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Fri, 20 Feb 09 – Episode # 4795

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’ll Just Have To Work Harder “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 20 Feb 09 – Episode # 4795]


Xavier sits beside Freya, who tell him tat she has only enough money right now for 1 more night at the van park. Xavier doesn't like it when freya says that she can solve this problem if he seels some drugs at school of her. Freya doeasnlt like Xavier’s attitude – she say tat he doesn't care about her. Xavier tells freya tat she shouldn’t expect him to do this. Freya gets up and walks away.


Christine arrives, and, after Miles bails, she talks to Melody. Christine asks Melody to come to New Zealand with her mum & gran. Melody says that she will think bout it.


Belle & Aden have a major clash. After he comments bout how o the edge she is of late, Belle REALLY has an issue that the Joey that he’s motioned to her in the past is a GIRL.

Aden storms out of the room – but not before showing Bell the front page of today’s paper. The headline is “Council’s shame” – with a decent sized beeline saying “by Belle Taylor”


As they walk along, melody tells annie that it rally look like her mum has changed, but annie is more cautious about that situation – insisting that it’s looked that way before.


Xavier approaches Freya who is at the bus stop. She insists tat she has to leave, as drugs are the only way that she knows how to make fast cash. Xavier reluctantly agree to help, but only if this one is the last time.

In te distance, ruby, jai & annie are walk to school. Ruby sees freya give Xavier some drugs. She isn’t impressed


Aden enters and sits with Joey. He tells her that he isn’t quitting. He suggested the bath speaking to “Gibbsy” [don Gibson] together, but Joey isn’t keen on that.

Belle enters, and Joey soooooo doesn't like it when belle suggests tat she can do a story on the bullying etc that is taking place. Joey bails, and Aden goes after her.


Joey ell Aden that she just wants him t leave her alone. Joey really doesn’t like it when Aden suggested they should maybe even talk to Lou, the owner of the business. She tells Aden that if he doesn’t quit, then she’ll just have to work harder. Joey walks away.


Xavier approaches Freya and she is pleased when he hands her lots of cash that he’s just got form drug sales. When he suggested tat she should go star8ight now, freya isn’t that keen on being a check out chick. Freya is keen to celebrate – but he’s not, as this isn’t the sort of thigh you should be celebrating.

Freya bails, and as Xavier goes back into one of the school buildings, ruby confronts him. He insists that the money that he gave freya was his own – and that he flushed the drugs down the toilet. Ruby doesn’t look like she believes him.


Belle is looking much tried, and not even Irene commuting that belle’s front page story has got the council to change its mid gets belle excited. When Irene has gone back into the kitchen, freya comment to belle that it looks like belle looks like she could go for a good pick me up. Belle disagrees wit the comet.


Aden talk to Lou, the owner of the business, bout what's been happening When aden expressed him concernes bout staffing level, lou insists tatb it’s a good season so far, and ther will be no problems. Lou even suggest tat if Aden keeps up his current work standard, he’ll cire a job on the boat the Lou skippers.


its night time now, and Aden tells belle that it feels good to have spoken to Lou like that. Belle tells Aden that tonight is on her – to celebrate. When Aden goes to get some drinks, freya notices that belle is yawing one more, but belle once more denies that she needs help.

After Freya walks way, belle’s phone rings. Belle almost can’t believe it when her boss wants her to have her latest story into him by 5 o’clock morrow. Belle says that there’s no problems and that she can do it. When she is off the phone, belle looks UBER stressed.


Xavier approaches freya who tells him that she is moving on form selling pot – she is into seeling uppers now, and that Xavier will be a greatt salesman after what happened today. Xavier tell her tat he flushed the dugs and gave freya his OWN money [like he told Ruby].Freya wants Xavier help with the deal to get the new drugs. He reluctantly agrees.


Freya & Xavier see a car pull up. The driver flashes the headlights and Freya goes over to the car. She wonders how much she can score for $150 – for herself & Xavier. The deal is done, and she walks back to where Xavier is standing. Xavier comets tat he can’t believe tat he let her do that.


Jai, Annie, Miles & Melody are in the min room when Christine arrives. After the others bail, melody tells her mum tat she has considered her offer, but will decline it. Melody tells her mum tat she trusts herself more when she’s when she is around miles [than she doe when she’s around her mum]


Joey enters and Aden tells her that he’s spoken to Lou and there’s no problems about staffing level etc. Joey is annoyed, insisting to Aden th he’s made things worse for her.

After Joey storms off, bell tells Aden that she is going to head for home. She does so after she sees fray in the pool room next door.


Belle approaches Freya and wonders what she meant [bout being able to help Belle with her problem]. Freya shows belle a big of pills that she has in her bag.



Tony tells Rachel that “I feel dead”

Charlie finds drugs in Leah’s fridge – and accuses Ruby

Annie suggest to Melody that this is a great time to patch things up with her mum & Gran

Kirsty’s back in town

There’s a collision late at night tween a fishing trawler & Hugo’s boat

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Freya: black silver horiz stripes bikini/back vest/white shorts/gold hoop earrings


Joey: white [gold swirls?] t/denim jeans


Ruby: SBH uniform


Aden: apple green polo

Aden: black singlet/olive green shorts

Annie: white top/red shorts

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: black singlet top/grey PJ long pants

Belle: red [black “ramones”] t/black knee length skirt

Christine: white jacket/white blouse/dark long pants

Drug Dealer: dark shirt

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse

Jai: SBH uniform

Jai: yellow [black “alphabet stereo sounds” and music note motif] t

Joey: green t/dark long pants

Lou DeBono: grey [black stripes across chest] polo

Melody: brown singlet top/dark long pants

Miles: brown button up shirt/white t/denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

Xavier: white [dark blue tropic] boardies

Xavier: bone shorts/brown [yellow unknown motif] t

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