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Mon, 16 Feb 09 – Episode # 4791

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Nicole, Freya and Kate Perry “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 16 Feb 09 – Episode # 4791]


Tom Rachel & Xavier are talking bout how its Xavier’s 1st day at SB high tomorrow. When Xavier comments that he needs a tie, Tony suggest for his too borrow one of Lucas’ old ones – and to get the spare key to the house at Martha’s.

After Xavier bails, Tony suggests to Tony that he should help Leah with the preparations for her party tomorrow – as a way of keeping busty etc. Tony agrees – but it’s certainly not a gung ho response form him.


Ruby suggests to Leah that they catch a DVD togther right now, but Leah is ken to head to bed. When Ruby suggests tat its still early [at 9pm], Leah suggest tat Rubes won’t feel that way after a day off dealing with a child [VJ] and a business. Leah then tells ruby that she has invited Hugo to her 30th which means that Xavier will most likely be there too. Ruby doesn’t look happy bout that.


Next day, as they are walking along, Ruby tells Jai & Annie bout how Xavier will be at theta party.

Alf interrupts – “suggesting” that they should head straight to Leah’s after school for the party.


Xavier & Freya comment on various ppl, incl Jai, Annie and Britney for their “hot list” before Freya makes a catty comment when she sees Ruby enter the corridor that she & Xavier are in.

Geoff & Nicole approaches Xavier & Freya, and Geoff “suggests” to Freya that she shouldn’t be here – and backs it up by staying that he & Nicole are both school caption.

After Freya has walked away, Nicole & Geoff enters a classroom, and Nic has a go at Geoff for always “flaunting” the they are school captains. He insists that it IS a big deal that they are – and he “suggest” that Nicole shouldn’t hang around with Freya. Nicole cays tat she likes Freya because she’s “out there”, but Geoff is worried that she’s TOO out there. Nicole commits tat Freya reminds Nicole of herself – before she & Geoff got together.


Rachel enters that main room. She hands Leah some flowers and wished her a happy birthday. After Rachel comments on all the cards in the room, Leah responds by seeing that one of them is from Sally.

Rachel is surprised at how low key that Leah is wanting this party to be, but Leah does agree to Tony helping out with the party.


Xavier is scribbling in one of his books when Martin asks him a question. Naturally, Xavier wanlt listening – and it was Jai who answered the question. Martin comments disfavour ably about6 Xavier.

When class is over, Ruby clashes with Xavier about Freya.


Ruby enters and she isn't ken when she sees Freya is already at the diner when she enters. Ruby makes a catty comment bout Freya, before siting with Jai and Annie.

Xavier enters, and sits with Freya. Freya jumps on top of him and starts kissing him – and rips his shirt open. Ruby can’t believe it – and neither cans Xavier or Leah, who has issues with what’s happened. Xavier & Freya bail.


Xavier has a go at Freya for doing what she did, especially in light that he’s got a hob at the diner now. Freya doesn’t seem to care.

When Jai approaches, with Xavier’s schoolbag, Freya bails. Xavier agrees with Jai when she comets about Freya’s wild nature.


Xavier enters, and wonders to Tony if he can get another school shirt. When he tells Tony that Freya did this, Tony suggests to Xavier that it seems like Xavier’s mum is right bout Freya. Xavier insist that freya is one of the only good things in his life, whilst Tony resounds by commenting that other can see Freya’s faults that Xavier is blind to.


Nicole looks bored as Martin & Geoff excahnge ideas in the school captains meeting. When it’s over [and Martin has bailed], Nicole comment to Geoff that that shouldn’t have really taken ALL of lunch – especially since she didn’t get to eat. It’s clear that Geoff isn’t too keen on Nicole’s lack of enthusiasm.

In the corridor, Jai, Annie & Ruby comment bout Freya’s behaviour at the diner. Ruby tells that other 2 that she is going to “bring Freya down”.


Alf is surprised that Leah hasn’t ordered more drinks for her party, but Leah insist that it’s going to be all low key. Tony [who looks like he hasn’t shaved in days] helps out by carrying some of the cartons of drinks.


Martin is in a class with the likes of Ruby, Jai & Annie when Xavier arrives late, Martin isn’t pleased whit that, and then ruby isn't exactly thrilled with she is partnered with Xavier for a group task.

Xavier sees Freya at the classroom door, and when Martin is talking to other students he sexist the room. Freya shows him that “hot list” that shells constructed of all the ppl at SB High. Martin exits the room and has a go at Xavier for leaving the room whithout permission, and he has a go at Freya for ebbing on school property when she shouldn’t be. When he “suggests” tat she go with him to the office, freya responds “in your dreams, big boy”. Freya walks away.

Soon after, Xavier is muchly apologetic to Martin about Freya’s behaviour. As Xavier walk away, he trows the hot list in the bin, and the nervy Ruby grabs it out of there.

Ruby shows the list to Jai & Annie, who the list says are “cute” and “has potential”. Annie commits tat ruby must like it that her name isn’t on the list [note – clueless moments like that are why Annie is so adorable].


Leah enters, and she’s not that keen that there are many balloons etc decorating her house. She & Rach go into kitchen, where Leah admits that she’s keeping things low key as she feel like she has noting to celebrate, esp. Since Dan isn’t around anymore. Rachel insist that Leah deserves to be spoilt =- and give her friend a hug.


In the corridor, after Geoff finds out that he’s referred as “buff” on THAT list, Nic isn’t pleased what the list says “thinks she’s hot”.

Ruby confronts Xavier about hay she’s isn’t on the list. He says tat he wouldn’t allow Freya to rate ruby – as that would be despiteful. When Ruby wonders what’s happening, Xavier admits that he likes both Freya AND ruby, but he’s with Freya.

In the school, grounds, Nic confronts Freya about the comment bout her on the list. Freya comments that she [Freya] thinks that Nic is HOT, and seconds later, Freya kisses Nic. The later doesn’t back away form the kiss either – and everyone [esp. Xavier, Geoff & Martin] are shocked by what’s happening.

Soon after, Nic & Geoff enter the building and as they do, Geoff wonders if Nic is OK and if she needs to sit down. Nic responds that she kissed girl, i.e. “I’m not dieing”.

Martin has a go about Nic for what happened., she fired back by wondering if he’d say the same thing bout a boy/girl kiss. Martin says stat he would – if it was just as passionate as that one he’d just seen. Martin isn’t pleased when Nic comments that the kiss was kinda funny, and that at least Freya isn’t boring. Martin comments that maybe Nic isn't school captain material after all.



Martha comments tat she’s having reconstructive surgery tomorrow

A drunk Leah kisses Roman

Leah’s parents have broken up

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: dark blue wide strap top/white floral knee length skirt


Freya: red singlet top/denim shorts


Annie: SBH uniform


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Britney: SBH uniform

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jai: SBH uniform

Leah: red singlet top/dark long pants

Martin: black suit/white button up shirt/maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Nicole: SBH uniform

Rachel: red short sleeve blouse/dark knee length skirt

Rachel: black, grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] singlet top/denim jeans

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: dark blue singlet top/grey [brown floral] PJ long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/ dark long pants

Xavier: SBH uniform

Xavier: white [various colour diag stripes] t/dark long pants

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