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Fri, 05 Mar 09 – Episode # 4805

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ What Do You Think He Did “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 05 Mar 09 – Episode # 4805]


Robbo is being troublesome, and he calls Aden a girl when Aden tries to get him to not be so annoying.Roboo then suggest yttb the nearby Charlie [who is chat to Martha] that they should hook up, Alf “suggest” that Robpo sghhould bail. Before Robbo leaves, he tells Charlie tat he has her number, 000 [the phone number for emergency services in Oz].


Early the next day, Be is in the kitchen and Aden approaches her. He tells Belle tat he was worried that she didn’t answer any of his calls, but a VERY high spirited Belle ins tat she just lost track of time whilst chatting etc to the band.

Later that morn, in the kitchen Nic talk to annie bout her leg. Annie commit tat her ankle isn’t so brilliant still after last night.

Belle enters the room, and she does look so good. Nic is impressed that Bell got to hang out with the band after the concert though.

When Belle asks, Nic or Annie say tat Aden has bailed already, but they say tat he was going to the diner of coffee before work.


In the main area. Adelle talk bout what happened last night, during which Aden “suggests” tat Belle rally should have called him lat night.

Belle goes into the kitchen when Nic & roman are talking. Belle then goes into the storeroom, where she takes some pills. Nic enters the room – and Belle comment that she maybe had too big a night lat night [and is paying for it today]


Martha thanks Alf for fixing her blocked sink, as Jack was always that handyman about the place. She also comments tat Hugo is hopeless at such thing.

Charlie arrives – and suggests to Martha that they hung out together today. Martha comments bout how alfs & Charlie are setting her up – making sure she’s ok. They deny it – but it’s clear that that’s what hoing is on.


Annie comment to Geoff tat her ankle is sore enough for not to do PE at school trouble. Nic approaches and she & Geoff have a MAJOR verbal clash about what’s happened. Nic tells Geoff that he didn’t even try to enjoy himself last night – and bails at the 1-st change that he got. Nic also call him a control freak – beefer she bails.


Robbo & Aden talk bout a bargain that Robbo scored withy some old boat equipment that he just bought. They sae Joey walking nearby. Robbo yells out to her – csying that joey must be on easy street if she can just quiet a job like that.

Aden goes over and spike to joey. When he asks, joey sua tat she’s yet to find another job.


Alf is flat out trying to survey to many customers etc. Aden approaches and when Alf says tat he’s yet to employ another person for the bar, Aden suggests baht he knows someone after a job. When Alf asks, Alf say taj ey doesn't nave bar experience that he knows off, but Alf suggest to being her in all the same.


Geoff enters brielfly, but he sees that Nic is is there, and isn’t keen on another clash. He briefly y talk to Annie before bailing. Annie then approaches Nic, and Nic doesn’t like tat Annie appears to be defending Geoff’s actions. Indeed, Nic comments at she is REALLY annoyed tat Geoff sent in his sister to talk for him.


Nic enters and comments on how Belle is both typing and speaking at a million miles an hour. Nic comets tat when she was in the city, her best friends mum was addicted to uppers & dowers, and she can see the signs in Belle.


Charlie & Martha re talking, incl Charlie telling Martha that she’s glad that Hugo stood her up now, as he needs some time on her own.

Aden & Joey enters and talk to Alf. Joey tells Alf that she had a job at a bar for 3 weeks in the past, and that she can deal with difficult people.


Nic almost can’t believe it when Belle tells her that Lima gave her some drugs. Belle insists tat she is control or this, and pleads for Nic not to tell Aden bout this.


Joey seems to be going well at the bar, and Alf wonders if she will be ok by herself whilst he goes to the bait shop. Joey sass that she will be.

Not long after Alf bails, Robbo enters, and Joey instantly looks scared. Her body language – bowed head etc – says it all, and the nearby Charlie picks up on this. She glances over towards Robbo & Joey as she talks to Martha.

At the bat, Robbo “suggest” to the petrified Joey that she better keep her mouth shut or else. After Robbo bails, Joey instantly bails to the storeroom. She is in tears when Charlie finds her in there. Joey insists tat she just can’t go back out there – and Charlie says that she & Martha will contact Alf.

NEAR DINER [i think]

Nicole approaches Annie & Geoff, and after a commit about Annie being in sick bay at school today, Nic & Geoff talk bout hat’s happening tween them. Both agree that they hate fighting, and Nic admits tat she knows that Geoff didn’t put Annie up to talking to her earlier [it’s just the Nic was annoyed at the time[]. They are both glad that they are back together, and seal it with a kiss. Goeff also suggets that maybe they could pick the music that they go to next time.


Charlie & Martha comets bout how they hope that booth Joey and Alf [who is run off his feet of late] are going to be ok. Charlie then takes offence at Martha trying to get her to go out with Hugo. She does however thank Martha for their girl’s day out today.


Aden enters Noah’s and he is surprisers when aloft say tat Joey went home sick.

Aden then goes into the pool room, where Robbo makes a sarcastic remark bout how going has a habit of quitting jobs. Aden bails.


Nic & Geoff are kissing in the kitten when Aden enters, when he goes into the main room, he talk to belle. She is worried bout Joey – as she isn’t answering her phone. Belle suggests that he should go and talk to her. Belle ads tat she will have diner ready for her when he gets back. Aden comments that bell is admixing – her article is finished and she is cook diner all on 2 hours sleep. Nic smiles and commits tat Belle’s had LOTSA caffeine today.

After Aden bails, Nic comets to Belle bout the drugs. Belle says that it was kill Aden if he knew, and that she won’t take any more. She pleads with Nic not to say anything, and Nic seems to agree [for Aden’s sake, not Belle’s though I got the impression]


Aden approaches Joey – and she almost immediately starts hitting hum, shouting at him as to why he left her alone with Robbo. When Aden asks, the tearful Joey says to Aden “what do you think he did” [when she & Robbo wren alone on the boat that fateful afternoon]

Joey is totally in tears and she slumps to the ground – and Aden tries to comfort Joey by hugging her.



Aden confronts Robbo – accusing him of raping Joey [note – Aden actually says the R word, and that’s got to be a 1st for H&A]

Trey goes to kiss Nic

It looks lies Miles & Kristy are locked in a room together

Xavier is riding atop a wheelie bin – which causes an incident involving Irene’s car, but Jai say that he was on the bin.

Tony says tat Angelo’s case ISN”T going to court

Lou ask Irene to go out with him

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: electric blue thing strap top


Joey: apple green [darker green woman] t/ denims jeans


Charlie: silver top/dark shorts


Aden: black singlet/denim jeans

Aden: black [green “Mexico”] t

Aden: white t

Aden: green [white crest] t

Alf: orange [green check] shirt/bone long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: white [black rock band?] t/dark shorts

Belle: black [silver studded “collar”] singlet top

Charlie: whet singlet top/dark long pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Joey: dark camo t/dark grey jacket/denims jeans

Martha: silver singlet top

Martha: white t/dark shorts/dark “beanie”

Nic: SBH uniform

Robbo: black t

Robbo: red & blue check shirt/bone t/blue beanie

Robbo: dark grey jaket/blak t

Roman: blue [black stripe across chest] t

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