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Fri, 27 Feb 09 – Episode # 4800

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Kate Bell And Blood And Water “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 27 Feb 09 – Episode # 4800]


Martha arrives and when she asks, Rach tells her that Tony didn’t hang out with Alf tonight. Rach tells Martha bout the text message form Belinda, but she doesn’t know if Tony is actually having an affair or it’s just coincidental that there’s a few messages form Belinda on Tony’s phone. Rach tells Martha that just doesn’t know what is going on.


Next day, when Joey ^ Aden arrive, Robbo starts giving Joey a hard time – incl when he insists tat she doesn’t need to check the ropes, as he has done some already. Joey [when she is out of earshot of Robbo] tells Aden that she juts knew that this would happen [after he talked to Lou bout what is happening].


Irene descends that stairs and finds Bell at the table working on her laptop. Irene is clearly worried that belle is pushing things a tad too much, but bell tries to assure her that things are under control.

Geoff talks to Irene abou6t Nic/Geoff. He says tat they don’t seem to be in a good place right now – and that maybe they are too different. He adds that the there’s a side of Nic that he likes that no one else can see etc. Irene suggests that Geoff should be telling Nic things like that, as it could help things.


Rachel comets to that the he must have come home very late last night, as she didn’t hear him come in. when she comment bout how he didn’t meet up with Alf, Tony tells her that he ended up doing other things.

As Tony goes to bail, Rachel hands him his phone Tony bails.


Geoff tells Nic that he does really like he the way that she is, and that he did get a tad jealous that Trey was showing an interest in Nic. Nic is keen for them to hang out today – even if its meenas doing so whilst Geoff takes pics of the sand dunes for a school assignment.


On the trailer, Aden & Joey are sorting through the fish they’ve just caught. Robbo has a go at Joey for throwing some fish back in the ocean. She comments that they are undersized – but “Gibbsy” sides with Robbo. Joey kinda smiles at Aden – as a way to show that this treatment just backs up what she said earlier.


Belle is rushing about, and as she does so, she spills a drink on her laptop. She is UBER stressed that the computer seems to have “died” [which mean she’s lost the files etc that she was working on]/


Robbo & Aden are pulling on the ropes to lift up the nets when one of the ropes breaks. This causes one of the big fishing hooks to swing wildly in Joey’s direction. It hit her and knocks her overboard. Aden jumps into the water and helps her get back to that boat. All the while, Robbo is grinning like it’s a big joke. He & Gibbsy help Aden & Joey [who is bleeding form a wound to her head] back into the boat.

Note – my ep title refers to the fact tat this is the 2nd time I’ve seen a character played Kate Bell with a head wound that involves the sea, i.e. in series 1 of Blue Water High, her character Bec Sanderson received a head wound after wiping out whilst surfing.


Rachel is very excited with the baby kicks – and so are the nearby Leah, Irene & Roman. When Irene asks, Rach say that she is 4 months preggers.

Martha enters as Irene & Leah are feeling the bub kick. As Rach goes to bail, she wonders what Rachel is going to do about the Tony situation. Rachel says that she doesn’t know – as she doesn’t want to have to raise this child alone.


Tony sends a text message to Belinda. He thinks her for last night.


After Geoff & Nic enters, Nic is keen to takes photos of something sexier than sand dunes, i.e. Geoff. She suggest that he takes his shirt off – which he does, and they booth laugh of she take pics of him.


After the bloodied wound to Joey’s head is tended to, Joey has a go at Robbo for what happened, but he’s not apologetic in the least.

After he walks away, Aden talks to Joey. She assures Aden that Robbo will get bored with all this sooner or later – but Aden isn'lt so sure. Joey insists tat will outlast Robbo.

Gibbsy tells Joey to head for home – because of that head wound, and he tells Aden that he’ll have to do extra work to cover for Joey not being here.


After Joey and the others have gone, Aden’s phone rings. Its belle who is freaking out bout what’s happened. And tries to calmly get her to remember the basic points of what she wrote [of the piece that she lost because of the computer issues earlier]. Aden however tells Belle that he can’t help her further beau he is doing Joey’s work as well because eof that incident. Before the call ends, Aden seems a tad concerned that Belle didn’t even seem even a little concerned for Joey.


Rachel tells Tony that they baby kicked tody. She adds that she wasn't sure that she should tell him because of what’s been happening. Indeed, she ask him bout why he said that he was hanging out with Alf lat night, and Tony says that thought it would help her peace of mind to know that he has talking to someone bout what’s been going on.

Rachel tells ask him bout the text message form Belinda and Tony tells that she is a supplier and that last night was the only time that she had that they could talk bout business stuff.

After Tony bails, Rachel looks anguished.


Nic is looking through all the shirtless pics that she took of Geoff [on her digital camera]. After she jokes bout making them into a calendar, he say they are for her eyes only.

They kiss several times, and after interrupted by Irene when she gets home, Geoff foes all kjinda awkweard. He instantly stops kissing Nic and puts his shirt on. He insists tag he are Nic are doing to bail, but its clear that Irene didn’t really have an issue with them kissing like that.


Nic & Geoff have a verbal fight bout what happened. Geoff says that ever since Freya arrived in the bay, Nic now finds everything boring. Nic comments that maybe she & Geoff are just too different, and it now looks they’ve broke up. As Nic walk away, it look as though Geoff thinks bout going after her, but he doesn’t.


Rachel enters and Tony seems to be really cccccooool when he feels the baby kick.

As Rachel bails, she encounters Martha, who saw the baby kick moment. Rach tells Martha that Belinda is just a supplier and that Rachel is probably just all hormonal and jumping to conclusions.


Belle enters and sits newt to Aden. She seems quite annoyed tat he ignored it when she tried to rung him a few times today, but Aden seems more concerned for what Joey is going through at the moment. Indeed, he tells Belle that, like he said to Joey earlier, he doesn’t think that Robbo will give up this campaign against Joey any time soon.


Just to prove Aden’s point, we see Robbo [its night time btw]in his car, watching Joey is she puts some rubbish in her bin before she goes back inside her house.


All the lights are out and Rachel & Tony are in bed. Tony however gets out, and exits the room. Rachel wakes – and is seems concerned that this is happening again.



Tony tells someone [Rachel?] that “I need to show you something”

Robbo continues his campaign against Joey

A rock star offers Belle some drugs

Belle’s boss tells that if she makes more mistakes, she’ll be out a job

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: black satin [with white trim] PJ shirt & matching long pants


Nicole: fluro yellow bikini/yellow [white band on the top] shorts


Joey: plum t/red beanie/dark long pants


Aden: dark blue [white unknown logo] t

Aden: white singlet/ dark long pants

Belle: grey singlet top/black sleeveless crop jacket

Belle: white t

Don Gibson: dark blue polo/ denim jeans

Geoff: dark blue t/light blue boardies

Geoff: light blue [with dark blue “Zenearde Athletics” logo] singlet

Irene: mauve dressing gown/light blue PJ shirt

Irene: red blouse/white long pants

Joey: dark singlet top/ dark long pants

Leah: flesh colour spaghetti strap top

Martha: red [white floral] singlet top/denim jeans/dark blue [white swirls] bandana

Martha: tan long sleeve cardigan/white top/brown beanie

Rachel: royal blue top/black knee length skirt

Rachel: dark grey wide strap top/dark long pants

Robbo: grey hoddie/white [blue check] flannelette shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Roman: grey & black horiz stripe t

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

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