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Wed, 4 Mar 09 – Episode # 4803

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Awesome, Me An Idiot “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 4 Mar 09 – Episode # 4803]


Ruby is watching TV and she is surprised when Charlie arrives home way earlier that expected. When Charlie tells ruby tat Hugo stood her up. Ruby blames herself of pushing CB into this date, but Charlie doesn't blame her. Charlie insists tat she’s over men altogether.


Irene almost can’t believe in when Kirsty shows up with Oliver in tee middle of then night. Kirsty insist that she just can’t talk to Kane at the moment, but Irene “suggest” that running away never solves the problem. When Kirsty asks, Irene syua tat of course Kirsty can stay the night here.


Next day, Ruby is in the kitchen when Charlie enters, Ruby is keen to talk bout lstnight, but Charlie isn’t. She merely tells Ruby tat it’s another nail in the coffin of her love life, before Charlie bails.

Moments later, Xavier arrives and after Xavier pays her some of the money he owes Ruby, she quickly fills him in on how annoyed that Charlie is that Hugo stood her up. Ruby insist that Hugo has as much of a clue [not at all] as Xavier when it comes to woman.


In the kitchen. Colleen eventually persuades Leah to take part of the speed dating night. When Roman & Leah enquire, Colleen says that she can’t participate as she is the organiser. Colleen gives Leah a form to fill out for the night.


Miles & Kirsty unexpectedly encounter each other. When Miles ask, Kirsty say tat Oly is with her this time. Meanwhile Kane, driving his car nearby, sees them talking.


In the kitchen, Roman helps Leah with that form, pointing up several of what he thinks are her good points.

In the main area, Hugo encounters Charlie. He tells her that their was a report tat kids were mucking abound near his boat last night, but it turned up to be false. Charlie sarcastically says to Hugo that at sat the night wasn’t a waste for some. Charlie then bails.


Kane enters as he is calling out Oliver’s names. Irene is keen for he & Kirsty to sort tings out, but6 he takes that to mean that she is on Kirsty’s side. Oliver comes down the stairs, and Kane takes the boy in his arms and caries him as he bails form the house. Irene is a tad shocked, distressed at what’s happening.

Soon after, Kirsty is very annoyed tat Kane took Oliver like that. When Irene suggest tat KK have to talk this through, Kirsty insist tat Kane won’t listen to her at the moment. Kirsty bails – to try to find Oliver, leaving benid a frustrated Irene.


Kirsty sees Oliver is Kane’s car buy the side of the road. Kane approaches and angrily tell Kirsty tat he saw her talking to Miles ealier. Kane gets in the car and drives off [with Oliver still aboard], leaving behind a distraught Kirsty.


After Kirsty tells Irene what’s happening, I insist tat KK canlt kop treating Oliver like a rag doll – and that KK have lost sight of who’s in tee middle of all of this. The frustrated Irene bails.


Xavier arrives and [i think] pays of the reminder of the money tat Ruby gave to Freya.

Xavier then kinda pours his heart out when he tells Ruby tat he rallies that what Xavier/Ruby have is soooooo much beetr than what Xavier/Freya had.

Xavier has fishiness his heartfelt speech before Jai [in longue room, with Xavier & Ruby at tee back door] call out to Ruby, wondeiring if she’s going to do any of the group assignment tat are doing. Xavier bails – and when Ruby goes into9 the longue room and she tells jai that although she likes Xavier, she is worried bout being hurt.


Kane & Oliver are skimming stones across the water when Miles sees Miles walking in te distance.


When Hugo comments to Alf about not going to dinner with Charlie beacons of the report about those kids lat night, Alf tells him bout how “all dolled up” Charlie was.


Jai is by the pool table when Xavier enters. Xavier asks for Jai’s help with Ruby.


Kane, with Oly in tee back seat, is driving along. He then turns the car around a heads in the opposite direction.


Ruby gets an email for Xavier. She opens tat attachment – it’s a video of Xavier. He looks all sad, and then we see a series of placards with tigs like “you awesome”, “me an idiot”, and “i'm soooooo sorry”. Jai is in the video too – holding a sign saying “he means it” and Jai touches Xavier‘s face – trying to turn his frown into a smile.

Ruby clearly loves the video, but Charlie isn’t so keen on tee idea of Xavier/Ruby – given how much he’s hurt her in the past.


Xavier is pleased when he reads Rub's reply. She says stat she accepts his apology, but she ads tat Charlie still isn’t keen on their ‘ship.

When Hugo enters the house, Xavier tells him bout what’s happened and, with jai backing him up, Xavier asked Hugo for a favour.


In lounge room, Hugo & Charlie talk bout what happened last night [i.e. her getting all dressed up when it wasn’t a date]m before talk to tuns Xavier & Ruby. Charlie expresses her concerns, but Hugo tells her tat Xavier papers to have learnt his lesson, and besdies that, if Xavier stuffs up again with Ruby, he’s have both Charlie & Hugo to deal with.

On the back patio, Xavier & ruby are pleased tat Hugo & Charlie aren't shouting at each otther, which must means that things are ok. Ruby tells Xavier tat his video was daggy, but oh so cute. After Ruby wonders if/when Xavier is going top kiss her, they do kiss.


Kirsty is alkyl stressed but Irene insists tat Kirsty should let things calm down, and then Kane will no doubt call. Kirsty doesn’t look so insure of that.


Miles talks to Jai, who says tat his assignment and Xavier/Ruby are going fine.

Kane enters to house. He tells Miles tat he saw Miles & Kirsty together, and tan Kane punches Miles in the face, Jai thinks about retaliate, bout Miles “suggest” against it. Miles however looks stunned at what’s just happened.



A rock star offers Belle some drugs

Kirsty tells Miles tat she is NEVER getting back togther with Kane

Looks like Roman & Leah and Irene & Lou have a good time at the speed dating ting

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: black sparkly top


Irene: aqua long sleeve blouse/white long pants


Ruby: flesh closured singlet top/white knee length skirt


Alf: white [dark blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: blue singlet top

Charlie: black [with red floral on lower half] one shoulder knee length dress

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Colleen: dark aqua top/bright multi colour floral blouse

Hugo: black [zebra motif] t/olive green shorts

Irene: cream [various colour floral designs] PJs

Jai: white [TV test pattern] t/black [white diagonal stripes] board shorts

Kane: purple [several white horizontal stripes across chest] t/dark long pants

Kirsty: black blouse

Kirsty: yellow kinda low cut v neck top/dark long pants

Miles: faded white & blue [black tropic motif] t/brown shirt/dark shorts

Oliver: black t/denim shorts

Oliver: dark blue long sleeve top

Roman: brown [dark unknown logo] t

Ruby: white singlet top

Ruby: red low cut v neck spaghetti strap knee length skirt

Xavier: red [black & white “von zipper”] t

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