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Mon, 23 Feb 09 – Episode # 4796

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“It’s Funny That I Often Call Charlie’s Sister Red Because .… “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 23 Feb 09 – Episode # 4796]


Hugo shows Alf his new dive boat – think of a craft similar to the one that Roman & his army mates used to find Sam’s sunken boat lat year. When Hugo wonders bout local dive sites, Alf say tat he is more into fishing,

Both men are districted by the carry on of some teen boys nearby – who are showing their appreciation to Freya who is exiting that water after going for a topless swim. Freya then covers herself with a towel.


Alf tells Charlie bout Freya and CB wonders if Alf is making an offal complaint. Ruby commits that this sounds like typical Freya, to which Charlie responds that Freya’s attention seeking plan has indeed worked.

As Charlie & Ruby bail, Ruby comments on how much “fun” today will be – as Charlie is coming to the school to give a road safety lecture.


Xavier is by his locker when Freya approaches. He insist that he doesn’t want to sell the drugs for her – but Freya isn’t taking no for an answer. She puts the drugs in his locker – which ruby seeing all of this form nearby.

Charlie & Martin approach – and “suggest” the Freya should leave. After she bailed, Martin has a go at Xavier for this latest incident.


Belle rushes into the office – and comment that she set her alarm wrong and slept in. a female co worker commit on how original that it. The meeting that Belle was hoping to get to in time has just finished – and her co worker tell Belle that became they’ve had issues with their next front page story, Belle is to go and and find some news [as others are busy for various reasons]. The co worker suggests tat Belle should already have some contacts by now.


Ruby approaches Xavier near the lockers. Although he denies it, Ruby insists that she saw Freya puts drugs in his bag. After Ruby sees Xavier pout his locket key in his pencil case, she accuses Xavier is being addicted to Freya, before she bails.


Alf tells Hugo that he isn’t so keen on Hugo’s plan to take ppl out diving at night.

Charlie enter the room, and Hugo t6ells him that he is worried still bout Xavier – as Freya/Xavier is still going strong, And he feels like Xavier take more risks etc when he is around Freya.

Belle approaches Charlie – and is please when Charlie says tat Belle can “tag along” with her when he next shift starts [after lunch today]


As Martin teaches the class bout the various layers on the earth [the mantle, crest etc], ruby notices a boy handing Xavier a note.

Moments after Martin asks Xavier to talk to the class about the subject he is teaching, Ruby tells Martin that she has to go to the bathroom. On her way out of class, Ruby “brows” Xavier’s pencil case – and when she at the lockers, she opens his – and finds the drugs. She removes them.


Ruby tries to put all those drugs pills down the kitchen sink, but she’s not having much luck. Even worse luck when she hears someone in tenhouse. She puts the bag of drug pills in the frdge, and stands in front of it. When Charlie is keen to have lunch, ruby suggests btat she has a healthy salad. Charlie moves ruby aside and fins that pills. She smugly has a go at ruby, who insists tat she found that in tee bathroom at school. Ruby denies that they are Xavier – after Charlie asks.

Belle enters – and is a “tad” shocked at what’s happening.

Note - my ep title refers tat the fact that I often [esp. in my draft ep guides] refer to Ruby as Red. This is further ironic as about 10 yrs ago, blood nut Gypsy was busted by Travis with drugs in the VPH fridge - and like ruby, Gypsy was trying to steer another bad boy, Will Smith, out of trouble – and hey, Gypsy’s dad was a cop too.


In the corridor, Xavier has tipped most t things out of his schoolbag, looking for his locker key. When ruby ask, he cautiously tells her bout the drugs. When Xavier isn’t looking, Ruby puts that key back in his bag.


Charlie gets of the phone. She tells belle that she’s been speaking to Martin – who has no issues with this “drugs at SBH” story being made public. Bell says that she will run the story by her editor.


Freya isn’t impressed bout the whole lost key [can’t get to the drugs] thing, but Xavier insist tat she maybe she should have listened to Xavier when he said that he dinlt want to be involved.

After Freya bails, Hugo speaks to Xavier. Hugo tells Xavier tat since he’ll be out with the dive boat tonight, Xavier will cook sinner for Martha – and Hugo isn't taking no for answer. Meanwhile, Xavier can’t believe it that his locker key is in his bag after all. He bails.


Xavier opens his locker, but the dugs ore gone.


Freya isn't pleased that the drugs are gone, but Xavier insists tat this so isn’t his fault. After Freya bails, Xavier sees ruby at another table. He looks like he’s realised what’s happened.


Ruby is in the langue when Xavier enters, he demands to know where the drugs are. When ruby accuse him of dealing, he tells herb that he wasn't going to seel them – as that note that the dude passed to him today in class was she help with schoolwork etc. before Xavier bails, he has a go at ruby for what she’s done.


Belle speaks to her co worker, who likes the drugs story and will run in by their editors.

When belle goes into another room, she encounters Freya, bell accuses Freya of being involved, but Freya insists tat bell soooo can’t take the moral highroad on this one.

After Freya bails, the editor approaches Belle. He LOVES the drugs story, but wants a follow up – esp. the name of the dealer.


Hugo & charlie talk. Both are keen to keep a close eye on Freya. Hugo asks Charlie out to dinner, but when she is rather shocked when he asks, Hugo says that it’s noting romantic – just a business type thing.

Belle approaches charlie – saying tat she has info on the drug dealer.


Its night time, and Adelie are kissing on the couch when Freya enters and mushly has a go at belle. She insists tat she’s told that policies that belle is one of her clients, but belle responds by saying that the police know that already. Belle adds that she told that the she was working undercover for a story for the paper – and that’s why she bought the drugs. Belle “suggests” that Freya should bail – and Freya storms out.


Xavier is siting in a small boat when Ruby approaches him. He tells him that he was hoping Hugo was here so he could borrow some money to pay the guys that they bought the drugs form. Ruby can’t believe that Xavier is affected by Freya. Ruby admits tat she was jealous of freaya/xavuier, but now she’s just worried bout Xavier.

Ruby puts her hand on Xavier's hand at this point, and moments later, Freya shows up – and makes a sarcastic comment bout how “touching” the scene is.

Freya gets in the boat, and Xavier suggests” that ruby should bail, but she doesn’t want to fo that. Before they have a further chance to comment, freya starts up the boat and heads out to sea.


With the boat still moving art a decent pace, Freya can’t believe that it was ruby who took the drugs. She insists the ruby is DEAD.

Their boat ploughs into another, and Xavier recognises stat its Hugo’s dive boat. Freya is keen to bail form the scene, but Ruby garbs a torch and she and Xavier starts calming out “HUGO!!!”



Looks like Ruby borrows money form Roman – top give to Freya to get her out of the bay

The search for Hugo is on

Xavier gets bashed

Kirsty is back

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: blue jacket/green singlet top/dark long pants


Belle: black [white newspaper mastheads?] t/dark long pants/red boots


Freya: black bikini top/green tube top/denim shorts/gold hoop earrings


Aden: red [black unknown motif] t/ grey shorts

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide broom hat

Belle’s co-worker: grey [black stripes on shoulders] jacket/blue top/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Charlie: red sports singlet top/black [2 red vertical stripes on each leg] track pants

Coastal News Editor: plum long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Freya: red top/dark jacket/dark long pants

Freya: black [gold horiz stripes] bikini bottoms/gold hoop earrings

Hugo: white [black eagle motif] t/olive green shirts

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/red [green diagonal stripes] tie

Ruby: SBH uniform

Xavier: red [dark blue horizontal stripes] long sleeve top/denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

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