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Fri, 13 Feb 09 – Episode # 4790

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Another Blue Water Babe Hits The Bay “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 13 Feb 09 – Episode # 4790]


Hugo tells Martha tat he thinks tat Roman is still in love with her because of a comment form Charlie. Martha is waaaaaaaay annoyed that roman has been dishonest with her – acting like her friend, but only because he wants them to get back together.


Aden is worried. He runs towards tat fishing trawler. He is sooooo pleased that he’s just made it in time before the boat takes off form the wharf. However, the crew of the boat [incl Robbo & Joey] thinks it’s very funny what’s just happened. Aden’s new boss tells him that the boat has just come back to the wharf after its moning run, and now he & the crew had to prepare it for the next run later today.


Geoff tells Irene about that happened at Roman's last night with the casserole etc.

Belle enters the room. She is muchly stressed bout here 1st day today at the newspaper. Irene &* Geoff assure belle that what she is wearing is fine. Irene makes belle coffee, but belle says that she will get some at the diner on way to work. Belle bails.


Aden’s boss tells him all the tasks that he to be done before the boat heads out to sea again. He comments on how Joey was hired in place of Aden after Nicole said what she did about Aden going to uni. Aden begins doing the work on the boat.

Note – Joey is played by Kate Bell, the latest Blue Water High cast member to be in H&A.


Tony & Rach are walking & talking. Rach suggest tat they should meet up later – and talk about how good it is that Tony is helping Geoff and the rugby team out. Rachel realise that Tony is distracted.


Miles & roman are running, and as they do, they talk bout how Melody is slowing settlinmg back in. Miles isn’t enjoying this run with Roman, and when they see Martha, miles suggets that roman should stop and talk to her. Roman insists that miles isn’t getting out of the run that easily.


Leah comments to Irene bout how impossible her mum is being – as Leah’s mum is truing her 30th birthday into a “3 ring circus”.

Miles is recovering form the run with roman, and Irene talk to him bout Kristy. He would really like her to phone – just so he can hear her voice.

Martha enters and talks to roman in the store room. She wonders if what Hugo said is true. The lack of an answer form roman talks her that it is. Martha bails – and roman go after her.


Martha is waaaaaaaaaaaay annoyed at roman – insisting that he should have stayed away form her and not pretend to be her friend like that. Roman tells martha that it looked like she needed him.


Hugo talks to Alf about ruing the dive business. Alf comments tat he hopes Hugo isn’t as troublesome as Elliott. Wen Hugo comments tat his life is pretty boring, Alf resounds by commenting on how many places Hugo had travelled to over the years.

After Alf walks away, roman approaches Hugo – domineering why he said anything to Martha. Hugo suggests tat roman shouldn’t be angry at him and that roman is angry at himself for being found out.


Geoff and some of the rugby team enter, and the gym is all locked up. Geoff asks Alf what’s happening, and Alf say that Tony was here earlier. Alf say that he will call in a casual to supervise Geoff & the others.


Belle enters and phones Aden. She tells him all bout how GREAT her 1st morning at her new job has been. Aden is getting dirty looks form his boss and the others on the boat. Aden tells belle that he better get back to/ it. Joey and the others are pleased, but belle is annoyed that Aden was so “short” with her.


Rachel arrives and Geoff tells her that Tony isn’t her right now. He tells her what Alf told him [Tony here earlier etc].


Tony is on Jack’s yacht, he is way distraught – and smashes up part of the boat.


Martha is looking at a pic of JnM when Hugo talks to her. Martha is crying as she tells Hugo that she misses jack soooooooooooooooooo much. and she wishes tat jack would come back and takes care of her.


Tony arrives, and Rachel wonders what’s happened. Tony insists tat he just forgets that they were meeting for lunch. He also says that it doesn’t matter that the guy has closed like that earlier, esp. in light of ho much of a healthy lifestyle jack had – and that come to nothing because he was shot dead. Rach suggest to Tony that he trying to concentrate on something else, be it that gym or the pregnancy, but Tony doesn’t that ink it will be that easy to move fwd fro this.


Belle stops her car, and looks at a map. She then tries to start the car – but it won’t/ belle is stressed and phone Aden. That doesn’t go done well with Aden’s co workers – and Aden tells belle that he can’t help her. After the call ends, belle can’t believe that this is happening.


Roman talk to Martha. He insists that he never meant to deceive her – but Martha doesn’t want to hear it. She insist that there should be some distance tween them for a while. As Roman bails, Hugo enters the kitchen form the bedroom, and roman lingers a bit at the door after he exit the house.


Roman is walking along for a bit before he stops. He is clearly distraught, and the nearby Leah sees this.


Belle is on the phone. She apologise to her boss for her car braking down – but she adds that the interview she missed out on doing today has been rescheduled to tomorrow.


Belle then phone Aden, and Aden can’t believe that she’s ringing him again. Aden’s boss is pleased when he doesn’t take the call. The boat sets off and heads out to sea.


Belle phones Aden AGAIN. She can’t believe tat he hung up on he – esp. after her “great” day, she thrown the phone down. Belle then goes into her room – and takes more then a few of her meds!!!!



Freya KISSES Nicole

Leah kisses Roman

Leah’s parents split up

Ruby is determined to best Freya

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: red short sleeve blouse/dark knee length skirt


Joey: grey jacket/red singlet top/black [white trim] beanie


Martha: black bandana/black long sleeve blouse/denim shorts


Aden: dark coat/dark long pants/grey singlet

Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Belle: black [white swirls] shirtdress

Don Gibson [Aden’s boss] : red [with dark blue stripe on sleeves] jacket/black polo shirt

Geoff: red [white collar] rugby jersey

Geoff: white [black tropic] t/white shorts

Geoff: white singlet top/dark shorts

Hugo: green [white trees?] t/dark shorts

Hugo: white [black tree?] t/grey shorts

Irene: purple short sleeve blouse/ dark long pants

Leah: red singlet top

Martha: white [black “Titan” and horse motif] singlet top/grey bandana/denim shorts

Miles: grey t/ dark shorts

Robbo: green & white flannelette shirt

Roman: dark blue t

Roman: white singlet/dark shorts

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/ dark long pants

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