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Thurs, 4 Mar 09 – Episode # 4804

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Charity Event With A Twist “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 4 Mar 09 – Episode # 4804]


Kane tell Miles tat he just knows that Miles & Kirsty are back togther. Oliver enters the house, and Jai takes him aside. Miles tells Kane that he & Kirsty merely bumped into each other, and Miles “suggest” that k1 shouldn’t even come her & hit Miles again. Kane & Oliver bail.


Belle isn’t looking well -0 indeed, she loos as through she is trying to go cold turkey. Irene suggests that she shouldn’t go into work today, but Belle insist tat there is no one else at the paper to do the story she is doing. When Irene suggest that Belle should at last take some paracetamol. Belle says tat she doesn’t need to take anything. Thankful, by this stage, Irene is in the kitchen, with Belle in tah store room, so Irene can’t see Belle all but writhing in pain.


KK argue bout what’s going on – as Kane still is convince that Kirsty & Miles are togther. Kirsty can't believe it when Kane sas t tat he hit Miles. Kirsty tells Kane that they are going over to Miles’ place and Kane is going to apologise. Kirsty ads tat her & Mi will prove to Kirsty that they aren’t together.


Jai & Annie rally appreciate it when Alf gives that some free passes ]that he got form a supplier] to a concert tonight. Both say that they are fans of Liam Murphy [played by Axel Whitehead,. who infamously a few years ago exposed himself on stage during the ARIA music award]. Jai & Annie comment on how there are 4 tioskets, and wonder who they’ll invite.


Leah arrives for the speed dating and Irene & Colleen comet on how great she looks.

Lou [Aden’s boss] arrives with the seafood for the night, but isn't keen when he hears tat the “charity event with a twist” is a speed date night. He tells Colleen tat he will help Irene in the kitchen tonight, which leads Colleen to hoping Roman will even up the numbers of men & women.

Note: it’s a charity event, as its raising money for the hospital, which makes me thinks of One of Colleen’s infamous plays – during which, Maddie & Lucas kissed for the 1st time.


KK & Oliver arrive, and Miles or Alf comets tat Kane is game coming here. After Alf takes Oliver outside, both Miles & Kirsty tell Kane that they aren’t together. It seems like Kane get the message this time, and KK bail.


Colleen gets things rolling with the speed date night. Leah & Roman are pair togther 1st off – and Roman say tat Leah can [practice on him and vice versa. as they chat, Leah jokes that she works in a diner with a guy who can’t cook.


KK talk bout their situation. Kane tells Kirsty that he was hyping that could finally have the perfect life etc together, but Kirsty insist that things have change – she’s changed. Bothe say tat they love the other, but Kirsty insist tat it’s not enough anymore [so ironic, given what these 2 have been through]. Kane goes onto the back patio – and it looks like he is seriously holding back tears.


Roman is quite intrigued when Leah tells him that she left a guy at the altar, but then Colleen rings tat bell and its time to change partners., Roman tells Leah that he wants to hear the rest of that story, before Roman moves to another table.

Meanwhile, a guy named Rodney sits with Leah, and suggests tat they get down to business.


Annie, Jai and Nicole & Geoff [the 2 who they invited] arrive at the venue for the concert. They encounter Belle who is here for the paper. Nicole eagerly leads Geoff towards the very front ofteh audience, and the n Liam and his band come on stage and stage playing.


In the kitchen, Irene & Lout talk bout his business, i.e. Lou got into the whole trawlers ting as it in his blood. Both seem to be having a good time chat to the other.

In ath main area, Leah & Rodney discover tat they both have 3 siblings, but whilst Rodney tahnks that’s great, Leah casy tat her family can be a handful at times. All the while, Roman is glancinmg over a number of times in leah;s direcytion.


As the band plays, it’s clear that whilst Nicole is LOVING the concert, Geoff isn’t he slugfest tat move towards the back of the crowd, as its way too loud.

Nicole can’t believe it when Geoff eagerly tire to bail to take care of Annie who has stained her ankle, but jai say tat he has contacted Miles who is picking them up. Geoff stays with Nicole but its clear tat he’s not a happy camper.


Colleen rungs the bell and tells all tat the sped dating night is over., btw, its clear tat Colleen’s have a tad to much to drink as she is sluing her words a bit.

Irene &* Lou both comments on how great a night it’s been.


As the concert continues, Belle tries to take more pics of the band, but his vision is way blurred.


Kane tells Kirsty tat he has accepted her decision, and that he thinks it best if Oliver stays hiwth Kirsty. He says taht he’ll send whatever money he can. Kane goes to hug Kirsty, but its clear form her body language tat she doesn’t want that – so Kane doesn’t. Kane goes upstairs – to say goodbye e to Oliver.


Colleen talks to Roman & Leah bout tonight. When She asked, Roman asytstat he didn’t get any phone numbers of the women he talked to, but Leah comment that she did take few numbers down. They comment that it was a pretty good night after all.


Kirsty is in the kitchen when Kane enters [from having said goodbye to Oliver]. Kane tells K2w tat he still can’t believe tat this is happening, and that he will get in contact soon.

Kane goes intote back patio, and he hears tat Kirsty has followed him. Kane stops walking and turns around, Kirsty runs over to Kane and hugs. Kane bails after the hug – and Kirsty cries.


Backstage after the concert, Belle interviews Liam. He comments tat he likes talking to ppl who like my music. Liam then comment on how it looks like Belle’s had a hard day. He then offers her some drugs. Belle declines – and Liam says that the offer in there any time.



Belle pleads with Nicole not tell Aden [bout her drug issues]

Things are still rocky tween Nicole & Geoff

Robbo tells Joey to keep her mouth shout or else

Joey slaps Aden as she says “why did you leave me alone with him?”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: black [silver studded “collar”] singlet top


Leah: black strapless [white zigzag stripe] knee length dress


Kirsty: yellow kinda low cut v neck top/dark long pants


Alf: white [dark blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: red white strap top [with black t beneath]

Annie: white [dark horizontal stripes] t/red shorts

Belle: grey t

Colleen: silver top/red beret/red scarf

Geoff: white t

Irene: aqua long sleeve blouse/white long pants

Jai: red t/white [grey check] [ hoodie

Jai: white [TV test pattern] t/black [white diagonal stripes] board shorts

Kane: purple [several white horizontal stripes across chest] t/dark long pants

Liam Murphy: dark jacket/balk [red unmkopnw motif] t/denim jeans

Lou: powder blue button up shirt/bone long pants

Miles: faded white & blue [black tropic motif] t/brown shirt/dark shorts

Nicole: dark thin strap top

Oliver: brown t/denim shorts

Rodney: dark suit/white button up shirt/tan tie

Roman: brown [dark unknown logo] t

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