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Tues, 24 Feb 09 – Episode # 4797

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “It's A Small Price To Pay “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 24 Feb 09 – Episode # 4797]


as Ruby [in the boat] calls out Hugo’s name, Xavier is in the water – driving underneath the surface etyc trying to find his bro. Freya is stressing out – saying that she is soooo sorry for this. Xavier isn’t keen on leaving the scene – but Ruby insists that they need help.


Charlie & Roman are chatting when they sare intercepted by the arrival of Ruby, Xavier & Freya 0 who teal them bout the boat collision.


Miles is gathering together all of the things that Kirsty has left behind – to give to Irene. Jai comment tat Miles is tying to deny tat Kirsty was ever in his life. The phone rings. Alf answers – and it’s clearly a call bout the boat incident.


Colleen, Irene & especially Martha are shocked when Charlie teal them bout the indecent.


Alf, Xavier, Roman & Red are in a boat loking for Hugo’s boat – without success. Xavier tells Roman & Alf that it didn’t look like that was any damage to Hugo’s boat – it wasn’t taking in water.


Martha is pretty frantic – suggesting tat this should be happening quicker in the search for Hugo. This is after Charlie tells her that a full search will be under way in an hour. Martha, Charlie etc can’t believe it when Hugo enters the diner. Charlie phones Alf – and tells him that Hugo is at diner.


Hugo explains to the like of Roman, Alf, Charlie, Xavier, and Ruby that he decides to go for a dive by himself. He tells them that he though his lights were on, and that although he heard something on the surface, it didn’t occur ytp him, that his bait had been run it. Talk turns to what Xavier and cop where doing ion the boat – and Xavier admits ta it was Freya who was driving the boat.


Irene gets a big shock when Kirsty enter the house. Kirsty tells her that she & Kane have had a big fight. Kirsty is steering out – as she has NO idea where Kane has taken Oliver.


Freya meets up with her drug dealer. He isn’t keen when she says she needs more time. He gave her until 4pm morrow – and warns Freya not to cross him.


Kirsty tell Irene tat Kane hates himself right n owe, and suggested that Kirsty should go back to Miles. Kane however insist that she can’t take Oliver with her. Kirsty tells Ire tat she can’t tell anyone tat Kirsty is in tee bay, and although she knows tat Kane isn’t going well right now, she knows tat he wouldn’t hurt Oliver.

Next day, Kirsty leaves a phone msg for Kane to call her. Kirsty doesn’t like it when Irene suggest tat she call the place. There’s a knock at the door – so Kirsty hides in the bathroom. It’s Miles – who gives Irene that box of Kirsty’s tings. Kirsty starts to cry when Miles say that she is moving on with his life.


Xavier approaches Freya – who apologises form bailing on him last night after the incident with the boat. Freya teal Xavier that she is muchly grateful fir what he’s done, and doesn’t want him to push her way now. She then tells him bout how she has to have the money to her dealer this afternoon or else.


In the kitchen, Roman thinks that Colleen is over doing things when she comets that there a re drug lords in the bay.

Xavier approaches Roman – and asks if he can be late for hoi shift this afternoon. Roman agrees.

In the main are, Jai & Ruby comment bout the front page story in the paper – bout drugs at eth high school. Ruby almost can’t believe it when Xavier says that she is going to help Freya out again [with the whole needs $500 thing]. Xavier insists that this will be that last time. Ruby isn’t so sure.

Soon after, Ruby approaches Roman, and asks if she can lend $500. Ruby says tat she needs it for rent, and that the ATM ate her card. She also doesn’t want to stress Charlie bout this. Roman agrees to loan her the money.


Ruby approaches Freya and tells her that because ruby cares bout xavier, ruby is giving Freya that money to pay of the dealer. after ruby shows Freya the money, ruby insist tat Freya is to leave town and NEVER rtn [one the deal is done].


Irene is keen for Kristy to talk to miles,m but they are interrupted when kirsty's phone rings - its Kane, who [form kirsty's responses] thanks tat kirsty is already back with miles.

the distraught kirsrty tell Irene tat Kane hung up on her - and thet he's;s not bringing Ollie back.o


Roman talk to Hugo, and suggest tat he'll be Hugo's dive buddy anytime - as you shouldn't go out alone.

Charlie enters, and spoke to Hugo, who confirms that his lights weren't on. roman than comment to Charil bout the rent money that Ruby borrowed. charlie has no idea what he's talking about.


ruby approaches Xavier and tells him that she gave Freya the money. Xavier commsts tat its 4pm and Freya's not here. Xavier see the drug dealer and approaches him. Xavier tries to reason with him - but the dude starts bashing Xavier. ruby tuns and gets Charlie & Hugo - and Charlie catches and arrests the drug dealer. Hugo bigns to tend to the bloody faced Xavier.


After Hugo gets of the phone, he has a go at Xavier for his actions today, but Xavier sooooo doesn't want to hear it.

Martha arrives and gives Xavier a note that she found next door. as Xavier rads that note, he hear a voice over of frays tell;ling him that she just had to bail, and that she WILL make thing up to him one day.


in the kitten, charlie talk to Ruby, ruby takes offence to charlie comparing Pat to Freya - as Pat broke off their 'shiop because he knew that it was the best thing to do etc.

Xavier arrives, and tells them the freya is gone.

after charlie leaves the room, Ruby & Xavier talk bout frays, Xavier can;t believe tat ruby got the money for freya like that, but ruby insist tat it was a small price to pay to get Freya out of Xavier's life.


Miles is walking along, when he can't believe it when he see Kristy in Irene's stationary car. Irene gets in the car, and Kirstry [drivers seat[ starts that car and they dive off.



Theo is waaaaaaay getting on Leah’s & VJ’s nerves

Irene tells Miles that Kirsty doesn’t want to see him

There’s something going on involving Melody’s Gran

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: red sports singlet top/black [2 red vertical stripes on each leg] track pants


Ruby: brown top/white [brown band near top and dark floral patterns] skirt


Freya: black [gold horiz stripes] bikini top/white tube top/white shorts/gold hoop earrings


Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: white singlet top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: green forest motifs blouse/hot pink top

Colleen: red [white floral] top

Drug Dealer: dark t/dark jacket/dark long pants

Drug Dealer: plum button up shirt/brown jacket/dark long pants

Freya: red top/dark jacket/dark long pants

Hugo: white [dark insects] t/olive green long pants

Hugo: yelo0w [unknown white motif inside red circle] t/bone shorts

Irene: green leafy elbow length sleeved blouse

Irene: mauve short sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Jai: aqua [dark “ever last”??] t

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: grey t/dark long pants

Kirsty: red v neck long sleeve top/dark long pants

Martha: grey long sleeve top/grey beanie/denim jeans

Martha: grey t/black beanie/dark long pants

Miles: white [black unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Miles: grey [orange & green rainbow with black tropic motifs] t/olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Roman: black singlet

Roman: blue [black stripe across chest] t

Roman: white singlet/dark shorts

Ruby: blue jacket/green [white floral pattern near “collar”] top/dark long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

Xavier: brown t/dark jacket

Xavier: red [dark blue horizontal stripes] long sleeve top/denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

Xavier: yellow [black arms & hands] t/blue [back vertical stripes] board shorts

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