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Thurs, 19 Feb 09 – Episode # 4794

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Ramsay In Summer Bay “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 19 Feb 09 – Episode # 4794]


As Aden & Robbo get of the boat onto the wharf. Robbo wonders if Aden would like to join him & the boys at the pub. Aden agrees. As they walk up the wharf, Joey goes back onto the boat – as there’s tings at she wanly to finish on the boat.


Belle tells Irene tat she is ken to go to with Aden to a fancy restaurant tonight. Belle’s phone rings – its Aden who tells him that he is with his workmates. She say tat it’s totally OK.


after Martha is wheeled into a room, Dr Young tells Martha, Roman, Alf & Colleen that the procedure want well, but Martha is being kept on hospital for obs for a few days.

After Dr Young leaves te room, Colleen & Alf comment bout how you really need family at a time like this. After Roman and the others bail, Martha hugs the framed pic of Jack that she has next to her bed.


Next day, after belle’s plans for last night are revealed, Aden apologises for what happened, i.e. he didn’t realise that Belle has something that elaborate/special planned.

Belle commment on the interview that she is doing today – and how her new boss wasn’t impressed with the whole “my car broke down” thigh last week.


Belle arrives and asks a woman if she knows where Mrs Ramsey is. The woman says that she is the person that Belle is looking for. When Belle says that she is hereto be the interview, Mrs Ramsay says tasty its no good, as that council; bought fwd the meeting to last night and now the community centre is being closed down. Mrs Ramsay is VERY annoyed that Belle didn’t even seem to0 know about the council meeting AND the fact that if this interview took place last week, it might have done some good.


Aden comments to Robbo that he hasn’t pulled up so well after lat night, whilst Don [the boss] keeps an eye on them. Aden approaches Joey and wonders why she didn’t join them late night. Joey insists tat she is her to work, not socialise.


Miles tells Irene that they have enrolled Melody [in school?] again.

Belle comment ton how badly things went with Mrs Ramsey. Melody commits tat she knows tat Ramsay is probably regretting the clash now, as Melody went to the same church as Ramsay. Belle asks Melody if she could speak to Mrs Ramsey. Melody agrees to.


Joey tell Don that she has cleaned the deck of the boat – but when Don inspects it, there’s’ some fish on the deck. After Don goes back into the cabin, Aden looks up at Robbo, who makes it clear that he did it. Robbo insist that Joey can take it. When and offers to help Joey, she rejects his offer.


Belle thanks Melody for going to talk top Ramsey, but when Melody goes inside the building, she sees her MUM!!!! Melody cant believes it6 and she instatmetly walks back towards BELLE. She tells Belle what’s happened – and that she’s sorry that she can’t help Belle.


Melody talks to Miles bout what happened. Miles tells Melody that she’s made progress – as she didn’t shout at etc her mum, i.e. Melody just walked way. Christine arrives and wants top talk to Melody. The feeling isn’t mutual and Melody leaves the room. As Melody stands at the foot of the stairs, Christine tells Miles to give Melody all her love.

When Christine is gone, Melody re enters the main room. She & Miles comet tat Christine has changed for the better. Belle enters, and asks Melody once more for help.


Belle is pleased when Mrs Ramsay, who is talking to Melody, indicates tat she is keen to talk to Belle.

Belle hugs Melody [whop tell Belle that she told Ramsey bout how passionate Belle is bout this] before going over to where Ramsay is.

Melody sees her mum and her gran. Melody & Christine talk – and Christine admit stat she once ran away form home [because of disagreements with Melody’s gran]. This prompts Melody to tell Christine that she ran way to Melbourne. She comets that although she likes living with Miles, she realised the she is so used to Christine’s form of discipline that she didn’t know how to deal with Miles’s way of doing things.


In the kitchen n, Belle is typing up the story bout the community centre, and she comment to Aden that it’s all messy.

Aden gets a text message – someone needs his help. Aden tells Belle that he’ll give her some space to work on the article. Aden bails.


As Roman & Martha walk along. Martha comment tat she doesn’t want both know what the likes of Colleen would say if they saw her out her like this.

Martha the tells Roman tat she’s not really for of the future an more, as it was all about life with jack after the surety she’s just had.


Belle is on the couch. She takes a number of her pills, and then drinks what looks like wine.


Aden arrives amd see Joey. He wonders how he can help her. She tells him that it’s her dream to own a fleet of fishing trawlers one day, and that she only got this chance when Aden turned it down. She tells him tat sooner or later, the extra staff issue tah the boat has will lead to Aden or Joey getting the boot. Joey tells Aden that she’s been working soooo hard to show Don that she is the right perron to keep on. Aden tells Joey teht he doesn’t know how he can help her. Joey tells Aden there is a way for him t9o help her, i.e. “you can quit”. Aden is taken aback.



Christine wants Melody to get with her & Melody’s Gran to NZ

Freya wants Xavier to help her with a drug deal

Look like Belle is buying drugs form Freya

Aden tells Joey that there’s “no need to worry"

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: black [white trim] sleeveless top [red t beneath]/red & yellow vertical wide striped mid thigh skirt/dark long pants


Melody: brown kinda low cut v [gold rope like design near “collar”] top/denim jeans


Belle: black low cut v neck spaghetti strap knee length dress


Aden: dark blue singlet/bone long pants

Aden: white t/dark jacket/denim jeans

Aden: white [red & blue Statue OF Liberty] t

Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt

Christine: dark blue top [white top beneath]

Colleen: cream [pink floral] blouse

Don Gibson: black t/denim jeans

Don Gibson: red polo shirt

Dr Young: blue scrubs

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse

Irene: red elbow length sleeved blouse

Joey: dark top/olive green shorts

Joey: red t/black [white trim] beanie/dark long pants

Joey: red t/dark long pants/red beanie

Martha: grey bandana/grey jacket/knight grey t/dark long pants

Melody’s Gran: white [multi colour swirls] blouse

Miles: white button up shirt/ brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t

Mrs Ramsay: yellow [purple arty-type design] blouse

Robbo: dark blue singlet/red & grey check flannelette shirt/dark blue beanie

Robbo: white [dark blue check] flannelette shirt/dark long pants

Roman: olive green t/dark long pants

Roman: white [black "the harbinger" & 2 monkeys?] t/dark long pants

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