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The Nintendo Wii

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I didn't want to post just asking for help so I started a general discussion thread for the Nintendo Wii because I'm sure I'm not the only one with one XD

I tried to search for 'Wii' but it was too short and in the search for 'Nintendo' nothing came up but If there is a thread feel free to move, merge or remove this one.

And now a question.

I've had my Wii for a little less for a year but something is wrong with my remote's. To start of with, they don't work XD I've tried to re-sync them, new batteries and I've also tried rechargeable batteries. And the 4 little blue lights don't work. They don't flash when I sync or at any point. It's not just one, its both. I've checked the sensor bar but still nothing. Do I need new ones or is there something I can do?


Oh my gosh..... seriously.

I spend ages looking for the solution and even start a thread on here, only to whack it a few times and for it to start working... Gosh XD

So now I guess it's just discussion XD

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