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Tues, 10 Feb 09 – Episode # 4787

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Future Summer Bay Resident ??? “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 10 Feb 09 – Episode # 4787]


It’s the morn after the events of ep 4786, and Melody is woken by the sound of a tram going by not far for where she is. Her comets to Archie that it was a hard night lat night, but he comments that it was a good night [didn't get hassled by police or get bashed etc]. Melody insists that there’s no way that she is going home, and Archie had similar sentiments – as his step dad abused him.

Melody is worried hewn Archie tells her tat he was asked by an undercover cop if he’d seen Melody. He adds that he told the cop he hadn’t. Archie suggest tat they grab some breakfast – and they head off.


Xavier is helping Tony – as a punishment form Hugo or what happened with Ruby and the champagne. Tony isn’t that keen when Xavier stops work to read/send a text msg to Ruby, especially when Xavier & Ruby are banned form seeing each other.


In their hotel room, there’s an unease tween Charlie & Miles. It comes to a head when they bump into each other and Miles drops the finished with breakfast plates. They then talk bout the kiss – both agree that although it was a good kiss, that it was a mistake [sand they both just needed someone to be there for them last night]. Charlie & miles exit the room.

Elsewhere, Melody & archie are at some markets and Archie gives Melody some food that he ghost FOM a perron who lis kind to street ppl.

Near the market, Charlie & Miles talk to a uniformed cop. There’s been no sign of Melody yet – but the search is contusing.

At the market, Archie bumps into the leader of a gang of 3 teens. There’s a clash tween them – and this alerts Milks to Melody’s presence nearby. Melody & Archie runs – with tee the gang, and Miles etc after them. By teh time Miles & Charlie get to the end of the markets, Melody &* Archie are long gone.


Leah talks to Tony after he orders a coffee. When he comments that he’s been at the gym this morning, Leah responds by saying that work is always a god distraction if you’ve got something pressing on your mind.

Leah then hands Tony an invite to her 30th birthday party – which she says t her mum is planning to term into the something huge, although Leah would prefer something a littlie quieter.

Leah then tries to get Tony to talk about his feelings – especially since she’s lost husndsnd etc in the pat, but Tony isn’t ready for that.


Xavier arrives and Ruby is rally pleased to see him. They almost immediately pash – but are distracted when his mobile phone. When Xavier looks at the phone, he says that it was Hugo was called him.

Ruby suggests that they head out – in case Leah comes home and busts then. Xavier goes to the bathroom – and whilst hels in there, Ruby checks his mobile. she sees tat Freya has phoned him since times of late.


In a laneway, Melody can’t believe it that archie has stolen someone's wallet – as he throws that wallet away. Archie tells Melody that he doesn’t thick that she belongs out here, but they are interrupted when the gang of 3 comes towards them. Archie & Melody run – and hide beside some bins. Archie tells Melody to take the money and go. The gang see them, and Archie charges towards them - and Melody runs that other way. Archie gets beaten up buy the gang, whilst when Melody goes onto one of the main streets in the city, she is crying.

Soon after, ambulance officers are tending to Archie. As the do, miles & charley talk to Archie. He tells them what happened, and miles WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY thanks Archie for doing hat he did to protect melody. Miles gives Archie some money, and Archie asks Mile to tell Melody that he says “hi”.


Back in the bay, Ruby comforts Xavier about the calls form freya, he tells her tat freya just won’t take no for an answer. He also tells ruby that he got involved with freya because of her free spirited antics, compare to his life of caring for Brendan. Xavier adds that her antics got to be too much for him. Ruby accepts what Xavier has aid – and they hug, but they are seem by Leah. She has a go at ruby, since ruby is in Leah’s care whilst Charlie is in Melbourne.


Miles & Charlie have no luck when the y seah flinders station – but when Miles sees a cathedral nearby, he decides to give it a try. He goes inside – and he DOES find Melody in there. Miles passes on what Archie said to him to tell Melody, whilst the teary eyed melody can’t believe that Miles came to Melbourne to look for her.

Soon after, Miles, Charlie & melody are at a café by the river, and miles tells melody tat the speech he gave her before she ran away as 100% the tooth – and it wasn’t meant to frighten her etc. melody insist tat she thought that she was a burden on ppl – and thought if she could be alone, she would find her way again, but this time on the streets has made her realise that she does need the love and support of friends etc.

Melody comment on how GREAT Archie was – and hopes the life turns out well for him.

Elsewhere, we see Archie near the food van where he & melody 1st met the previous day.


Ruby enters, and Xavier assures her that they had the place to themselves. They kiss – before ruby ask how serious his ‘ship with Freya was. Xavier admits that they slept together.

There’s a knock on the door, and ruby hides in another room – in case it’s Leah etc, but it’s FAR worse. Xavier opens the door – and Freya enters the house. Ruby can’t believe it!!!



Looks like Freya’s moved on form Xavier – an is now chasing HUGO!!!

Xavier tells Ruby that the break up with Freya is complicated

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Freya: denim crop sleeveless top/white shorts/large gold hoop earrings


Ruby: white [praised white floral design] wide strap knee length dress


Leah: black spaghetti strap top/denim shorts


Archie [street kid]: black jacket/grey t/dark long pants

Charlie: white [black trim] coat/white singlet top/dark long pants

Gang Leader: white [black unknown motif] t/black [2 white stripes across chest] jacket/denim jeans

Melody: dark long sleeve top/dark long pants/grey [dark blue & red horiz stripes] beanie

Miles: olive green button up shirt/black [uSA landmarks] t/denim jeans

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Victorian policeman: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants/ dark blue cap

Xavier: red [grey “fresh juice”] t/denim jeans

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