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Thurs, 12 Feb 09 – Episode # 4789

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Looks Like Freya Likes It Both Ways “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 12 Feb 09 – Episode # 4789]

Note – This is half of a double ep, but the was a clear enough point where 4788 ended and 4789 begin


Belle & Aden are in her bedroom. Both are locking fwd to start there new jobs. After Aden wonders where his watch is, and belle comments that it’s in kitchen, belle goes to her meds. There’s either none left or very few.


Martha is caught in the middle of a verbal duel tween roman & Hugo bout Xavier. Hugo takes offence about roman suggesting that he should be tougher on Xavier – esp. since they are living in Martha’s’ home, whilst Martha isn’t keen on at fact the Hugo & roman are speaking about Martha like Martha isn't even in the room.


Alf takes office at Xavier over enthusiastically playing the pinball machine. Hugo & Xavier had yet another clash. Hugo can’t believe that Xavier think that he’s interested in Freya, whilst Xavier tats his life is so much “fun” at the moment.


Belle approaches Rachel and wonders if rach can prescribe her some sleep tablets – esp. Sionce her 1st day at new job is morrow. Rach isn’t keen on this “curb side consultation” but she does write up a script for bell. She does add that bell will need to go to the hospital for a reassessment of her situation.

In they kitchen, Aden encourage ruby to apply for a job here – in light of Aden bout to start work elsewhere. Ruby asks Irene how she goes about that – and Irene hands her an application form to fill out. Irene says that she will have to talk to roman & Leah bout this.


Nicole is a tad concentred that she’s almost been in bay a year and she doesn’t rally have any friends. She suggest to Geoff that they invite Adelle to a dinner party


Roman & Martha talk bout freya, Hugo & Xavier, and when Martha comment tat perhaps roman could help situation, Roman tells her that he soo doenlt wnt to tryu to given hugo more advice [after recent clash]. Martha suggests that roman should offer Xavier a job at diner.


Xavier bangs on the door or frena’s van, and he calls out to her. This annoys collen, and the out of sight Freya seems to be enjoying how fired up Xavier us.


Alf easily regects the fake ID that Freya has. Nic commits if there was a way to get past Alf, she would have found it by now = and Freya agrees with what Nic has said.

Nic complains bout how annoying her life is – and Freya insists that she can teach Nic how t9o take control.

Nic gets o txt msg form Aden, saying that he can come tonight. Freya sees a bit annoyed that Nic is bailing on her =- but its doesn’t freya form gazing at Nic as she does bail.


Roman offers Xavier a job her at ten diner, and Hugo isn’t that keen on the idea. Roman fires back by seeing that a part time job can help teen like Xavier. Ruby arrives and she can’t believe that it looks like “her” job has been given to Xavier. She storms out.


Xavier does after ruby. He says that he never would have thought bout the job if he knew that rubes was interested.

Talks turns to Freya and how confuse she makes Xavier. Xavier appreciates it when ruby asks him if he like to talk through his feeling bout Freya.


In the kitchen Geoff & Nic realise tat the casserole treaty are making will have to cook for 2 hours. Nic suggest truing up the oven, whilst Geoff goes into lounge and hands Adelle some snacks.

After he foes back into kitchen, Adelle kiss ad, comment bout their new job, and joke bout soon having a mortgage and 2.4 kids.

Geoff answer his mobile – its; Rachel.


Hugo talks to Martha bout the job at the diner – and Martha admits tat she “may” have suggested at the roman.

Rachel gets of the phone and comment tat Geoff has suggested that Tony helps the footy team with some training.

As rach bail [to go talk to Tony], she sees freya on the font porch. She says that she is her to talk top Xavier, who comes to the door. Freya seem to “check out” Rachel as she bails.

Xavier then wonders to Xavier where they stand – as he broke her heart when they broke up. She “suggest’ tat if he’s still interested in her, they’ll meet up at the surf cllub later.


Adelle both are keen for this might to end = so they can get some sleep before 1st day morrow. When they tell Nic that can’t wait any longer, the annoyed Nic comets on how Aden wouldn’t have to be up so early in the morn if he went to the uni course that he was accepted into. When belle comments, Aden says tat he didn’t want to worry her.

As Belle bails, there’s smoke pouring form the ocean. The fire alarms start beeping, and Nic then Geoff to go home – and that she’ll deal with this miss. He bails.


Hugo & Martha are surprised when Xavier tells them that he is tired and is going to bed [as is pretty early [. Naturally, aver bails form the house.


Irene apologises yo ruby bout the job. Ruby then gets a txt msg – xavier can’t make it to9night.

In the kitchen, roman doesn’t look all that pleased when colleen suggests tat they should have hired Hugo rather then Xavier.


Freya is kissing an unknown teen male when Xavier and then ruby arrives. Ruby is distrai8ght when Xavier says that he wants top be with Freya. She immediately ditches other guy, and pashes Xavier.


Martha wonders why Hugo seems to tense up when ever roman is motioned. Hugo shock Martha when he tells her that roman is clearly in love with her.



Martha tell roman that there NEED to be some distance tween them

Tony looks all disraught on jack’s boat

Belle’ car break down on her way to her 1st day at work

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: black long sleeve top/black [white floral] long skirt


Nicole: pink [tropic motifs] apron/light pink halter dress


Freya: red tube top/dark shorts


Aden: black [red sunrise] t/dark long pants

Alf: white [maroon check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: black [white hearts] t/dark long pants

Colleen: blue [yellow floral] knee length dress

Freya: black & grey horizontal striped bikini

Freya’s “b/f”: grey [yellows dots] t

Geoff: red [black “Henley’s”] t

Hugo: green [white trees?] t/dark shorts

Irene: sky blue elbow length sleeved blouse

Martha: white [black “Titan” and horse motif] singlet top/grey bandana/denim shorts

Nicole: silver headband/white & black long sleeve knee length dress

Rachel: red [white floral] top/dark long pants

Roman: black singlet/dark shorts

Roman: purple “SL 140” t

Ruby: red [black unknown motif] singlet top/dark knee length skirt

Xavier: dark blue [blue surfing motif] t/light blue shorts

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