark shorts

Colleen: cream [pink floral] blouse/cream [various colour floral] top

Courier: fluro yellow t/dark long pants

Irene: red elbow length sleeved blouse/dark long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Joey: royal blue jacket/denim jeans

Kirsty: green kinda low cut v neck knee length dress

Lou: dark grey polo shirt/bone long pants

Martin: dark suit/write button up shirt/black [yellow diagonal stripes] tie

Miles: brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Robbo: white [dark check] flanelette shuirt/bione singlet/denim jeans/blue beanie

Robbo: red & blue check shirt/bone t/blue beanie

Ruby: SBH uniform

Xavier: SBH uniform/aqua &^ white jacket

Xavier: red [grey “fresh juice” [ t/denim jeans/aqua & white jacket

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