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Mon, 2 Mar 09 – Episode # 4801

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Robbo, You DIGUST Me !!! “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 2 Mar 09 – Episode # 4801]

Note – it was MUCHLY coooool that one of the ads during this ep was for the soon-to-be-released-in-Oz film “Confessions Of A Shopaholic” [starring ex-H&Aer ISLA Fisher]


Its really lat at night and Belle is in the bathroom. She is about to/thinking about taking some of her pills, but she is interrupted when Irene open that door. Both get a fright, especially Belle. She quickly on a shelf behind the mirror before she bails form the room.

As Belle Hades back to her bedroom, she removes a pill from her mouth.


Next day, as Aden approaches the boat, he sees Joey & Robbo talking and he is curious. A dude tells Aden that he is helping out today, and the guy also wishes that Robbo & Joey would get a room so to speak.

After the other guy bails, and Joey moves where form Robbo, Aden asks her what’s going on, but she snaps at him – insisting tat she’s here to work, not socialise.


Martha & Rachel that bout how Tony got out of bed lat last night, and the he was gone already [for work] by time that Rachel got up this morn. Martha doesn’t like it when Rachel suggest tat maybe Tony does need the support of another [woman], and Martha “suggest” that Rachel needs to sort this out.


Belle is in bed when Irene enters her room. Jerry, Belle’s boos is on the hone. Belle takes the call =- and tells her boss that yes she will be able to met with his in 15 minutes.

Belle jumps out of bed, and Irene isn’t so sure tat Belle is “up” to this, but Belle insists that she is. Irene leaves the room so Belle can get changed.


Jerry asks Belle the read a piece that she submitted for printing in the paper, but the sentence doesn’t make sense. Jerry tells Belle that the piece is lettered with sentence just like that one. Jerry tells Belle the do it again, and to have it to him as soon as possible. He also tells Belle that further mistakes like Thais and Belle will loose her job.


Martha tells lf that she is keen to start working at NOAH'S again next week, and just ease herself in. Alf isn’t so keen on the idea.

After he walks away, Tony enters the room – and all but demands that he need sto talk to Rachel bout what’s going on.


After Tony enters, he tells Rachel bout what Martha had said. he insist that he couldn’t sleep lat night, so he went fir a walk, and it was so late by time he go back that he slept on the couch. Rachel suggests that he could have at least left her a note. Tony insists that he’s just been tried etc a lot lately, and Rachel still looks concerned as he bails.


Belle & Irene are in the kitchen when Belle tells Irene bout watts have happened. Irene thriet9o re assure Belle that her boss knows that Belle usually does great work, but as this is happening, Belle is looking VERY worried – as her hand is minorly shaking uncontrollably.

Belle go to her bedroom, and hand the shaky hand with her other hand, hoping in will stop


In the cabin of the trawler, Aden talks to Gibbsy bout Joey & Robbo. Gibbsy is annoyed at this so called lovers tiff, and tells Aden tat this is what he isn’t keen on having females on his boat,. Gibbsy tells Aden that Robbo & Joey better sort this out.

Joey & Robbo are working below deck, and she takes offence at her touching her. she “suggests“ for Robbo to get out of her way, but he doesn’t when she tells Robbo that there’s no way tat he can heave here, Robbo gets close to her and say tat if he wants Joey, he will have her. He kisses her on the cheek, and the look of disgust on Joey’s face was priceless.


Belle is in her room and seriously thinking of taking more pills when Irene interrupts, Irene says tat she is heading off for work. Irene is please when Belle tells her tat she’s fin shined that word that Jerry wansted her to do. Belle also rsposond to another query foirm Irene by telling her tat Belle is just about to head out and pick up Aden.

When Irene is gone, the UBER stressed Belle starts to cry.


Gibbsy invites Aden to drinks with the boys at the pub within the cominbhg days.

When Gibbsy is gone, Joey approaches Aden sand ask him not to leave the boat/wharf without her today. Aden agrees.

As Joey walks, Robbo asked Aden what they wer they about. Aden goes with Robbos’ suggestion that Joey was whinging bout not being invited tat the boy’s night out.


Rachel & Tony are in the kitchen, and Rachel suggest tat they should go to the movies, and maybe even just rent one for so alone time together her at the house. Tony seem initially distracted and not rally listening to Rachel, and he tells he that he had things to do However, Tony decide to make an effort and go with Rachel’ plan.


Belle rings Aden and she is REALLY keen to tell him something. When he say that he will be a while, and tells him that she can see him – and we see that Belle is indeed staansing on the wharf beside the one the trawler that Aden works one. Aden is keen to help out Joey, but can sense the desperation in Belle’s voice.

Whilst still on the phone, he goes one to the back, and asks Robbo is he's seem Joey, Aden isn’t impressed when Robbo say tat she has gone home already.

After that, Robbo goes below deck where Joey is still working. Robbo is looking menacing and Joey suggests that he better not try anything since Aden is still here. Joey is shacked and annoyed when Robbo says that acne has bailed. She tries to get past Robbo – to the only latter that leads up to tee deck, but he grabs her – and covers her mouth so she can't scream. The look of fear in Joey’s eyes is totally haunting – as you just what a COMPLETE AND UTTER MORON like Robbo is about to do to Joey.


After Adelle entry the house, Aden wonders what bell was so keen to talk bout. When she tells him that she needed him because she had a bad day, Belle seems to get the impression that Aden thought that her wanting to talk to him wasn't a life or death situation after all. after Bell tell Aden that she felty like she just needed to vent to someone, Aden tells her tat he is going to head for home so he can change, as he smells very fishily right now.

Before he goes, Aden wonders to belle if things are good twen them, adn bell insist tat Aden is the best thing in her life right now. Both commet [jokingly] ion how "nutty" the other is before he bails.

After Aden bails, Belle flushes those pills down the toilet.


It’s late at night, and Rachel & Tony are in bed. Tony, once more gets out of bed, and Rachel is alert to the fact that he has done so once more.


Rachel pulls up her Saab in eth car park and close-ish by she can see Tony. Another car arrives, and a woman gets out. Rachel is anguished that her thoughts that he's most likely having an affair appear to have come true.



Aden can’t believe that Joey’s quit her job on the boat

Tony sys “there’s something I need to show you”

Sound like Ruby and Xavier are getting REAL close again

Robbo physically attacks a boat inspector

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: sky blue satin PJ shirt and long pants


Rachel: red singlet top


Martha: black [2 white birds on a tree branch] t/brown “beanie”/grey shorts


Aden: grey [black stripes across chest] jacket/black t/olive green long pants

Alf: light blue [Greene check] button up shirt/bon long pants

Belle: black singlet top/grey PJ long pants

Belle: black vest/black [white cross] t/dark long pants

Don “Gibbsy” Gibson: red & blue jacket/dark blue shirt

Dude who helped out on the boat: blue cap/dark blue jacket/bone t/dark long pants

Irene: light pink short sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Jerry [Coastal news editor]: blue [dark check] button up shirt

Joey: grey jacket/dark long pants/bark [white trim] beanie

Robbo: white [blue check] flannelette shirt/bone singlet/denim jeans/dark beanie

Tony: white & brown t/dark long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

Woman with Tony: white top

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